14 Core Training Exercises for the Abdominal Strap

Today you're going to think a bit off the beaten path by discovering 14 amazing exercises for core training and motor control.

Their goal is to strengthen your abdominal muscles in joy and good humor.

I warn you before you start reading this article:

  1. You must first love animals (???).
  2. You must not be afraid of ridicule.
  3. You must be ready to try new things.
  4. You must want to improve your athletic performance.

This is why I owe you a few explanations first.

Don't be put off by the technical aspect of this article, because you'll be missing out on some out-of-the-ordinary exercises for your workout.

A few explanations to start…

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Core training

Well, if you're not very good at English, it could be translated as "training the muscles of the center of the body".

When this work is well done, we speak of a good sheathing.

These muscles include the abs and the lumbar. The abdominal muscles are made up of the straight, of the'external oblique, of the'internal oblique (no half-boarder in the abs 😉 ), from transverse and pyramidal.

The lumbar, you mostly hear about it when you have lumbago (or lower back pain).

Those are the spinal extensor muscles. This tells you how important they are.

motor control

Then I tell you about motor control in introduction.

If you go to Feu Vert or Speedy, I believe you are entitled to a free check.

No, sorry, I digress...

abdominal strap - Motor control and core training
Nothing to do with our motor control

In neuroscience, the motor control is the ability to make dynamic postural adjustments and to direct the body and limbs in order to make a determined movement.

I know, this definition is not very digestible, but you will quickly understand by following the videos a little further.

To make it simpler, let's say that motor control is a term that refers to the way our body moves when performing certain tasks.

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Why care about core training and motor control

Like me, you are probably looking to get the best possible results from your workouts.

You probably don't have time to spare. It is therefore important to make the most of it.

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Your 4 goals

Regardless of the type of training you do, you continue to 4 major objectives.

Are you looking to improve:

  1. Your strength
  2. Your flexibility
  3. Your cardiovascular qualities
  4. Your motor control

I believe most of you are familiar with the first 3 points. Moreover, almost all bodybuilding or fitness programs pursue these objectives.

Now that you also know that the core training includes all the workouts designed to strengthen your abdominal belt and your lumbar muscles, I think you understand the importance of this.

These muscles are essential since they ensure the cohesion between the lower muscles and the upper muscles.

And motor control in all this?

Here we are.

I will try to make it very simple. When you watch someone moving or playing sports, you sometimes think like this:

  • This one, he looks clumsy. It looks like he's going to get his pencils tangled up.
  • This guy, he looks really good. Looks like he's been doing this all his life.

Does that help you? In fact, we sometimes see athletes who are graceful, while they are not necessarily more efficient than others.

To simplify as much as possible, let's say that motor control is the ability to perform an action with precision and success, while giving a feeling of ease and wasting a minimum of energy.

It is therefore a very important ability in the practice of many sports such as football, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, athletics, knitting and petanque. Well, I'm less sure about the last 2.

Basically, if you want to improve your athletic abilities, you need to incorporate motor control exercises into your fitness or strength training sessions.

You will see that these exercises will also help you achieve the 4 major objectives which we talked about above.

So it's all profit! 

How to work on your motor control

Since it's about improving the way you control your body, it's obvious that this kind of training should use the body weight.

The problem is that the usual exercises of this type, such as push-ups or dips, although exceptional for building muscle, are too simple to improve your motor skills.

Instead, you should use movements preferably using the whole body (full body, for those who accept the Anglicisms).

You can easily integrate them into your usual bodybuilding and fitness programs.

Muscle gain with elastics

14 moves for your core

Well, I hope I have given you enough desire to discover this kind of exercise, since I will now present 14 of them to you.

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The first 3 are on separate videos, while the other 11 are featured in the last video.

I remind you as I told you before, that you must love animals and not be afraid of ridicule.

These movements are called the animal walk ". Some call it the animal gymnastics. You will understand by watching the videos 😉

Come on, let's find out.

Animal Walking in Your Core Training

Like I said, these moves are great for strengthening your core (or core if you prefer 🙂) and helping you control your body.

You will see that in addition, you will work many muscles and do cardio.

I start with the videos of the 3 easiest. The next 11 will be much more physical.

bear walk

This movement works the abdominal muscles as well as the flexibility of the shoulders, hips and calves.

It's easy to do, except on the street, where SPA agents might chase you if you forgot your necklace.

The monkey

Already, with its name, you know it's not for social events 😂

Take a good look at what the guy in blue is doing even if you don't understand English.

This exercise will especially work your thighs, your butt as well as the flexibility of your hips.


Is that what? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Here is a remarkable exercise for the shoulders, thighs and abdominal strap.

The rest of the household

In the last video are exercises that I really like. The whole body is solicited.

You will find the following 11 movements:

  1. Duck walk
  2. Bunny hops
  3. Sneaking ape (the stealthy chimpanzee)
  4. Crab walk
  5. Horse walk. Well, it would rather be that of the rider.
  6. Chameleon (chameleon)
  7. Scorpio
  8. Scorpion Jump. Ah good, it jumps?
  9. Crouching Tiger
  10. Bear-crab roll. The bear-crab is a variety of hairy crab.
  11. Monkey roll

If you think you're physically at your best, try it all. You'll be surprised!

Know that you don't have to imitate animal cries at the same time, especially if you're at a hotel or with friends 😉

I confess that I have trouble with the chameleon. On the one hand, because I change little color, except that I may be a little more red at the end...

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On the other hand, it is an exercise that requires a lot of strength in the shoulders, pectorals and triceps.

And me, the shoulders, it's rather my weak point. But it really is a great move.

It should be noted that some of these exercises can also be performed using TRX straps.

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TRX's eco model is already of excellent quality
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My conclusions on this type of training

First, here is a table including the advantages and disadvantages of these movements:

No hardware neededNeed space for certain movements
Some exercises are full bodyA floor covering may be useful
The abs and lower back are almost always solicited
Advantageously replaces cardio sessions
Opportunity to train with your children
Playful side

Adding even 5 minutes of "animal walking" to the beginning or end of your weight training or fitness session can make a difference.

You can even do 30-minute HIIT sessions just by imitating animals. You will be surprised at the result since you will continue at the same time the 4 major objectives mentioned at the beginning.

Other videos are available on the Internet by typing “animal walk exercises”.

I hope I have introduced you to something interesting and motivating today.

Please give me your opinion, especially if you have tried it. Send me a message at stephane@sportchezsoi.com. Thank you 😉

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    Mr Puffin

    1. Good luck with your training! I just allow myself a friendly advice: rather than running 1 hour twice a week, you will get even better results by running twice for 30 minutes and doing 2 HIIT Tabata sessions of 20 to 30 minutes a week. (without leaving your house as well). It's often easier to fit into your program 😉

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    Thank you for your help!

    Mr Puffin

    1. I would be tempted to say that any exercise that works both total body strength and endurance is appropriate.

      For example, you have everything you need in the article “9 exercises to lose weight and build muscle without equipment”.

      You can leave the dips aside for your preparation, but the 8 other exercises chained together by following a program like the one in the PDF that you can download in the article “5 complete programs to lose fat quickly” constitute a great preparation for you. With no equipment! You can also register and receive my guide with 25 exercises to do at home.

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