10 reasons to train with TRX straps at home

Easy to carry and effective, TRX straps or suspension straps have been part of my workout equipment since 2012.

Have you ever tried this great equipment for the home?

Suspension trainers are both terrifically effective for losing weight and building muscle. You may wonder how nylon straps with 2 handles can really be enough for a killer workout.

And yet... My only regret is that I didn't start using them sooner. 

Why train with TRX straps?

Because they allow you to lose weight and build muscle very quickly. Of course, dumbbells or free weights are essential for bodybuilders, ie for those looking for a disproportionate muscular volume. And for that, they must also swallow a large quantity of products harmful to their health...

Is this what you want ? Then you are on the wrong blog...

But the majority of those who train at home are not there yet. Do you want a naturally muscular, refined physique? Are you more attracted to the physique of gymnasts than to hormonal bodybuilders?

Then you are on the right blog. And hanging straps are one of the essential tools to achieve this in your home.

I'm not telling you that dumbbells aren't great tools for building muscle. But today, this material is not the most suitable for a weight training session at home. Times and equipment change…

For now, let me tell you how bodyweight sessions with straps will change your physique in a profound way.

What are TRX straps?

TRX Training - GO Suspension Trainer Kit, the lightest, thinnest suspension trainer ever - perfect for traveling and training indoors or outdoors (Black).

The origins

In reality, when we talk about a TRX strap, it would be more appropriate to say hanging straps. It's a bit like saying fridge instead of refrigerator.

Originally, Frigidaire was a registered trademark created by General Motors in 1918. But it eventually became a synonym for refrigerator in France and Quebec.

Choose them well

Well, it's kind of the same with this sports equipment. The most famous suspension straps carry the TRX brand. This equipment is an assembly of adjustable length nylon straps equipped with handles and carabiners.

Here you can see what it looks like with the cheapest model, the TRX GOs:

Complete kit TRX Go suspension straps

I'm going to show you why hanging straps are among the top of the top at home. Here we go with the list of benefits.

Other blog posts on TRX straps

Before going any further, here are some other articles that may interest you on suspension trainers:

You will find the complete list of articles on the site at this page.

10 advantages of TRX straps

1. They adapt to your goals

Indeed, when you exercise, you have one or more personal goals. If you're skinny, you probably want to gain muscle. If you're overweight, you want to slim down fast first. Unless you're sumo 😀

It's normal.

With weight lifting straps, you can achieve one or more of the following goals:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Gain muscle volume
  3. gain strength
  4. Gain in tone
  5. Have a flat stomach
  6. Refine your figure

The way you train may therefore allow you to obtain different results. But you will get them if you use your suspension strap regularly. On the other hand, it will be useless if you just use it as a clothesline (Ah, ah!). You don't have to laugh...

Muscle gain with elastics

2. TRX straps adapt to your level

Whether you're an Olympic champion or a complete beginner, suspension training is for you. It is usually a matter of changing your body position just a little bit to increase or decrease the effort required. That is, the more you bend your body, the harder the exercise will be.

I find it an incredible advantage during training, especially when compared to using dumbbells or guided load machines.

For example, I am working on my biceps and I find the intensity of the exercise insufficient. Hop, I just have to move my feet a few centimeters forward so that the load on my biceps increases. It's easy!

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This is a technique you can use for many exercises. You can change the intensity without stopping your set. This is impossible with other types of equipment, except for the resistance bands.

When using dumbbells or a guided weight machine, you must stop the set, change the load, and then resume. It is painful and counter-productive. By investing in a decent suspension strap, you'll be able to fit your workout routine for years to come.

You will only have to change the anchor point, the inclination of your body, the movements chosen, the intensity, the duration of the sets and rest times, etc. You will only change your straps when they are worn out. But it will take years… or centuries. Mine are already 8 years old.

3. Suspension straps reduce risk of injury

One of the advantages of suspension work is that it puts little stress on ligaments and joints. This means little risk of injury, even if you train very hard.

When a joint hurts a little, you can often train smoothly. When this happens to me, I try to work the muscle differently by changing exercises or position. You will always find an angle to work the muscle without stressing it.

This is especially important if you are overweight or have aged. Let's say you've been young longer than most... I'm not old yet, but at 53, I still have little aches and pains that I didn't have at 20.

