5 sports coaching tips to progress

It is certainly not because you are doing sessions at home that you do not need sports advice to progress.

I came across a very interesting interview with Bob Bowman. He is the coach who coached multiple Olympic champion Michael Phelps for 14 years. In the article in question he shares tips on how to view training and progress.

I will share with you some of these very relevant recommendations, but also add others relating to muscle development. Here are 5 essential sports tips:

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1. Acquire talent and skill

What do you think are the main things people can do to improve their performance in a sport? Here are two:

  • First, improve your technique or skill level. Whatever the sport, you really need to learn the fundamentals and improve your basic skills. And as you will read later, it is also essential for the bodybuilding at home.
  • Second, take care of yourself outside of practice. You need to have good eating habits and get enough rest. Also do stretching or flexibility sessions to take care of your body.

2. Measure your strength training progress

If you are a beginner athlete, this aspect will seem a bit technical, but it is essential. This is true in bodybuilding, but also in the many sports that require strength and power.

Like many young people, I made the serious mistake of looking for performance before my body was ready for it. And it comes at a high price with many physical glitches over time. That's why I want to share with you the recommendations of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). It is the main body of sports coach training personnel in the USA.

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If your goal is to build muscle and get stronger, you need to be patient.

It is in your best interest to progress by following this order:

Phase 1: Work on stabilization and endurance

This type of training is all about increasing your muscular endurance and stability. This phase is extremely important for the development of your muscular coordination. This is why among my sports tips to get back in shape I often recommend that you start with the TRX straps. One of the particularities of this material is to make you work in instability. You thus recruit all the stabilizing muscles and improve your neuromuscular efficiency.

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the swiss ball is another useful piece of equipment if you prefer to use dumbbells for your weight training program.

On this subject, you can read an article which explains why the sheathing exercises are more effective in instability.

Phases 2 and 3: Work on strength and power

I know a lot of men are in a rush to bulk up. But this goal should only be pursued once you have worked enough stabilization.

Does that mean you're not going to change physically in the first phase?

Of course if you lose fat and gain muscle mass. But if you are really looking for hypertrophy, you will have to be patient. Remember the importance of the fundamentals from point 1…

Only when you have passed phase 1 can you begin to work harder and harder. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed with the results and embarrassed by repetitive injury.


3. Accept the sports advice of a coach

Sports tips from a coach
Good sports coaching can make the difference

What is the advantage of coaching for an athlete who wants to progress?

One of the important things a coach does is analyze your training and provide feedback. It also gives you relevant advice to improve your movements. And it gives you extra motivation.

A trainer is truly your training partner, and it's much easier to be successful when you have one. This is even more important if you are doing sessions at home for physical preparation for competitions.

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Why invest in lessons with a sports coach?

the private sports coaching is very similar to private piano lessons. It's a huge help. If you want to improve your individual skills, working with someone one-on-one is very effective.

For me who is based in Spain, I notice considerable progress for the people I advise. Being a native of Bordeaux, I recommend that you visit the site of David Rousillon, a sports coach based in this beautiful city.

Why is it important for a trainer to push you a bit?

I didn't say "hustle you", but there's a bit of that in the question 😉

I heard a great quote: “There can be no progress without discontent.” This is true at every stage of life. That's right, why would you change anything if you're perfectly satisfied?

A coach may therefore have to push you a little behind, especially if you are training for competitions. His goal will then be to help you raise the bar a little higher each time. Sometimes these sports tips will take you out of your comfort zone. But it's a gain of experience for you.

Of course, if you exercise just to stay in shape, your trainer will be much cooler with you. Rest assured !

4. Take care of the rest of your life

How to find balance with all the activities of the day?

Most of you are capable of handling many things at once. And to achieve this, the most important thing is to learn to organize your time. If you sit down and plan your day, you can find time to do a lot.

If you want to be sure that your sports sessions will find their place, make a realistic program. You must be able to hold it over time. To do this, your schedule must be realistic.

If you are really short on time, choose types of programs that are less time consuming. For example, HIIT Tabata sessions or the Insanity program are fabulous if you have less than 30 minutes.

Tips for eating?

Obviously, you have to run away from junk food. Like most people, you probably need to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is not complicated to eat a balanced diet. The sooner you adopt habits healthy foods, the better off you will be later.

5. Stay on top all year round

What to do or not to do outside the sports season?

You may play a club sport for most of the year. But you need to stay in shape during times when there is no competition. It is important not to be late for the recovery. And also, it can prove to be essential to avoid injuries.

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What you absolutely must not do is sit in front of the television or smartphone all the time! Stay active. Everything you do in your daily life has an impact on your physical abilities. So make your body work at its best out of season.

You can very well establish a training program at home that prepares you for your usual sport.

I hope that these few recommendations will be useful to you for successful training. Take them into account to progress!

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