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Losing fat

Losing weight and losing weight quickly seems an unattainable goal, even for those who follow popular diets … Learn what the right methods are to lose fat and have a flat stomach by diet and exercise.

The latest articles to guide you in your weight loss:

Building Muscle and Fitness

You do not need to spend your life in a gym, but you can believe it … thanks to your results. Assimilate the techniques that naturally favor the Muscle volume increase or that tone you up during your sessions.

Some articles to help you build your muscles at home:

Nutrition and Supplements

An old proverb says that it is with one’s fork or one’s teeth that one digs one’s grave … it’s so true! Find out how to be fit, lose weight or build muscle through your diet (nothing illicit).

New articles to learn how to eat better:

Sport equipment

You need to know the type of most suitable equipment for your sessions or read a comparison, here … Discover the type of sports equipment that exactly matches your needs, your budget or your goals.

Some articles to choose your fitness equipment at home:

    Motivation and Health

    Sometimes, your motivation for sport is close to zero, or barely more. But that will change from now on … Here’s what motivates you to sport and get rid of some physical problems or overcome them to get there.

    Tips for finding sports motivation or playing sports despite health problems:

    Sport shop

    To do sports at home, you must choose the best equipment to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Our shop presents the sporting goods and supplements that we recommend at the best price.

    Millions are doing sports at home

    Why this fitness and building muscle at home site?

    Stéphane - Sport Chez Soi

    You are more than 9 million in France to do sports at home, and I Stéphane, your 52 year old coach … Click on the picture if you find me beautiful (no, it’s a joke 🙂)

    And among our French-speaking Canadian friends, over a million also do fitness or are building muscle at home. The reasons we do sports at home are diverse, but the goals are often the same:

    • be fit and tonic for daily activities;
    • lose weight to finally get rid of this damn fat;
    • get muscular without having to go to a gym where everyone is staring at you.

    Losing belly and doing effective abs exercises. Master the techniques of back, pectoral, triceps, biceps, legs …

    YES, here you will find the best methods to build and lose weight while playing sports at home or on the road. You will learn how to use the traction bars, the TRX suspention trainers and the elastic bands. You will finally understand why it is not so difficult to lose weight and gain muscle without setting foot in a gym. But to get there, you must know: You will finally understand why it is not so difficult to lose weight and gain muscle without setting foot in a gym. But to get there, you must know:

    1. Good methods for to build muscle at home with an adapted bodybuilding program at home
    2. The rules of the best diet to follow to have the flat belly and visible abs

    A good workout at home begins with the choice of exercises … We help you choose the exercises that you will integrate into your bodybuilding according to your goals in our blog.

    And if you have a hard time making your choice from thousands of sporting items available on the Internet, simply follow our recommendations to determine which fitness or weight training equipment is right for you in the Sport equipment category.

    Maybe you find it hard to know what to do when you do not have a program that’s right for you, so our articles will help you create your bodybuilding program at home. You will even find many free programs in the section Building Muscle and Fitness.

    Sport Chez Soi is the blog that answers all the questions you ask yourself when you are determined to play sports at home:

    • What sport to do at home and why do it first?
    • How to lose weight by doing fitness or building muscle at home?
    • What to eat to succeed in losing weight definitely?

    Whether you are a man, a woman, an alien, young or old, you will find all this on the Sport Chez Soi blog, and more. A bit of humor too, because it’s good for your morale and your testosterone level!