You know, at 50 in the morning, we often have little pain when we get up. When you're 60, it always hurts when you get up. At 70, if you get up and don't hurt, you're dead 🙂

In any case, I couldn't train with the same intensity if I used dumbbells.

4. The Versatility of Training Straps

They allow you to perform more than 300 different TRX exercises, covering all muscle groups. The Android application Virtual Trainer Suspension that I use every week already contains 46. For a few euros on Google Play, I think it's not worth doing without.

All you have to do is determine the duration of each set and the rest times. You can work all the muscles with the suspension straps. I just put a small downside for the work of the shoulders.

You can work them, it's true. But if you want lumberjack shoulders, sometimes you have to take acrobatic breaks (click on the link to see an example). That's why I also use resistance bands.

But for all other muscle groups, the straps are more than enough if your goal is not to become Mr. or Mrs. Universe.

5. TRX straps work every muscle

TRX PRO3 Suspension Training System Design and Durability | Includes Three Anchor Solutions, 8 Video Workouts, and 8-Week Workout Program

In strength training, we often work each muscle separately. But this is not the best solution. It's good for bodybuilding professionals. But not for 99 % of the population.

You have to think of the body as a set of muscles that work together. In real life, you never use muscles independently. If? Then you are an alien 😉

This is why a training strap is particularly effective. It allows a functional training. That is to say that it solicits muscle groups and not isolated muscles. This is what happens in all the sports you practice, even curling and vacuuming.

For example, to vacuum, you use your biceps, triceps, back muscles, shoulders, quads, calves, abs, obliques, and I'm sure I'm forgetting... Who says vacuuming isn't a sport?

Well, if like me you bought a robot vacuum cleaner, you will have to find another sport 😉

To return to the straps, the realization of exercises in suspension works the balance, which solicits the deep muscles. You will therefore be permanently sheathing the abdominal muscles. This is one of the reasons why suspension straps are so effective for losing your belly... and seeing your abs appear.

Ah, so I had some!?

6. TRX straps to avoid falling into routine

As you have read in point N°4, the suspension straps, it's more than 300 movements available at body weight. For all levels. You can vary the training at will.

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Let's take 2 examples. Choose your goal:

Gain muscle volume

No problem.

Do more intense sets by bending your body more or setting the straps higher (or both). Increase the rest time between exercises to give everything you have on each set.

Slim down and be more toned

So do longer but less intense sets and reduce rest times to 10 or 15 seconds. String the sets together like beads. Put yourself on a mat, and you'll see what a real cardio workout is!

After that, you can adapt to any of your goals and gain strength, bulk, endurance or flexibility. The limits are your imagination and your motivation.

It's no wonder TRX straps are so popular today in gyms or at boot camps. It is truly one of the best modern fitness equipment.

7. A TRX strap saves you time

Time is money. That's what they say. In reality, time is your most valuable asset. You can't put it aside. Spending 2 hours training is not the best if you can achieve the same result in 30 minutes. No ?

Hanging straps save you time for several reasons:

  1. They have the ability to work many muscles at once as seen in point #5. You will therefore have fewer sets to do to reach your goals.
  2. You don't have to do any manipulations to increase or decrease the load between exercises. For example, if you only have a pair of dumbbells to train with, you'll spend time between sets adding or removing discs. Not to mention all the times you'll hurt yourself trying to do it fast. I know all about that...
  3. As you will have fewer manipulations, you will be able to really take a HIIT Tabata session with rest times of 10 to 15 seconds. Just enough time to set yourself up for the next move. For example, my Monday session includes 14 movements in 42 series of 30 seconds each, for a total training time of 30 minutes (rest time included).

You will probably find other reasons as well.

Remember that you don't have enough time to waste.

If I had to do the same thing indoors, I would have to add the preparation of my bag, the round trip, the wait in front of the equipment not available, etc.

Very little for me.

All my sessions for the week cost me about 3 hours of my precious time. It's good enough, and the result suits me according to my objectives.

How much time are you willing to sacrifice to get fit and muscled?

Two hours is an acceptable investment, thanks to this irreplaceable equipment.

8. You can take your TRX straps anywhere

TRX Suspension Strap Black/Yellow

They come with a carrying net and really don't take up much space. Moreover, they are light.

