Home workout program: 7 steps to success

Have you ever followed a home bodybuilding program without getting any results? Or so little that it wasn't worth it. Some of you have even followed the advice of a professional sports coach in the gym without getting the desired results.

Still, you sweated. You messed up your schedule. No doubt you have read magazines or specialized articles. You may have bought gym equipment, overpriced methods or signed up for a gym membership.


The results have not matched your efforts. You probably even gave up… It's nerd!

You looked at yourself in the mirror and asked "Why so much hate?” 

But it is not lost.

Why you failed until today

It's not your fault. You just don't have the right training. For your home bodybuilding program to be effective, you absolutely must follow certain rules.

Otherwise, failure is guaranteed...

But if you're reading this article, you want to create an effective exercise routine. Great ! Because you don't want to follow the same program as everyone else.

After all, you are not the others. Nope ? NOPE !

What you're looking for is the most effective, responsive, and fastest possible program FOR YOU. You know, which one works best for your body based on your experience, preferences, schedule, and of course your personal athletic goals.

Because if you are a 22-year-old girl, overweight and not athletic for 2 rounds, what is the use of following the program of Michel, a 42-year-old runner who has decided to start bodybuilding to gain volume in the pectorals?

The answer is in the question, I think.

NO, you need a program THAT MATCHES YOU. Which helps you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Home bodybuilding program - go through the steps
Follow the 7 steps in this article to succeed

To achieve this, you absolutely must know the steps and the essential elements of an effective muscle building or fitness program. Here's how you should do it:

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Home bodybuilding program in 7 steps

To bring your ideal workout routine to life, you'll follow these 7 steps:

Adjustable dumbbells 24kg

1. Where are you leaving from and where are you going?

You may not have thought of it, and yet it is obvious. To take the fitness highway, you need a GPS.

Why ?

Because before you do anything, you need to know what you're training for. In other words, determine your main objective:

  • Gain muscle volume?
  • Lose fat?
  • Increase your strength?
  • Be more toned?

And yes, whatever your motivation for bodybuilding and fitness, you must be able to answer the question "Why" before starting.

Also, you need to know evaluate your current level : beginner, intermediate or expert. After all, that's the kind of process you follow when buying the clothes. When you choose them, you already know what they are going to serve you for.

For example, you have to go to the wedding of your best friends. Are you going to buy the same as for DIY at home? I hope not 😉 Also, you already know your size and you try on the garment before buying it.

Which report ?

Consider your goal and level

Well, you are going to do the same for your weight training sessions. You will fix your goal (why you train) and your level current. Indeed, many aspects of your sports program will directly depend on your goal and level of experience. You can only get results if you take it into account.

For example, you cannot follow the same bodybuilding program when you are aiming for weight loss or cutting, therefore more cardio-oriented, and in a period of mass gain or muscle building, therefore focused on resistance. . It's too different.

Similarly, someone who wants to progress in deadlifts will not follow the program of someone who mainly wants to be stronger on the pull-up bar. There are therefore many parameters to take into account before finalizing the type of exercises, the number of sets and even the rest times.

Ah, you thought it was easy?

Let's move on to step 2...

2. What is your pace?

Yes, you need to quickly determine your ideal training frequency. What does it mean ?

This does not only concern the number of sessions you will do in the week. You will of course have to choose the days when you do strength training, depending on whether you will train 2 times, 3 times a week or more. But you also need to figure out how many times you're going to work each muscle group during that same period.

Which brings us directly to step 3…

3. Organize your bodybuilding program!

Distribute the work of the muscle groups. Connoisseurs often speak of a “split routine”.

What is this beast?

This is the way to cut your program. How you distribute the work of each muscle. You don't just have to know your best training pace. You also need to know the best frequency for your pecs, biceps, triceps, quads, etc.

Why ?

To get the best possible results. This distribution must also fit perfectly with your schedule and your pace of life.

Muscle gain with elastics

4. Work hard or not to build muscle?

Now you need to determine the right intensity for your weight training sessions. Why is that ?

Because this step will help you know if you are going to work harder or harder. For example, if you are working with dumbbells, are you going to lift more or less heavy loads?

If you work with resistance bands, what voltages will you choose? When training with TRX straps, what level of difficulty will you select for the exercises?

That's all ? No.

The effort required on each movement is not the only important element in choosing the right intensity. You must also determine how many repetitions you will be able to perform with such intensity. And how fast. At the same time, don't forget that the right intensity directly depends on your objective set at point #1.

5. Do you have to work out a lot to bulk up?

Lifting more or less heavy is one thing, doing it more or less long is another. As well, determine your ideal training volume. Don't confuse intensity with volume. There is a link between the 2, of course, but it is not the same thing.

What is the difference ? Imagine that I ask you to move a 25 kg bag of cement (maximum regulation weight for women). Can you do it?

Many will tell me yes. This simple movement corresponds to the intensity of the work to be done. Now imagine I ask you how many bags you can move before you run out. Actually, I'm asking you how much work you can do.

Do you understand the difference? OKAY !

Make the right setting

So the volume is the amount of work what you are going to do during your session. That is, how many exercises you will perform per muscle group, in how many sets and in how many reps. In fact, the more you increase the intensity, the more you will reduce the volume. It's math.

Let's imagine that your maximum in bicep curls is 12 kg in 6 repetitions per arm. It will inevitably be more difficult for you to multiply the number of sets on this exercise and the following ones if you train today with 12 kg.

On the other hand, you can easily increase your training volume if you take an 8 kg dumbbell. To simplify, let's say that increasing the intensity will help you gain muscle. The increased volume will help you burn fat and improve your endurance.

You see ?

These choices therefore depend entirely on your objective.

6. What to put in your bodybuilding program and how?

Choose your exercises now and incorporate them into your routine. This step mega-important is to carefully choose the exercises that are ideal for you. Then you need to figure out how to integrate them in your training programs.

Generally speaking, it is good to select at least 3 exercises per muscle group. One of them should be an isolation exercise such as the Concentrated Bicep Curl. This type of exercise will be used last for a muscle group.

Here is an example of a concentrated curl with elastic bands :

7. Guarantee the success of your home bodybuilding program

The final step is to first make sure that you have followed the previous 6 steps correctly. Then, you must check that you respect 2 recommendations that are inseparable from your success.

Which ones?

Here are those recommendations:

  • Set yourself measurable milestones. If you want to lose 20 kg, set yourself the intermediate goal of losing 1 kg per week, for example.
  • Choose a way to eat that helps you achieve them.

Ready to go further?

As you will have understood, you can create a home bodybuilding program that suits you. But that workout that will get you exactly where you want to go most efficiently and as quickly as possible requires:

  1. reflection
  2. Some tests

But this is the price to pay for success. FINALLY ! 

Are you ready to create your program? So, it's time to start. I'm not going to leave you like that. I will still guide you for each step..

NOTE : This item is the first of a complete and free series that will help you create the best possible fitness or bodybuilding program for you. You will be able to achieve exactly the goals you have set for yourself. The following will show you how to choose your lens to create the program that suits you.

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