Become a sports coach or physical trainer in 2022 👌

Are you passionate about fitness or bodybuilding? Maybe you would like to help other people get in good shape and make it your job.

But become a sports coach, physical trainer or simply a sports leisure activity leader can you earn a living?

Nearly a third of the 150,000 monthly readers of this blog are under 24 and practice a sporting activity. And it is to them that I address myself in particular in this article.

Why become a sports coach or physical trainer?

Well, I know what it's like to be passionate about sports when you're young. When I went to the weight room in 1985 (how far away!), I quickly got into the game. Suddenly, I began to wonder if I could pass a professional qualification certificate in the field of bodybuilding.

Today, I know that some of you are asking the same question and would like to live from the practice of your physical activity. Or maybe you will ask yourself after this article. And that's not silly at all. Why not live from your passion and become a coach fitness or bodybuilding ?

Becoming a sports coach or physical trainer is within the reach of many of you. And it's a good option because fitness professions are on the rise. They allow you to supervise young people, adults and the elderly. There are indeed many job opportunities, including in small towns.

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How to do ?

First, don't stay on the idea that you don't have the level to practice in these areas. There are preparatory training courses for careers in sport, such as the one offered by the CFPMS.

Follow this video to learn more:

The advantage of such preparation is obvious to build up your confidence and prepare yourself well physically. It's a great way to get started and level up to pass your BPJEPS entrance exam.

I will tell you about this diploma a little later. But first, let's talk about the possibilities offered by such a diploma, whether to exercise in one of the many gyms or a sports club. You can even practice as a personal trainer for individual lessons at home or in your own gym.

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There are plenty of outlets

Without addressing all the professional opportunities of a sports educator with a professional license, I will give you some leads.

Become a sports coach

the role of a fitness coach or in specific disciplines is to determine the needs and motivations of its students. This sports professional accompanies and advises them throughout their sessions. He ensures the safety of practitioners and has the essential qualities to help them achieve their goals sportsmen.

Some coaches even hold management positions in a sports structure after a few years of experience.

Some time ago, I met Jérémy, a sports coach at home in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. After practicing different sports in clubs, he decided to give individual fitness classes. He works as a freelancer, and it works pretty well for him. He organizes personalized training sessions at his clients' homes or in his own fitness center.

This is one of the possibilities offered by the BPJEPS (Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport). This is a BAC level diploma.

We speak of BPJEPS AGFF when the diploma concerns the fitness and physical maintenance sector. The acronym AGFF stands for Gymnastics Activities for Form and Strength.

Train to become a sports coach or fitness teacher
A sports coach can give group lessons

If you want to know a lot more, including how to grow your career with a degree, check with a professional body such as the CFPMS


Become a physical trainer

the fitness trainer supervises athletes who want to prepare for competitions. He seeks to develop their physical abilities, their stamina, their strength, etc. For this, he determines, among other things, the right physical exercises, adapted to the sport practiced by the athlete and to his fitness goals. He also organizes recovery sessions after training or matches. Today, many sports teams use the services of a physical trainer.

If you follow such training, you can work full-time in different sports structures or on your own. It is also possible to combine several part-times in several places of intervention.

You will also be able to exercise in a gym. Here again, the site of the Professional Training Center for Sports Professions (CFPMS) will inform you better than me about the necessary training. It can even give you an idea of the gross salary that you can claim at the end of your training.

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Some help for the creation of your professional activity

Once you have graduated, you can choose between:

  • Look for salaried employment
  • Work on your own account
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In the first case, try take care of your CV to distribute it in all gyms, sports clubs, town halls and other structures. You can easily find a resume template in line.

If you want to stay independent, becoming a freelancer is probably the best way to start. To learn more, I encourage you to visit the site

Qualifications needed for sports coaching

It would be wrong to think that a sports trainer must above all be in very good physical condition. Of course it is important, if only to set a good example, but it is far from being the most important.

here are some essential qualities to a good coach or trainer:

  • Have the commercial fiber to find clients in individual sessions;
  • Know how to demonstrate pedagogy because it is a relational profession;
  • Be comfortable leading a small group;
  • Have a certain sensitivity to know how to meet the expectations of its customers;
  • Like to learn to follow additional training whenever necessary;
  • Easily adapt to changing work schedules.

Become a sports coach – Conclusion

So, what do you think ?

Can you become a coach, sports educator, trainer or physical trainer?

If you are a fan of bodybuilding and fitness, do not miss this possibility. Don't think it's an unattainable goal. You just have to give yourself the means by choosing the appropriate training. Of course, if you want to give lessons at home, you will also have to invest in the necessary equipment.

And above all, work to succeed, because nothing falls ready-made on the plate 😉 

You will find an exhaustive list of education professions in sports activities in the ROME G1204 file on the Pôle Emploi website.

Are you tempted by this kind of training? Tell me while sending me a message to 😉

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