You will therefore have the possibility of following a TRX training anywhere.

Whether you are at the hotel, on a walk in a park, in the forest, at the beach… you can do your sports session thanks to the TRX.

A post, football goals, a tree, a wall bracket, stairs, an exposed beam or a simple door are enough. Try doing the same with a weight bench and a set of dumbbells for your China vacation!

9. Suspension trainers are great for HIIT workouts

High intensity HIIT sessions and especially HIIT Tabata, are the best way to get a great physique in record time.

However, TRX straps are particularly suitable for these techniques.

How I took a slap because of them

TRX straps - big slap
Sports straps will also strike you with their effectiveness

I had been doing sit-ups and dumbbell workouts for years without losing my belly. It must be said that after 40 years, it is always more complicated. Did you notice, too?

And you know what ?

Thanks to a TRX weight training strap and a good diet program, I lost 9 kilos in 6 months at the beginning of 2015 and I regained a flat stomach. At last !

In total, that's 15 kilos less than in 2014. I went from 98 to 83 kilos for a height of 1.87 meters. All my friends were surprised when they saw me again during my vacation in France.

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I kept hearing the question "How did you do it?" »

Well, they know now, and so do you. My diet program is available by clicking on the button below (for French speakers only):

Eat to Lose Insert

Are you having trouble losing weight?

You can forget your extra pounds if you follow this new plan with simple actions. Lose up to 1 kilo of fat per week without starving yourself and take back control of your body.

>> Test it now <<

10. Their price/possibilities ratio is incomparable

Some would say $300 for TRX straps is expensive. This is the price of the original TRX Force 2 kit, the one that made them famous.

OK, but how much does a gym membership cost? Often €400, when it's not €700 per year!

Want good news?

In fact, you don't even have to spend $200 on them. The excellent TRX Go are cheaper at Amazon. An unbeatable price for this quality!

Especially since this kit will allow you to do exactly the same exercises.

NOTE : Avoid very cheap straps. Their quality is mediocre, and they can cause accidents.

Read this article which explains how these straps save you a lot of money. I've bought a lot of gear in 30 years of bodybuilding, on the 3 continents I've lived on. Believe me, I would have saved money if I had known about TRX straps and resistance bands earlier...

I've had at least 4 multi-function benches with or without guided loads, a sliding pulley bench (you know, Chuck Norris's!), an elliptical trainer, hundreds of pounds of discs, dumbbells, straight bars, curl bars and so on.

Not to mention my subscriptions to weight rooms. Do the accounts. I wonder if I wouldn't have been able to save enough to fill the hole in the Secu...

As a bonus, I give you an 11th advantage of suspension straps: 

11. You can take the dog out with it, if you forgot its leash

Well, that was the bonus gift… It can still be used 😉

I promise you, the TRX straps are very strong, even if you have a big dog.

TRX Go Suspension Strap - For Fitness Everywhere Even in the...
TRX Go Suspension Strap - For Fitness Everywhere Even in the...
Our opinion
TRX's eco model is already of excellent quality
Our rating
Current price
109,95 €
Click for more information
TRX Go Suspension Strap - For Fitness Everywhere Even in the...
TRX Go Suspension Strap - For Fitness Everywhere Even in the...
Our opinion
TRX's eco model is already of excellent quality
Our rating
Current price
109,95 €
Click for more information

An example of a complete TRX exercise

I present to you an exercise that I created for my warm-ups with suspension straps. It works the legs, back and biceps at the same time. You can do a full session with him alone:

A few precautions

Muscle construction and definition, development of explosive power, improvement of balance and sheathing… The straps give you access to overall and functional athletic development. Not to mention their ability to burn your fat!

But since no system is perfect, you will need to take a few precautions such as this:

  1. Find a stationary, solid attachment point for your strap. Window grilles, exposed beam, etc.
  2. If you use the anchoring system in a door, ensure that the force is exerted in the closing direction or lock the door.
  3. The floor on which you train should not be slippery, especially if you sweat a lot during the sessions. Buy a large size floor mat.

As my friend Master Yoda says, may the TRX Force be with you 🙂

Discover the TRX straps and start your physical preparation. To start your training without wasting time, go to this article including 7 Extremely Effective TRX Exercises.

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