7 books and methods to lose weight and exercise at home

This is just a list of books and methods that I like and recommend. 

I specify that I know each of these products and that I am convinced of their quality having read or tested them personally:

7 methods dedicated to weight loss and home sports

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1. Lafay method to build muscle at home without equipment

Olivier Lafay has created one of the most famous methods in the world to build muscle with almost no equipment.

It no longer even needs to prove its effectiveness. The advantage is that the progress is gradual and offered on several levels, which go from the most accessible to the most difficult.

Initially, there was only a version primarily intended for men, but in recent years, this method of bodybuilding at home has been successfully adapted to women, as you can see here:

2. Insanity program to lose weight and become toned at home

It must be recognized that it is an extremely effective way to get rid of your fat and build a body worthy of fitness models.

But be careful, you must have unfailing motivation! Indeed, it is one of the most difficult bodybuilding programs to follow at home. 

But what efficiency!

Most of those who have taken it seriously are addicted to it. Why not you ?

There are several variations to the Insanity method. For their quality-price ratio, I recommend one of them:

Shaun T's Insanity Max: 30 Basic Kits - Workout DVD...
  • Includes Max Out Calendar, AB Maximizer Calendar, and...
  • Every day, 30 minutes of madness for the best results...
  • No equipment required.
Beachbody Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout with 10 Shaun...
  • 10 DVDs plus 3 Bonus DVDs in English
  • Nutrition Guide in English.
  • Schedule

3. Learn to use suspension straps

As you probably know if you have taken the time to read the articles dedicated to TRX straps on this site, it is a extremely effective material to build muscle or to lose fat.

What's really impressive is how many exercises you can do with a suspension strap. It's no wonder that all crossfit gyms have them.

In addition to the purchase of straps, to go further in your training at home, you can invest in this book:


4. “I learn to eat to lose weight” method

7 books and methods to lose weight and exercise at home 1

Of course, it's the method I prefer because it took me a few years to create it, and it works like hell to lose 1 kilo and more of fat per week. It will work for you even if you have already failed with high priced commercial diets...

Take a look at the page of this weight loss program to find out why many people love this innovative and simple method. If you follow it, it is impossible for your fat to resist

As I am sure of its value, you have a guarantee of 30 days “Satisfied or Refunded”. No questions asked, a simple email is enough to get your money back.

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Are you having trouble losing weight?

You can forget your extra pounds if you follow this new plan with simple actions. Lose up to 1 kilo of fat per week without starving yourself and take back control of your body.

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5. “Slim cooking” method

Lean Cooking package
That's over 300 recipes in all

Cooking for Thinness is a great complement to my method if you want to learn how to cook healthy, while knowing in advance the nutrients (or macros) that make up your meal.

With over 250 recipes and dozens of smoothies, you can treat yourself for years to come. The information provided is suitable for those of you who want to lose fat or those who are primarily looking to gain lean muscle.

In addition, thanks to Sport Chez Soi, the method "Cooking for slimming" costs you 30% less. Enjoy!

You also benefit from a 60-day “Satisfied or Refunded” guarantee on this product. Try it!

Recipes to lose weight Slimming Cooking

6. Sport At Home 3-Phase Fitness Program

I've put together this guide with lots of exercises to help those who are starting from scratch get back in shape. The first phase is completely free and available for download. Just click on the image to find out and enjoy.

Thousands of people have already used it successfully. Try !

Ad Fitness program 3 months

Silhouette program

7. Christophe Geoffroy's practical guides for stretching

The habit of stretching is excellent for your physical and even mental health.

Christophe Geoffroy, who is a specialist in the sports field, has written numerous reference works in this field. I can only recommend that you read these two books:


Home Sport Methods – Conclusion

I know some people still think they just need to buy an electrostimulation kit to lose weight and build muscle. But that's a big joke...

Of course, the electrofitness techniques present a certain interest when they are associated with real muscular efforts or in the context of rehabilitation. But you will never get the results you are promised without doing anything. Far from there !

Leave aside the too beautiful promises and get to work to take charge of your health and your physique 😉

Send me a message at stephane@sportchezsoi.com if you know of a particularly effective method or program for exercising at home.

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