13 foods to cut out to lose belly fat permanently

The beginning of a new year is the occasion chosen by most people to make good resolutions. And you, what have you decided? Well I will try to help you by giving you a good resolution for this year: Here are 13 foods to cut out to lose belly fat.

You may be surprised by some of them because they are often presented as healthy and good for your health. But I guarantee you'll be healthier if you eliminate them.

I saved the worst for last, but this list of foods and drinks to eliminate is super important for lose some belly and therefore for your quality of life:

What foods should I cut out to lose belly fat?

Here is a small non-exhaustive list, but including the main culprits of bad habits that make you fat:

1. Fresh vegetable or fruit juices

You may think that drinking fruit or vegetable juice is the same as eating them. It's a common mistake… but a mistake nonetheless.

According to the website Why Doctor, a scientific study revealed that overconsumption of fruit juice can lead to increased risk of premature death from 9 to 42%.

You probably think drinking fruits and vegetables is easier, or you just like them better that way. But unfortunately this is not the healthiest way to consume them.

In fact, squeezing them to extract the juice completely eliminates the fibers and other micronutrients. Also, carbs without fiber raise your blood sugar levels, and therefore your insulin levels.

2. Isotonic sports drinks

Isotonic drinks are foods to avoid to lose belly
Isotonic drinks: foods to eliminate to lose belly

I know, it may surprise you, but so-called sports drinks are rarely healthy. In addition, they are not really useful and promote belly fat.

In most of the cases, drinking water is enough for your needs in mineral salts (also called blood electrolytes). So-called sports drinks usually contain artificial ingredients, sugar and calories that your body can do without.

Of course, you can consume sweetened salty drinks during exercise, but try to choose more balanced products than the first industrial products in stores. Or better, prepare them yourself. That's what I did when I often played tennis.

To learn more about the usefulness or uselessness of isotonic drinks, you can read this full article from the Planète Santé website.

3. “High fiber” bars and cookies

Some brands are surfing on the importance of dietary fiber to sell products that are absolutely unhealthy.

This concerns cereal bars, breakfast cereals, cookies and other so-called “high fiber” sugary foods.

Although grains may have health benefits in addition to fiber, drop products that are not high in protein. In general, these foods unfortunately contain more sugar than fiber.


4. Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars are extremely unhealthy. They are full of added sugar, oil and white flour despite their small size.

They are also high in calories and low in micronutrients. A normal sized chocolate bar contains 200 to 300 Calories. Eat one every morning for a month and you'll have put on almost 3 pounds of belly fat.

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Beware of department stores where chocolate bars often occupy strategic places, near checkouts for example. It is precisely made to crack you (or your kid). Ah the sneaky danger of compulsive buying!

If you really have the slab, better eat a whole fruit and some nuts.

Of course, if you are a great athlete in full competition, why not take advantage of this calorie intake? But if you are more sedentary, run away!

5. Refined or “whole wheat” wheat

Truly Whole Wheat contains fibre, protein and other nutrients that are good for you. It can be part of your eating habits if you are not gluten intolerant.

But you have to be careful when buying and check which is the first ingredient. Make the difference between “whole wheat” and “100% whole wheat”.

When you try to avoid white bread and buy “whole wheat” bread or rusks, you often find that it is only the 3rd or 4th ingredient. These marketing tricks are deceptive.

As well, learn to read labels and don't be fooled by the “cereal breads”, “whole wheat crackers” and other customer traps.

As for the “100% cereals”, that means nothing about the quality of the cereals and generally only serves to mask the fact that you will only be eating carbohydrates in the end. Bad time for your line 🙁

6. Flavored Greek yogurts

It is true that Greek yogurt is a good food because it contains more protein than regular yogurts. Many nutritionists include it in their slimming diet. But the problem with flavored yogurts is that they usually contain sugar.

If you want to have fun, you better cut a fruit in your yogurt like a banana or an apple.

One thing I really like to do is to buy frozen plain berries, such as blueberries, raspberries or currants. I add them to my plain Greek yogurt with sesame or pumpkin seeds. You can also use chia seeds.

It's so good !

7. Fries and Chips

Fries and crisps to remove to lose belly

No potato lawsuits here. They can absolutely find their place in a balanced diet. They are part of the foods rich in fiber and can quite find their place in a balanced diet. For example, they are healthy and filling when eaten with moderation whole boiled or baked.

Not to eat too much potatoes, I recommend that you combine them systematically with green vegetables such as green beans, broccoli or spinach.

On the other hand, french fries and crisps are not healthy food. The potatoes then become too caloric. The other problem is that it's too easy to eat a lot of them in these forms.

Many studies have shown the link between weight gain and the habit of eating fries or crisps as in this NCBI study (in English). It was done over 4 years.

Conversely, this same study reveals that people who consume a lot of green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and plain yogurts tend to lose weight.

8. Industrial “anti this or anti that” foods

If you go to your favorite supermarket, you will undoubtedly find an incredible amount of industrial products that claim to be good for your health.

BE CAREFUL ! The more an industrial product insists on its ability to fight cholesterol or claims that it is good for your figure or your heart, the more likely it is that you should buy something else.

Between us, it is better to buy real butter and consume it sparingly than buying over-processed “vegetable butters”. So read this article from Figaro Santé on cholesterol-lowering foods.

A general rule when buying industrial food is to avoid any product that contains a long list of ingredients. Try to cook with the simplest foods possible and not with processed foods.

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9. Packaging that screams “healthy”

Manufacturers are full of imagination to make their packaging look attractive. And they don't forget that many customers are looking for healthy foods. And you are probably one of them.

