Discover a cheap weight bench for your home gym

Are you looking to set up your own gym in a dedicated room? And you're looking for a cheap weight bench for your sessions at home?

It must be said that it is essential equipment for those who do bodybuilding with bars, discs and dumbbells. The problem is that to train at home, it is not always easy to find an affordable model of good quality.

To help you with your decision, I present you affordable benches from Amazon and Avalon Gear, a French supplier I know. I find them totally amazing for the price!

SmartWorkout Elite

Sportstech BRT300 Weight Bench

At Amazon, I always look at models from the German brand Sportstech. This is not only because the equipment coming from this country is generally of good quality, but also because I have already supplied myself with them and that I am satisfied with their equipment.

Plus, this versatile bench folds up for storage in a corner or closet, making it an ideal choice if you're short on space in your home.

  • Total length: 161cm
  • Total width: 68cm
  • Bar support, adjustable from 95 to 110 cm
  • Maximum load: 170 Kg
  • Folded dimensions: 131 X 68 X 86 cm

21 exercise possibilities

Cheap weight bench 21 exercises

Thanks to this inexpensive weight bench with bar support, you will be able to perform a very large number of exercises in order to strengthen all the parts of your body in the right way, without taking any risks and without tiring yourself unnecessarily!

It is convertible into abdominal bench. This transformation is made possible by the fact that the bench is completely foldable, a good way to save space if you cannot dedicate a constant space in your home to the practice of sport. Easy to use and fully configurable, the height of the barbell support is adjustable to adapt to your morphology and your exercises.

This weight bench with supports is capable of supporting up to 170kg which will allow you to use it for many years if you weigh 80 kilos or less.

Avalon Gear Incline Weight Bench

Recently, I discovered this French shop created by Anthony de Lorenzo. She specializes in particular in adjustable dumbbells. Its prices are really affordable, the quality is there and the delivery is free.

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This bench that I particularly recommend from Avalon Gear is perfect if you only use dumbbells adjustable. It is foldable and adjustable on 6 places. In addition, it is capable of receiving a very heavy load with its ability to 250 kg ! It is therefore able to support all sizes.

  • Total length: 132cm
  • Total width: 46cm
  • Maximum load: 250 Kg
  • Free delivery in France

This model is perfect for your sessions with dumbbells at home. It is very well finished and very solid. You can use it for all your sessions for the pectorals, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. It is also perfect for abs sessions with the support of the legs since you can tilt it back.

Reclining weight bench
Adjustable dumbbells 40kg

Conclusion – cheap weight bench

If you equip yourself with one of these models, it is the key to success in progressing!

Choose the first one if your goal is to do a bench press or incline press with a long bar. On the other hand, if like me, you prefer to use the dumbbells For all your exercises, go for the reclining model without support.

Thanks to a suitable bench, you can perform an incredible number of exercises to strengthen all parts of your body.

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