10,000 steps a day – How to get there and why?

10,000 steps a day?!? But you're crazy Stéphane (it's me), it's huge! And then, what is it for, moreover? 

But no, I'm not crazy…well, not totally. You will quickly understand that it is not useless for your physical form and that it is possible. Of course, I'm not going to make you walk only in the apartment…

It must be recognized that we live in a time when people are less and less used to walking and doing physical exercise. The worst is when you are in the USA and you see people unable to walk 100 meters.

And yet, walking is such an essential form of exercise for maintaining good health. It is even a matter of public health, if we are to believe various reports from the World Health Organization.

Take 10,000 steps a day to burn calories

In reality, this walking distance corresponds to:

  • About 6 km on foot (it wears out, it wears out);
  • 400 calories burned (i.e. as much as a weight training session), which is excellent for losing weight.

Not bad ! And yet, you will see that it is quite easy to reach them thanks to 23 tips which you will discover in this article. By following these tips you will practice a physical activity equivalent to any sport without you even realizing it

Remember that the Devil is in the details as the Anglo-Saxon proverb says. So don't leave anything out if you want to make it happen. Don't think that some tricks are too silly and not worth it. Just try! Learn to move more to stay healthy.

Read also This article if you want to know more about the benefits of walking for people who are significantly overweight.

Here we go !

20 common tips for taking 10,000 steps a day

walk 10,000 steps a day to lose weight
Walking a lot really helps you get in shape
  1. Walk around the apartment while you brush your teeth.
  2. Also walk around the kitchen while your coffee or tea is brewing.
  3. Always park your car at the end of the parking lot, whether at work or when shopping (at least when it is not raining).
  4. During the lunch break, go to lunch on foot. Walk briskly if possible (and eat healthy, of course).
  5. When you have to go to the bathroom during work and there are several available, go as far as possible (except in an emergency, of course 😉 ).
  6. If you have a choice between going up the stairs or taking the elevator, choose the stairs. If there are too many floors, take the elevator and stop a floor or two earlier (unless you are accompanying your manager somewhere). Even outside of your workplace, you should take the stairs whenever you can. It's very good for your heart rate and for the glutes as well.
  7. When you're on the phone, walk along. Anyway, if you're like me, you already do. I can't sit still when I'm on the phone. However, as François, a faithful reader, has just pointed out to me, consider using a wired hands-free kit so as not to fry your brain. And if you're on the street, stay alert to what's going on around you as explained this article on the FrAndroid website.
  8. Take your dog out for a long walk, he will be happy. He too needs physical activity anyway. If you don't have a dog, walk your goldfish (with the jar), your cat, your mother-in-law...well, the animal you want 😀
  9. If you need to do some shopping and it's not too far, walk there.
  10. And even if you have to go by car, empty the groceries by taking the packages out of the vehicle one by one. You'll see, it's even funnier if you live on the 4th floor without an elevator.
  11. Take your coffee break at the end of the street rather than at the office (even if only 100 meters away). In addition, if the weather is nice, you will fill up with vitamin D.
  12. Put on some music, and move or dance while you cook. These are not necessarily steps in the sense of walking, but the result is the same, you burn calories.
  13. If you watch TV, walk or jump during the commercial. Anyway, you don't have anything interesting to do anymore (except maybe go to the bathroom).
  14. If you need to pass on information to a colleague, speak to them in person rather than sending them an email. Go jogging if you're not afraid of looking crazy (there, I'm not sure).
  15. Clean your apartment (just in case you forgot). If you have a robot vacuum, accompany it to make sure it goes everywhere…I know, I have a mental health problem.
  16. When taking public transport, get off one stop before.
  17. If possible, walk or cycle to work. I know biking is not walking, but you can really count it in your daily expense. At moderate speed, count 7 calories per minute of bike ride.
  18. Accompany your children on foot to school. Plus, it's a great way to spend some extra time with them.
  19. If you're going to fast food (too bad for you), at least skip the drive-thru and get out of the car to pick up your order. Better than that, walk to the restaurant of your choice to order a nice salad. “Finally, it's up to you. Some have tried, they have had problems” according to the philosophers Chevalier and Laspales.
  20. Get distracted. Strange this idea, but it is still a reader who gave it to me. Indeed, Sarah wrote to me: “I already take about 12,000 steps a day, but on top of that, as I'm very airheaded, I do a lot of back and forth for nothing. It helps". You are amazing !
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With these good resolutions and a balanced diet, you have enough to keep in shape. You can even learn how to have a healthy diet by discovering this didactic method for rapid weight loss :

3 additional tips to walk even more

The following few tips may not be available to everyone, but they may help some of you walk even more towards your average goal of 10,000 steps per day:

  1. garden, it's a great way to exercise. You don't have a garden, so ask the neighbors to mow their lawn. One hour of mowing is almost 6 kilometers if you are fast (I did the math). It's great for staying in shape, almost as much as playing a sport.
  2. There are many walking or hiking groups pretty much everywhere. You can click here to find a hiking club in your area (site of the French Federation of Hiking). 
  3. Plan a specific time of the day when you go for a little walk. For example before or after work, after dinner, etc. If you do Nordic walking, it's even better, since you'll burn 80% more calories than jogging.

Take the 10,000 steps a day challenge

As you will have understood, my list is not exhaustive. You can find other ingenious ways to walk regularly and improve your fitness at the same time.

Like any sport, walking is extremely beneficial when you do it. a habit. It even helps build muscle. In addition, like running, it allows your body to produce endorphins, which will promote your good mood. Don't be surprised if your spouse or friends tell you to go for a walk 😉


10000 steps to stay in shape

One thing is sure, if people walked more, there would be less obesity or overweight people. When you practice regular physical activity, the beneficial effects are extremely numerous. Among the benefits are a risk reduction cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases.

Even your immune system will thank you.

Remember this guiding principle: When you can walk somewhere, walk there to increase your energy expenditure. It's as simple as that. A few minutes walk more can make a difference. Flee a sedentary lifestyle like cholera!

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However, you must do everything to make your day fun. Because if you're wearing stiletto heels or shoes that hurt your feet, it's bad luck.

First, find shoes that you love and that are comfortable all day. Otherwise, you will quickly abandon this beautiful objective.

Then, a super motivating thing is to choose a activity tracker which will count the number of steps for you like these:

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There are also mobile apps that you can use like Strava. But whatever tool you use, find a way to track your level of physical activity.

10,000 steps a day and you

And you what do you think ? Are you ready for the challenge? Is this effort really necessary with a daily objective of at least 6 kilometers on foot?

Have you found another smart way to walk to achieve that walking goal and burn off those excess calories that plagued your life and waistline? Share!

Tell us how it lifts your spirits and how walking helps you fight stress and sleep well.

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