Weight bench: 10 exercises in half-body

When you have dumbbells, discs and bars, a Musculation bench with reclining backrest is essential sports equipment for good sessions.

In just 10 exercises, you can do a great half-body workout dedicated to your upper body.

I give them to you in the most suitable order, but you can intersperse the exercises of different muscle groups if you want to do a HIIT session. HIIT has the advantage of promoting fat loss and shortening the duration of your training.

Here are 10 workout exercises at home or in the gym with a simple multifunctional bench… 

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1. Bench press with weight bench

The bench press is undoubtedly the most effective exercise for developing the pectorals, but also the front of the shoulders and the triceps. 

You can perform it with a barbell and discs if you have a sturdy bench with stationary or movable jack stands. The candles are the 2 supports to put your bar at the end of the series.

But be careful, this exercise can be dangerous if nobody assists you when you take heavy loads. 

In this case, I recommend that you do this exercise with a pair of dumbbells instead. Otherwise, you would have to invest in a device with guided charging, but this is no longer the same budget. 

Here is an example of a bench press with dumbbells (in English, but that's okay):

2. Incline press with dumbbells or barbell

the incline press (see this article at AZ Body) is an extremely important complement to the bench press if you want to strengthen the pecs so that they are powerful and aesthetically balanced.

Indeed, it will give volume to the upper part of your pecs and further develop your shoulders. Otherwise, your pecs may look more like a pair of boobs 🙂

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It can be done with a barbell or 2 dumbbells. What I advise you is to alternate a session at the bar and a session with the dumbbells.

3. Flat Bench Pullover

No, it's not worth going to get knitting needles and wool 😉

The pullover has always been one of my favorite exercises because it gives you a feeling of well-being by forcing you to open your rib cage and stretch your pecs at the end of the session. You do not have no need to take a heavy load. On the contrary, try to feel the movement well and to control it throughout.

You will feel how good it is...

Adjustable dumbbells 40kg

4. Tricep extension

To do this exercise, raise the seatback of your reclining bench at most.

Watch this video to see how:

If you're more comfortable with a barbell, I recommend getting an EZ barbell.

Remember to blow while you raise the load.

5. Tricep kickback

In this exercise, the weight bench will just serve as a fulcrum, as in the following exercise by the way.

Keep it straight back, and reduce the weight of the dumbbell if you are forced to adopt a bad position.

6. Shoulder Press

This exercise is a must to develop beautiful well-muscled shoulders.

However, you must be careful to choose a load that will not cause injury, because  the shoulders are relatively fragile due to their high mobility. 

Take the time to build them gradually, unlike me who mistreated them when I was younger by wanting to lift too heavy. Ah, if I had to do it again...I'd be careful.

7. Dumbbell row for the back

This exercise resting on a weight bench is perfect for developing the latissimus dorsi and all the back muscles.

Watch how 60-year-old Andreas does it:

In addition to the back, this exercise works the posterior deltoids (back of the shoulders).

To protect the lower back area, keep the straight back during exercise. Do not try to lift heavier than what is necessary to work your muscles well. Look for muscle fatigue, not injury...


8. Dumbbell row on a weight bench at 45°

A very interesting variant of the previous exercise is rowing on an inclined bench.

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The advantage is that it does not no stress on the back and that you can work on both sides at the same time, which avoids imbalances. However, your bench must be of good quality and very stable.

9. Seated bicep curls

This exercise is the darling of men who do bodybuilding, because they all dream of bulging biceps.

You can just sit on the bench keeping your back as straight as possible. If the backrest of your weight bench can flip up to a full 90°, that's even better.

It is a very easy exercise to perform, but it requires control so that the elbows remain well glued to the body. So be careful not to take too heavy dumbbells. Keep the contraction at the maximum at the end of the movement, as in this video:

10. Concentrated bicep curls

This exercise is perfect to finish tiring your biceps to the last muscle fiber. Do not seek to lift heavy, but to feel the burn of the muscles or congestion.

Take a good look and imitate the position of the coach in this video:

Don't cheat the move by moving your body. Only the forearm should move, while the elbow remains glued to the inside of the thigh.

The movement is relatively slow and the elbow should not be fully extended at the bottom. Squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement for 1-2 seconds.

Inhale as you go down and exhale as you contract.

A complete program with weight bench

Here is a program that will teach you the basic rules of diet and muscle gain. It also offers a full body workout on 3 days a week with a simple bench and dumbbells.

Hundreds of people have already successfully adopted it. In addition, it only costs a few euros and has a 30-day money-back guarantee:


As you can see, a reclining bench Good quality equipment is essential for effective sessions with free weights (dumbbells, discs and bars). Quality is even more important if you use them regularly.

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If you are short of space, do not hesitate to search for a foldable bench multi-position, easier to store and space-saving. There are even very good ones with a roman chair to work the abdominals like this one which is foldable:

weight bench with integrated roman chair

The 10 exercises that you have just discovered here are really the top of the line for a complete session for the upper body. 

Ideally, each of these exercises should be repeated 3 times a week for a beginner, 2 times for an athlete of intermediate to expert level (more than 6 months of training).

And you, do you have a weight bench at home? What exercises do you particularly enjoy doing during your workout ? What is your favorite bodybuilding equipment?

Leave a message in the comment box below to tell me everything.

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