Adjustable dumbbell 90 lbs : The best models available

I have to tell you right now, this article is not for everyone. Because an adjustable dumbbell 40 kg per arm is a lot for most humans... no matter what the exercise. But if you're a strong or ambitious reader, read on.

You can indeed find a pair of adjustable dumbbells of 90 lbs each of very good quality (about 40 kg).

This guide is therefore primarily intended for men who have been weight training for some time and who already have very good physical abilities. If you like using free weights, you probably know that dumbbells are better than bars and discs for most exercises. In fact, doing a bench press at 90 lbs per arm is just as hard as lifting 260 lbs with a barbell. And it's much better for improving your athletic strength by mobilizing all your stabilizing muscles.

Best adjustable dumbbell 90 lbs

As mentioned in the introduction, those who have a lot of experience in muscle development may need more weight. It is possible to find yourself limited by the 40 lbs models for certain exercises. This can be the case for squats, deadlift, farmer walk or bench press.

If you are limited by your current equipment, you should choose dumbbells adapted to your objectives to continue to progress. And weights with as much load will probably satisfy you for more demanding sessions.

To save money at the time of purchase, you might be tempted to buy a single dumbbell. But this is a very bad idea for the quality of your workouts. In fact, lifting such a heavy load in a one-sided exercise greatly increases the risk of injury.

An interesting purchase for your home gym

This equipment allows you to progressively reduce or increase weight quickly during your sessions. In general, it is possible to use increments of less than 5 lbs, which allows you to use the principle of progressive overload to promote mass gain.

To ensure that this progress lasts over time, I suggest different models that have proven themselves and that I know well:

Bowflex Selecttech 1090i

Adjustable dumbbell 40 kg Bowflex 1090i

This automatic dumbbell is the big brother of the model 552i of 24 kg. Bowflex is an American supplier specializing in weights and other adjustable accessories. It offers for example a very good modular kettlebell (very practical) and weight benches.

In this selection, I present you a great classic of the brand. The 1090i model is simply the most famous for many years. It is intended for the confirmed practitioners of body-building which need a weight until 40 kg by arm.

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Beware, the price is quite high in Europe as the 1090i is available for 958 € at Decathlon at the time of writing, that is 59 % more than at Avalon Gear (see below). That's a lot of money, and unless you absolutely want the Bowflex logo on your gear, I encourage you to check out the next model.

You can find the Bowflex 40kg a little cheaper at Amazon, but availability is not guaranteed.

>> See the pair of Bowflex 1090i dumbbells <<

NOTE : Be careful in Europe when making your purchase, as many retailers have a habit of shipping models with loads listed in pounds, not kilos.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090i Compact Variable Load Dumbbell (price...
  • A single variable-load dumbbell replaces 17 dumbbells...
  • High quality ergonomic non-slip handle.
  • Adjustable weight from 4,5 to 40,8 kg (adjustments: 4,5, 7, 9, 11,...
Adjustable dumbbells 40kg

Avalon Gear 4 to 40 kg

40 kg adjustable dumbbell Avalon Gear
Photo taken at unpacking

The best value in our list! Our favorite 💖

Avalon Gear offers adjustable dumbbells similar to the Bowflex models for a much lower price. And when I say the pair is identical, I promise you won't notice the difference, not even in the mechanism. The dumbbells can change weight from 4 kg to 40 kg of load (almost 41 actually).

One pair replaces 30 dumbbells of different weights, which is a hell of a space saver! The adjustment is done by a wheel on each side where the desired weight is indicated in kilos.

Customers in France and Spain also benefit from free delivery in 4 to 5 days. The site even offers a payment in 3 times without fees.

Avalon Gear is a very serious site that I recommend without hesitation on its entire range. I own a pair from this supplier with the support that I use 4 times a week for my workouts.

If this model is too heavy for you, turn to its equivalent in 2,5 to 24 kg which is more suitable for most athletes.

Fast delivery and careful packaging

Before moving on to the next model, I'd like to share with you some pictures taken during the delivery of my dumbbells. They arrived at my home in Spain in only 3 days and perfectly packed. The stand arrived even faster, just in 2 days.

>> See Avalon Gear Dumbbells <<

Video presentation:

Advantages and disadvantages of Avalon Gear and Bowflex

Even when a product is of good quality, there are always advantages and disadvantages. I will try to list as objectively as possible those of the 2 models you have just seen:


  • Very quick and easy weight change between series thanks to the quality dials and mechanism
  • Much less cumbersome at home than 30 rack weights
  • Very quiet in use due to the PVC coating on the metal plates
  • Relatively compact for their load capacity
  • Excellent grip with their bulging handles and good balance
  • Solid material of impeccable quality and great durability
  • A pleasure as intense as in the gym


  • The rack quickly becomes indispensable when you have to use the heaviest loads
  • These versions are a little bulky in hand compared to the 24 kg
  • Impossible to adjust the weights without the brackets, fortunately provided with
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PowerBlock Pro/Sport EXP 5-90

Modular dumbbell PowerBlock 40 kg

The manufacturer PowerBlock is at the origin of the adjustable dumbbells since 1991. The strong points of its products remain their solidity and their capacity of incrementation by approximately 1,1 kg. This is mainly due to the simplicity of their design with metal plates, very basic compared to the 2 previous models.

