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Weight loss

Slimming down and losing weight quickly seems an unattainable goal, even to those who follow fashionable diets… Learn the right methods to lose weight and have a flat stomach through diet and exercise.

Start by discovering The basics of weight loss

Building muscle at home

You don't have to spend your life in a gym, but you can make it look… with the right weight training programs. Assimilate techniques that naturally promote muscle gain and exercises to do at home.

To build muscle, start with The basics of bodybuilding

Sports Nutrition and Supplements

An old proverb says that it is with your fork or with your teeth that you dig your grave... it's so true! Discover how to be in shape and achieve your sports goals through your diet (nothing illegal).

Start the article on sports nutrition

Musculation, fitness and cardio equipment

You need to know the type of equipment best suited to your sessions, read a comparison or find out which equipment is the cheapest, it's here... Discover the type of sports equipment that corresponds exactly to your needs, to your budget or your goals.

To choose your sports equipment for the home, discover first The recommended material

Motivation to exercise at home

Sometimes the motivation is close to zero, or barely more. But that's going to change from now on... Here's something to help you achieve your sporting goals and overcome some physical problems to get there.

Put yourself in the best possible position with The 12 Secrets of Sports Motivation

Millions of people exercise at home

Exercise at home to lose weight and build muscle

Why this home fitness and bodybuilding site?

Doing sports at home rather than outside or indoors is already the choice of more than 9 million French people, including myself… Click on the photo below if you find me attractive (no, it's a joke 🤣 )

And among our French-speaking Canadian friends, more than a million also do fitness or bodybuilding at home. The reasons for doing sports at home are diverse, but the objectives are often the same:

  • be fitter and more toned for daily activities;
  • lose weight to finally get rid of that damn fat;
  • build muscle without having to go to a gym where everyone is watching you.

Lose belly fat and do effective abs exercises. Master bodybuilding techniques for the back, pectorals, triceps, biceps, legs, etc.

YES, here you will find the best methods to build muscle and lose weight at home or on the go. You will learn how to use pull-up bars, TRX straps and resistance bands. You will finally understand why it is not so difficult to lose weight and gain muscle volume without setting foot in a gym. But to get there, you absolutely need to know:

  • The right methods to build muscle at home with a suitable home bodybuilding program
  • The rules of the best diet to follow to have a flat stomach and visible abs

A good sports session begins with the choice of its exercises… We help you choose the exercises that you will integrate into your bodybuilding session according to your objectives in our blog. 

And if you're having trouble choosing from thousands of items for working out at home, simply follow our recommendations to determine the fitness or weight training equipment that's right for you in the category. Sport material

Maybe you find it difficult to know what to do when you don't have a program that suits your needs, so our articles will help you create your home bodybuilding program. You will even find many free programs.

This blog answers all the questions you ask yourself when you decide to play sports at home:

  • What sport to do at home and why to do it, first?
  • How to lose weight by doing fitness or bodybuilding at home?
  • What to eat to successfully lose weight permanently?

Whether you're male, female, alien, young or old, you'll find it all on this blog, and more. A little humor too, because it's good for your morale and your testosterone levels!

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About the Author

Fitness and nutrition writer, I have been passionate about sport since I was able to get started at the age of 16 only because of major health problems (deficient immune defenses, violent asthma attacks, too high heart rate, hyperlordosis, etc.). Strength training allowed me to catch up on a big delay in my muscle and lung growth. Born in 1967 (do the accounts), I practice bodybuilding and fitness 4 to 5 times a week. You will know more about me here.

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