On the packaging, everything is made for you to give the impression that it is a natural and healthy product. From the colors to the font, we want you to believe it's right for you.

Take a look at the cereal aisle to convince yourself of this. Even corn flakes are able to make you lose weight 😉 If you knew the truth about corn, you would have serious doubts about it…

10. Certain alcohols (especially beer)

Well, I'm not telling you to live like a Tibetan monk and never have a drink with friends or enjoy a good bottle of wine.

But you must not lose sight of thatone gram of alcohol contains 7 Calories, more than its equivalent in carbohydrate or protein. These include only 4 Calories, and proteins have the additional advantage of consuming 30% of these calories for their own digestion.

The problem with alcohol, however, lies not only in the calories it contains, but above all in the fact thatwe often eat more during drunken meals. Without forgetting all the dirt that we nibble at aperitif time.

In other words, it's double jeopardy. We swallow more calories from alcohol and we eat more. Especially since our brain is unable to sense the caloric intake of liquids. And it's even worse with beer...

Why does beer make you fatter

Beer makes you fat because of the quantities

I know you'll read a lot of conflicting information on this point, because if you drink beer sensibly, it doesn't necessarily make you fat...

But beer suffers from the following handicaps when you want lose belly fat :

  • Its glycemic index is 110 because maltose is a sugar that diffuses very quickly in the blood. It's at least 3 times faster than a whiskey or 2.5 times faster than a Bordeaux. The spike in blood sugar will therefore quickly give way to hypoglycemia when the body has produced a lot of insulin to get rid of it. Beer therefore has an unfortunate tendency to whet the appetite.
  • The quantities offered. The beer only contains 43 kcal per 10 cl, which is not so terrible in itself. But have you ever had just a small glass of beer? Beer is an alcohol that is drunk more in 33 cl or even 50 cl, when it is not a liter, and there the result is no longer the same...

Further information about beer can be found in This article from the Improve Your Health website. Not everything is bad in this drink, but you have to use it with moderation to have a flat stomach.

Finally, keep in mind that a little alcohol, especially when it is of good quality, is not necessarily going to make you fat. On the other hand, excessive alcoholic beverages are almost always associated with weight gain according to this other scientific study of the NCBI.

Remember: usus is good, but not abusus 😉

11. Ice cream or ice cream

Yes, I know most people love it. I have to tell you that I'm not a big fan of sugar because I've completely given up on it. I should even say detoxified. But a good ice cream can really make me want to. Especially with homemade whipped cream (it's my guilty pleasure).

So yes, it's good! But it's unhealthy because ice cream is full of calories and sugar. Count 207 calories (or kcal) per 100 grams. It's a lot !

The occasional small serving of ice cream won't kill you, of course. But it is unfortunately very easy to eat too much. Especially when you've opened a liter of ice cream that's starting to thaw on your table. "So who wants to finish?" says almost systematically one of the people around the table.

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So, no matter what, use only a small amount and take the box back to the freezer right away. Come on, a little willpower!

12. Pizzas (especially industrial)

Industrial pizzas that make you fat

I don't want to alienate all the Italians, especially the Neapolitans. For me, a good pizza is fabulous to eat!

You can find it all over the world, including in fast food restaurants and on all the shelves of supermarkets. It is, I believe, the most consumed food in the world with bread.

The pizza is not not necessarily a bad food in itself, and you can eat it while preserving your figure, provided that it is not at every meal.

The problem with pizza is precisely due to its strengths:

  • Quite cheap to manufacture;
  • It's ready quickly;
  • We can make it for all tastes, from country style with bacon to the vegan 100%;
  • Most people love pizza, including kids.

Results :

  • Manufacturers produce a lot of it and of poor quality. They often use refined flours, sweet tomato sauces, reconstituted cheeses, processed meats and unhealthy oils;
  • The portions are often excessive because the basic products are cheap.

If you really love pizza, make your own with quality ingredients and olive oil. You can also look for a pizzeria that makes real good traditional pizzas to treat yourself from time to time.

Moreover, pizzas are not the only ones affected by this problem. The general rule for losing belly fat fast is that you should avoid eating almost all industrial ready meals.

And I want to end with the worst of the worst, even if you think I talk about it too much. I do not care ! You must absolutely and permanently eliminate them from your diet, and not just to get the line...

13. All the sodas, out!

Sodas to remove to lose belly

Yes I know, I am rambling. But if I insist so much, it's because NOTHING is worse for your health than sodas. All of the above are almost beneficial compared to sodas.

As you have already read on this blog, sugar is a poison. And the one in sodas, often made from corn, is the worst of all. Absolutely avoid if you want to get rid of visceral fat and regain a flat stomach.

Now it's up to you to see if the risk is worth it, but I'm not going to encourage you to go this route.

You should know that sodas:

  1. Are the first culprits obesity in the USA;
  2. Have some disastrous effects on the liver and health in general (take the opportunity to watch the documentary film “Super Size Me”;
  3. Are not not recognized by your brain like calories. However, a 33cl can provides 140 calories including 0 g of protein, 0 g of lipids and 35 g of carbohydrates, i.e. 12 sugar cubes! Drink 1 a day without reducing your calorie intake and you will have taken 7 to 8 pounds of fat during this year.

What do you think ?

What do you think of these foods to cut out to lose belly fat and eliminate love handles? In any case, you should consume little or even none at all when it comes to sodas or any other sugary drink on the market.

This approach is extremely important in the context of a successful food rebalancing.

Do you usually consume it regularly? Do you have any on your shelves or in your fridge/freezer?

Maybe there are other foods that you would like to eliminate because they make you fat too easily, like candy.

Are you getting there?

You can write to me to share your comments or your techniques for better eating and other slimming tips.

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