This ability to add very small increments of weight is beneficial for those who are just starting out and want to progress. But it's not very useful for a barbell that is primarily intended for experienced athletes.

In short, you will have understood, it is not the pair I prefer, but PowerBlock has its followers.


  • Weight change in small increments
  • More compact than other models
  • Good balance in hand
  • No need for supports to use them
  • Impressive life span due to their simple design


  • The rack is essential for the heaviest loads
  • Special grip with the handles clamped in the dumbbell
  • Rectangular shape not practical for certain exercises such as the deadlift or the hammer grip curl, as well as for exercises where you hold a dumbbell with two hands such as the pullover
  • Excessive price for the simplicity of the material (you pay mostly for the brand)

>> See the PowerBlock 5-90 dumbbells <<

Why not classic dumbbells?

In fact, it is almost impossible to find short bars with steel discs that load up to 40 kilograms. The heaviest ones rarely exceed 30 kg.

In addition, this kind of dumbbell costs today as much if not more than an adjustable model. As a result, the interest is null because you will take much less pleasure in using them and will lose a lot of time to change the load between 2 sets. Not to mention that the steel discs are unstable if they are not tightened with screw lockers.

Your workouts will be 100 times more motivating with a good quality adjustable dumbbells kit.

Even better with an adapted rack

To say that a barbell rack is a must-have may seem like an overstatement, but it's almost true. Your workouts will be much more effective and less risky with this accessory.

For example, let's imagine that you are doing a bench press with 2 dumbbells loaded to 30 kilos each. To take them in hand, you have to do a 60 kg cold squat to lift them off the ground, taking care not to break your back. Now, you are doing a session for the pecs, not the thighs! And you'll have to repeat this for each set, because you won't keep the loads in your hands until the end of your session...

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Also, the ability to put your adjustable dumbbells between sets on a rack that is at the right height to add or remove weight before the next set is a real plus. So, unless you're making your own wooden rack (which is totally doable), invest in the rack that matches the model you've chosen. It's much better for a safe workout.

Here are the models corresponding to the dumbbells presented in this guide:

Bowflex Rack

Very well finished, it also includes a tablet holder, very handy if you have a video workout program.

>> See the Bowflex rack <<

Bowflex SelectTech Multimedia Support Station for 552i, 552b, 552c, 552c, 552c, 552c, 552c, 552c, 552c
  • Equipped with a tablet / smartphone holder.
  • Compatible with Bowflex 552i, 552i and 552i variable load dumbbells.
  • Facilitates the ergonomic lifting of dumbbells.

Avalon Gear Rack

A very solid and rather cheap rack that can also carry Bowflex models.

>> See the Avalon Gear rack <<

PowerBlock Rack

Only designed for their dumbbells and rather basic, it is extremely solid.

>> See the PowerBlock rack <<

Power Block 600-00145-00 Rack mount Silver/black
  • The PowerBlock support works with any PowerBlock...
  • The design allows the user to get close to the weights without...
  • Components included: stand

Not all adjustable dumbbells are good!

Offers from unknown manufacturers sold on the Internet should be approached with caution. There are many counterfeit adjustable dumbbells that look like popular models made by well-known brands. You should definitely avoid them.

These imitations that you find cheaper on well-known Chinese websites are often poorly finished and of inferior quality. And even if you find a good quality equipment, the financial advantage is not so obvious. Not to mention the delivery time of more than 2 months...

Anyway, once you have paid the shipping costs and sometimes the customs fees, you gain nothing compared to Avalon Gear. In addition to the high quality of its equipment and its fast delivery, this seller assures you an after-sales service that you won't get on Chinese sites.

Best adjustable dumbbells 40 kg : Conclusion

This equipment really allows you to do a quality workout at home if you already have a good level. It is particularly useful to develop your muscle mass with the desired load during bilateral exercises (both arms).

By purchasing this pair of adjustable dumbbells, you can perform all the sessions available in the gym if you also invest in a simple reclining bench. You will be able to target all muscle groups with the right exercises (pectorals, back, biceps, triceps, forearms, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles and shoulders). All of them!

So yes, it's a pretty big initial investment, but it's definitely worth it 💪

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