7 things to do in the evening to lose weight easily

What is the relationship between the evening and your ability to lose weight easily, you will ask me, your eyes wide like a whiting ready to go to the frying pan?

Well, quite a few things actually, and that's exactly what I want to draw your attention to in this article.

What often happens to those who want to lose weight or get rid of a little misplaced fat is that they are super focused during the day. True diet warriors! But they ruin all the efforts of the day in the evening…

Having dinner at home or out is not a bad thing in itself. But for many people, that means an aperitif with junk to nibble on or a meal with oversized portions. This is undoubtedly linked to the relaxation needed at the end of the day, and that is completely understandable.

Only here, it is often what ruins the efforts made during the day.

So, how to solve this problem?

Here are 7 things to do to losing weight easily :

1. Have a real dinner, not snacks

Wait, Stephen! Are you telling us that you have to have a real dinner to lose weight?

Well yes, it's better than snacking on the way home from work, snacking in front of the TV later and ending up having a snack before going to bed. Even if you don't take in more calories, a study in English carried out in 2014 by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) revealed that simply eating more frequently promotes fat production and poor glucose management by the body.

So, rather than eating anything at any time, try to make only one reasonably nutritious, quality meal to last without difficulty until the next morning.

Which naturally brings us to the next piece of advice:

2. Reduce quantities

lose weight easily by reducing the quantities

For many, dinner is the highest calorie meal of the day. This is even truer when it is preceded by an aperitif and petit fours.

It's a shame, because you can really lose weight easily if you make it a lighter, or at least more balanced meal. It is better to consume more calories at lunch, since you still have time to burn calories, than during the meal, when you are going to spend several hours slumped in the armchair or in bed…

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Instead of a heavy meal, choose foods with a high satiety index.

3. Make conversation

Instead of spending all your free time working alone, sitting alone at your desk, or slouching on the couch watching TV, find a way to talk to someone.

For example, you can chat with your sister or your friends on the phone or in person. Why not ask your spouse and kids how their day was over dinner?

Social connections are important, and having other people in your life helps you cope better with difficult times. This will prevent you, among other things, from turning to food in the evening to fill the void.

4. Try new recipes

I'm probably not going to teach you anything by telling you that eating in restaurants or fast food can have a very bad effect on your waistline...

A study published by an American journal (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) in 2016 collected data from many restaurants in the United States. Meals averaged 1205 calories, but American, Italian, and Chinese restaurants even hit 1495 calories. It's huge (without wanting to make a bad spirit)!

When you know that the majority of people on the planet should not exceed 2000 calories per day, that does not leave much for the other meals of the day...

And that's without taking into account the poor distribution of nutrients, with far too many carbohydrates or saturated fats as well as salt.

And do not think that the restaurants established in France do much better than those of the USA. This is also what you can check on the Doctissimo site in This article.

So even if you're not a chef, get into the habit of preparing healthy, nutritious meals yourself. Your waistline and body fat will thank you. And maybe even your bank account, for that matter 😉

To have a wide variety of healthy recipes available, I recommend digital books Metabolic Cooking :

Recipes to lose weight Slimming Cooking

5. Plan your breakfast

It is certain that if you had gotten into the habit of stuffing yourself like a goose just before Christmas every night, you might wake up with an ogre appetite in the morning if you make efforts at night.

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It is true that the ideal way to lose weight easily would be to wait until lunch by practicing what is called intermittent fasting. But at first, it's too much to ask of you.

And to avoid eat anyhow in the morning, I invite you to take the time to plan your breakfast the night before. Take a few minutes to make sure you're getting enough protein with eggs or Greek yogurt, for example.

Also plan some fresh fruit (not pressed) and whole grains such as rye bread or oatmeal. And if you like it, plan some coffee.

To find out more, read the article that twists the necks of ideas about breakfast.

6. Shut down social media

Like anything else, social media has its pros and cons.

But if you try to losing weight, it might help to reduce the time you spend on it. According to a 2017 article published in the journal Women & Health, spending too much time on Facebook in the evening can have negative consequences for women who want to lose weight easily.

Indeed, the fact of devoting a lot of time to it seems to trigger negative feelings about one's physique, which would promote eating disorders.

So make time for social media earlier in the day and set a limit in the evening. As you read above, engage in real conversations at night.

7. Go to bed on time

It's a well-known fact today that quality sleep promotes fat loss. Conversely, reducing your sleep time because of the TV or anything else will sabotage your efforts.

A study carried out by the National Academy of Sciences in the United States in 2013 (in English) reveals that women who are sleep deprived eat 42% more calories in the evening !

It must be said that going to bed too late encourages you to take a little extra snack. Also, plan to go to bed 7-9 hours before your waking time, depending on your actual needs.

Go further to lose weight easily

I hope these few tips will help you get started on the path to ideal weight, or should I say ideal body fat. 

If you really have fat to lose and you can't do it despite the advice of this article, I really invite you to discover the method to permanently eliminate your fat that hundreds of people have tested and validated.

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Anyway, you risk nothing, since you will be fully reimbursed on request if it does not suit you.

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