9 tips for eating less and healthier in 2022

How eat less and healthier to get rid of your fat?

Getting in shape and losing weight are not easy tasks when you feel constantly hungry. The problem is, giving in and overeating will not only sabotage your current health goals, but it could also set you up for future hormonal imbalances.

Not to mention all the lifestyle-related diseases such as insulin resistance (precursor to type 2 diabetes), heart disease and certain cancers.

So what can you do to control your hunger and eat healthy?

If you're looking to get in shape, but your hunger tends to override your resolve, here are 9 awesome ways to gulp down fewer calories and trick your body into being satisfied.

1. Drink water to eat less

Eat less by drinking water

No, it's not a joke!

Ask yourself: am I hungry or just thirsty? Why ?

Well, the hypothalamus regulates hunger and thirst signals in your brain. Dehydration can scramble these signals. You may only need water, but your brain is telling you to have a candy bar instead. The traitor !

Important Tip: Drink water throughout the day, between meals and especially when you feel like snacking on treats.

According to the passportsante.net site, you must multiply your weight in kilos by 30 ml, if you are under 60 years old. This means that a 70 kg person should drink 2.1 liters, not counting what he will have to consume in addition if he plays sports.

If you are over 60, your weight in kilograms should be multiplied by 25 ml to account for the decrease in muscle tissue that retains a lot of water. You should therefore consume much more water than the usual 1.5 liters often recommended.

Also remember that other factors, such as breastfeeding, fever and very hot temperatures increase your hydration needs.

2. Eat healthy by choosing a good starter

When you're eating out, it's easy to pounce on the bread before your meal hits the table. It's even a strategy in some restaurants to satiate you or make you forget the waiting time.

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Important Tip: Order a salad or soup as soon as you sit down to have something to eat while you wait for the main course. Leafy green vegetables are high in bulk and fiber. So they help you feel full longer with fewer calories.

If salad isn't your thing, try grabbing a plate of minestrone or miso soup to fill your stomach with low-calorie liquids. Avoid crackers or cream soups.

You will consume fewer calories in total 😉

3. Get enough sleep to eat less

Did you know that there is a close link between lack of sleep and weight gain?

The ghrelin is a digestive hormone that stimulates appetite. Thanks to different studies, it has been noticed that its average levels do not vary in those who sleep an average of 8.5 hours. On the other hand, its level increases on average by 12% in those who sleep 5.5 hours.

However, an increase in this hormone leads to a drop in energy and a stronger desire to eat. In addition, ghrelin promotes fat storage and hepatic glucose production. Without having to go into detail, you will have understood that lack of sleep greatly promotes weight gain.

Important Tip: If you have trouble sleeping, look for the cause. Promote what relaxes you before going to bed. Maybe you should stop watching TV or playing video games soon enough. Read something that relaxes you before sleeping, for example.

In short, try to improve the quality and duration of your sleep to eat less.

4. Fall for raw vegetables

9 tips for eating less and healthily in 2022 1

Many of us like food that crunches under our teeth. This is among other things why we throw ourselves on chips and other cookies. But it is not necessarily this food in itself that you crave. It may even be that the crunchy foods appeal to you mostly because of stress, anger, or other emotions that lessen as you crunch the food under your teeth.

Yes, I know it may sound weird, but it's true!

Important Tip: Replace your processed crunchy foods with baby carrots, radishes, celery, raw cauliflower or an apple and make some noise. These healthy foods are less addictive than salty, sugary, and processed foods. They also contain fewer calories and significantly more nutrients or fiber.

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Who knows, you will probably be surprised to taste it.


5. Drive unhealthy foods out of your cupboards

Very often, we keep junk food at home for guests and children, and we end up unconsciously munching on it. If you want to eat healthy without the temptation, find healthier alternatives for your kids and friends.

Any food containing artificial ingredients, chemicals, processed vegetable oils or high amounts of sugars should be chased away. Do the witch hunt 😉

Important Tip: Do not buy or keep too rich and unhealthy foods at home. Even if they are caloric, choose a handful of nuts rather than crackers or crisps.

6. Eat protein for breakfast

eat breakfast rich in carbohydrates, such as cornflakes, white bread with jam, or worse, sugary cereals, will raise your blood sugar levels and therefore your insulin. You will know more by reading this article on the how to eat healthy for breakfast.

And after the insulin peak, hypoglycemia always ends up happening. At this point, you will be very hungry again, less than 2 hours after your meal. And more often than not, you will fall for a sweet food. Well, it's true that we rarely have ham or omelettes at the office, let alone tofu… 🙂

Important Tip: According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, starting your day with a protein-packed breakfast will help curb your cravings. This will help you eat healthy and reduce sugars later in the day. If you eat protein-rich foods like eggs or Greek yogurt, you are sure to eat less and lower ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels throughout the day.

So if you can't do without breakfast, eat healthier by including at least 30-40% of protein. 

7. Use a meal tracker

We often have no idea of the calories we consume each day. Truth be told, it doesn't really matter if you don't have a power problem. But if your daily food intake far exceeds your caloric needs, you probably need to know. At least initially.

Be careful, this is not to become obsessed with the number of calories consumed, but simply to get a general idea. You will see that this early effort will help you quickly estimate your needs without counting.

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If you never do, you'll probably struggle to achieve your goals. That may be motivation enough to start reducing portion sizes and extra snacks.

Important Tip: Using a meal tracker like the free Fat Secret app, even for a short time, can be an eye-opening experience. Tracking all your meals, snacks and liquids per day will quickly give you a clear idea of what is wrong with your diet. Stay honest with the app and track everything you eat and drink for 2-3 weeks.

Discover my method to learn how to lose weight fast without counting calories. You lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week.

8. Eat less by eating mindfully

Are you the type to put your food in the oven without realizing it?

Rest assured, you are not alone in this case. Mindless eating is very common, especially when you're stressed, anxious, or bored. If this sounds like you, learn to eat mindfully. This will not only help you eat less, but you'll quickly realize that you're enjoying your meals better.

Important Tip: When you start looking for food when you're not really hungry, place your hand on your stomach and take 10 deep breaths. Deep breathing provides more oxygen to the brain more oxygen and relaxes the nervous system. This way, you'll be better able to make wise choices, rather than throwing yourself on the first bag of chips lying around.

During your meals, take the time to chew your food well. Put the fork down between bites and cut out distractions. Eating in front of the TV, the computer or while surfing on the smartphone is the best way to overeat without realizing it.

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