Why protein bars are a good supplement 👌

Many athletes incorporate dietary supplements into their diet to improve their performance and achieve faster results.

And although the choice is wide in terms of nutritional supplements, it is clear that many people prefer to bet on the protein bars to achieve their athletic goals.

What makes these products such popular dietary supplements?

Response elements ! 

A particularly rich constitution

To understand why protein bars are such good nutritional supplements, you must already remember that these products are nutritional bars that contain a high proportion of protein.

Available on platforms like BodyanfFit.com, these bars are made from proteins, which are themselves isolated from animal products (eggs) or vegetable products (milk, soy, etc.).

being additional protein sources, protein bars allow those who engage in sustained physical activity to meet their body's high protein needs.

These nutrients are in fact the only ones that play a direct role in muscle building, ensuring constant regeneration of muscle tissue.

They are in fact essential for the growth, strengthening and maintenance of muscles. Protein bars are therefore an effective solution for maximizing athletic performance and achieving faster goals. objectives set.

What's more, these products are practical because of their presentation. The shape and dimensions of protein bars make them foods that can be easily transported at the gym or on the training ground among others. But you can of course consume it before returning from work when you are doing bodybuilding at home.

With these bars, you no longer have to wait to get home to prepare before eating after exercise!

In addition, it should be noted that proteins (more info about these nutrients on Health tip) are not the only elements that make up these nutritional bars.

Other ingredients rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, or minerals essential to the proper functioning of the body are also included in the manufacture of protein-enriched bars, which makes them truly complete nutritional supplements! 

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How to consume protein bars?

Protein bars

To take full advantage of the benefits associated with the consumption of protein bars, it is important to know how to integrate them intelligently into the daily diet. Already, it should be specified that these foods can be eaten to satisfy a little peckishness or as a snack, any time of the day.

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They can also be ingested before or during training, or between two sessions. We recommend 20 to 30 g of protein per day for optimal energy intake, preferably to be consumed an hour before the start of each workout.

The number of equivalent protein bars will depend on the protein content of each product.

After the exercises, it is important to provide the body some carbs to replenish its glycogen stock and mostly protein to prevent muscle wasting. In this context, it is advisable to ingest approximately 50 g of protein within 30 minutes of the end of training.

Hence the need to take nutritional bars to the gym or have some on hand at home. These supplements may be accompanied by a banana or another fruit, for example.

Conclusion on these dietary supplements

The most important thing about integrating protein bars into your diet is to understand that they are not substitutes of a meal. Their consumption should therefore in no way be a pretext for ignoring a food ration in good and due form. 

And you what do you think ? Do you eat these kinds of dietary supplements, do you make them yourself or do you prefer to do without them? Leave a comment below to share your opinion 😉

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