How to lose weight quickly: 2 techniques to change everything

Returning to sport, you know what it is?

Yes, this is the resolution you make at the start of each new year. To lose weight quickly and build muscle.

Well, that's what you say… It's the exercise you swear you'll do before summer. It is about him that many miracles bloom, of which you hear here and there.

Why Your Good Intentions Fail

However. Between the desire and the realization, there is sometimes a world (or even a universe?). These small resolutions seem unattainable once you are faced with the harsh reality.

Too hard exercises, too repetitive workouts, little results. Often leading to a loss of motivation in just a few weeks. For an annual objective intended to make you lose weight quickly, it's short... No?

And this observation is the same whether you play sports at home or in the gym. Sport, which some consider a pleasure, then very quickly appears to you as torture.

The annual resolution becomes a huge flop, one more. It will join those of past years. Rest in peace… Cellulite or accumulated fat are the best proof of this.

You'll eventually reach the Elephant Graveyard, if you know what I mean. Sorry to the families, all that 😉

The solution ? Hey, do you have the solution or not?

Oh sorry, I fell asleep… It's because I'm not very young anymore. OK, I'm exaggerating a bit (as usual). So yes, here is the solution:

To lose weight quickly, think Tabata and HIIT

Want to get results fast? Melt that fat who bothers you? And who goes smack smack when you move? build muscle like the beast you could be? Grrrrr!

Discover now what some consider the holy grail of the athlete to lose weight quickly and build muscle:

HIIT training and Tabata training

Behind these barbaric-sounding names (and therefore, necessarily painful) hide prowess that you can achieve. YES, you can!

So here is a guide to these interval workouts.

Before you even have time to say "We'll see about that next year", you will have reached your goals.

Expect to be surprised by HIIT Tabata training!

Just because you're not in great physical condition doesn't mean sport isn't for you.

The HIIT program, what is this fantasy?


Introduction to HIIT

It's true that you must share things among all the recurring news on weight loss and sport.

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“lose 5 pounds in 3 days” this way! “How I lost weight 3 tons in 4 weeks without doing sports” over there!

“Look at my photo before, and then this one after”! It's amazing how my old pants are too big! Wow! “With the rest of the fabric, I will redo the curtains in the dining room.”

Well, we still hope they didn't switch the photos in this case... But the quality of the HIIT program (High-Intensity Interval Training) is backed by extensive research.

For example, a study was carried out in 2001 by Jeffrey W. King, from the University of Tennessee. Many testimonials circulate on its effectiveness, and I could add mine.

The HIIT program corresponds to a interval training. Your hour of repetitive, not to say stressful, cardio session is over.

Oh my, how long is 45 minutes of cycling or indoor treadmill!

How to lose weight fast and build muscle at home
The treadmill is death! For me anyway…

Saving time and efficiency for sports sessions at home

You will surpass yourself and have good best results…in about half an hour! All-in. Evil tongues will even say that you will finally have results.

Three to four workouts per week will be more than enough. Your HIIT friend is therefore welcome if you want to see fast results, including starting from scratch.

And even if you are not particularly attracted to sport.

Anyway, your progress will motivate you.

Let's take a look at the beast

A HIIT workout lasts on average 30 minutes. It should bring your heart rate between 80 and 95 % of its maximum capacity. This means that it will take give the maximum during the exercise phase.

Each exercise is followed by a rest period of equal or greater duration. For example, you can do 30 seconds of jumping squats followed by 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest. Either a ratio of 1/1 or 1/2.

HIIT applies to many sports

Everything is good for HIIT

And for those who want to vary the pleasures, know that all endurance sports are concerned by this method. Whether you practice spin biking, rowing, elliptical or running and so on, HIIT training applies to these sports.

You will thus associate pleasure, work and results.

HIIT is good for volume too

And for the suspicious few who think these workouts lead to loss of muscle mass, fear not!

This is indeed often the case with medium intensity cardio over a long period of time. But thanks to its high intensity, HIIT training will allow you to gain muscle mass or of prevent loss of muscle mass.

You choose. In short, the perfect compromise!

And all of this is really possible by exercising at home.

Those who must not do HIIT training

Due to its high intensity, the HIIT program is not not recommended for people with heart problems. It can also cause some problems for people who are in very poor physical condition.

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If this is your case, start by following a traditional training according to the recommendations of your doctor. You'll always be able to get into HIIT training later, when your fitness improves.

For the craziest, consider Tabata training 

What is the Tabata method?

Do you want to die quickly and without prolonged suffering? Tabata is here for you. Great !

It's the little brother of Harakiri, who himself is not a cheese for gourmets in short pants...

HIIT Tabata training is also interval training. It is actually a subcategory of the HIIT program. It is reserved for people wishing to maximize the HIIT program: more efficiency in even less time.

It's dreamy, isn't it?

This is indeed the case, since HIIT training Tabata can be done in… 4 minutes!

4 minutes only? You are crazy, Stephen!

I cannot necessarily contradict you, since I only have my own brain to judge their abilities.

If you follow my reasoning, yours is at least at the same level… Well, let's get back to business.

Add to what you have read previously that Tabata training is more effective in 4 minutes than an hour of traditional cardio.

There is something to be interested in. Nope ?

Results with Tabata

Especially since its creator, Izumi Tabata (do you understand now?) has conducted studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of his method.

Thus, after 6 weeks of training at 5 days per week of training, lovers of HIIT Tabata training have improved their anaerobic capacity by 28 % and their 15 % aerobic.

If you want to understand the interest of it, read the article on aerobics and anaerobics on the site

At the same time, people who have done one hour of traditional cardio 5 times a week did not improve their anaerobic capacity.

It's too bad !

Their aerobics have improved by 15 TP2T, but that's it. And yet, 5 hours of cardio, that's not bad.

Who said too much? Oh, sorry it's me...

You who want efficiency, you will therefore be served!

But how exactly does Tabata training translate?

You're going to have to work really, really hard for 4 minutes.

Otherwise it's useless.

It is 8 exercise cycles of 20 seconds each followed by 10 seconds of recovery. The 8 cycles must be worked in a way intensive. Suffer, blow.

The Anglo-Saxons say “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. That is to say “NO EFFORT, NO RESULTS”. One could even say “NO SUFFERING”. But it seems a tad too strong to me.

For once, we can't blame them. Even when some claim the opposite. It will also be more efficient to vary the exercises. Repeating the same exercise will cause you to lose intensity.

And then, it avoids the routine.

How to schedule your Tabata session


If you use the free app VT Bodyweight about which I have already spoken to you, follow the indications appearing in my Fitness program for beginners.

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First select 8 exercises.

Reduce exercise time to 20 seconds and rest time to 10 seconds, and you're good to go.

The Benefits of Tabata Workout to Lose Weight Fast

The intensity of a Tabata session

What will HIIT Tabata training do for you compared to other traditional training?

First of all, no need to book a long sports slot. Four minutes is all you need!

Of course, you can do 2 or 3 cycles of 4 minutes if you feel like it. But this is not necessarily ideal.

The longest in this method is the shower after the session 😉

saving time and money

No need to go to the gym and devote an hour to it after work.

You still have to cook, comb the giraffe, do the shopping, or whatever.

you can stay your house, spend 4 minutes completing your Tabata session, and you're done. Finished ! Even in slippers, and 2 meters from the bed.

Ideal for losing weight quickly

In addition, interval training results in weightloss substantial.

Above all, it improves your health. Remember that exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease while inactivity and being overweight increase it.

This is what this Figaro article.

You can follow an example of a Tabata session in the video below:

The key to successful weight loss

HIIT Tabata is really what you need to speed up your metabolism and burn calories.

It's true.

But, remember that 80% of your fat loss begins in the kitchen, and not in fitness sessions.

An old proverb says:

You dig your grave with your fork.

Your efforts should definitely start with your diet.

A method that will motivate you to eat well

His goal is to make you permanently lose your fat and give you all the tips to not take it back. She makes you discover what made you fat and simple techniques proven by scientific research to make you lose weight.

In addition I guarantee the results at 100 %.

here is fast weight loss method by eliminating only your fat:


I'm not telling you that you should only opt for Tabata sessions. But it will be a very good start to lose weight quickly and build muscle at home.

HIIT training, which we talked about at the beginning, will also allow you to gain muscle volume by using elastic bands .

But if you are in a hurry or less motivated to devote time to it, Tabata training is a very interesting tool. It is really daunting to achieve your goal if you combine it with a good diet.

To time you, you will find everything you need with the free application Tabata Timer for HIIT.

There you go, it's in your little haversack.

You know how to exercise at home and get results. At last !

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