How to choose your Resistance bands in 2022?

How to choose the right elastic bands for bodybuilding at home?

As I said in an article that compare dumbbells and resistance bands, these are now a real alternative to dumbbells for sports at home or on the go.

If you are looking for the most economical way to replace your gym membership, without sacrificing the quality of your sessions, here is the solution: Resistance bands.

Please note, I am not talking about simple elastiband type bands.

I am referring to latex tubing which is associated with handles, door anchors and universal anchors.

These latex tubes that you can take with you anywhere have the ability to help you build muscle mass and flexibility while making you lose weight.

And all this without emptying your wallet!

SmartWorkout Elite

How about a comparison of brands

In this article, I will give you my opinion on what I consider to be the best bands market resistance. I could have written a review, but I didn't.

You know why ?

Because there is not much to compare. To compare, you must at least have a panel of brands that offer quality equipment.

However, there are only 2 brands that caught my attention. They are really worth considering if you are looking for durable material. These brands are Bodylastics for North America and SmartWorkout in Europe (a French brand).

If you want to ask me questions in the comments box at the bottom of the article, I will be happy to answer you.

Why Choose Resistance Bands

Since I already covered this issue recently in this article, I won't go into details.

Let's just say that resistance bands are a very effective piece of equipment for your fitness or weight training sessions. They can replace dumbbells at home or on the go.

They are ideal for sessions aimed at gaining muscle and strength and for rehabilitation sessions due to the reduced risk of injury and joint stress.

The elastic bands allow you to perform a multitude of different exercises. Even more than with dumbbells, since you can work the tension of your muscles from right to left, diagonally or from top to bottom.

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These movements are impossible with free loads.

Why buy a rubber band kit?

Simply because once you start training you will feel the need to increase the resistance as you progress.

The advantage of the kits is that they include different levels of resistance which generally start at around 2 kg per arm and that they allow you to add the different latex tubes to reach resistances exceeding 200 kg.

You see, it's huge!

Also, not every muscle group can be trained with the same resistance.

Why ?

It makes sense, your shoulders for example have much less strength than your thighs. At least, for the majority of people who do not suffer from a disability…

Why choosing your elastic bands is crucial

As I've written elsewhere on this blog, the important thing when buying dumbbells is to buy cast iron discs so you have enough resistance.

That's about all... And often, the ideal is to have a set ofadjustable dumbbells whose maximum load corresponds to its capacities.

On the other hand, when it comes to elastic bands, not all products are created equal. You find a large selection of kits on the market, but the quality of the products is often poor or worse.

ATTENTION: If the price differences between the different brands are not very important, it is not the same for the quality! 

First, remember this crucial point: latex or natural rubber is much more durable and tear-resistant than synthetic rubber. Indeed, the latter is an organic (living) material. It does not age well and is not recyclable.

As you can see, you should absolutely avoid buying kits made of synthetic rubber resistance bands. That's why I've definitely narrowed down my choice to 2 brands depending on your geographical area which I'm going to tell you about now...

The best brand in Europe: SmartWorkout

The best resistance bands for bodybuilding available on the old continent are those of SmartWorkout that I have had since 2021. The equipment is of impeccable quality and the weight bar brings a real plus in the sessions.

Plus, it's the only band pack that offers a base resistance of 120 kg, more than enough for most exercisers. Especially since it is possible to add 45 kg of resistance for a few euros more. And the strength training programs that come free with the kits alone are a great saving.

If you are not equipped, I recommend one of the 2 elastic band kits from the European brand SmartWorkout. Not only are they attractively priced, but you get free access to 3 workout programs and videos. In addition, you get 10 % discount with my links. Here's what's included in the Elite Pack:

  • 7 natural latex 100 % tubes, which can provide up to 120 kg of resistance;
  • 1 bar with integrated fasteners for attaching rubber bands;
  • 2 non-slip silicone handles for a better grip;
  • 2 neoprene padded ankle straps;
  • 1 thick easy to install door anchor;
  • 4 unbreakable stainless steel carabiners;
  • 1 compact bag to carry the kit anywhere;
  • 3 free weight training programs included (Express, SmartGains, Strong & Beautiful);
  • 1 user guide.
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SmartWorkout Elite

You can also purchase the SmartWorkout Pro package which includes exactly the same items except for the bar (click on the link to learn more).

Here is a video example of bicep curls performed with the SmartWorkout Elite kit:

The best brand in North America: Bodylastics

If you lived in Canada or the USA, this is the brand you should buy for your sessions. Their range is very extensive and you will inevitably find a kit for your level. My first 2 kits of the brand lasted more than 7 years despite intensive use in difficult conditions in Africa.

The quality of the latex

As you have just read, latex or natural rubber is much more durable and stronger tearing than synthetic rubber. However, many resistance bands are made of synthetic rubber.

Not to mention that Bodylastics offers a security system that you won't find from any competitor (but soon available also from SmartWorkout).

The Anti Snap security system

buy bodybuilding elastic - Anti Snap security system
Anti-Snap security system

At first, I was really reluctant to buy this type of equipment in the past. Rubber bands farted in your face or stretched to extremes. Today, this problem is nothing more than an old nightmare.

On the one hand, the latex of the elastic bands is extremely resistant. Realize, it can stretch to 8 times its length!

On the other hand, the resistance bands of the Bodylastics brand are equipped with a patented "Anti Snap" safety system. You can translate that as “anti-creak”.

Simply put, every latex tube has an extremely strong rope at its heart that prevents you from stretching it beyond its limit. This system will also prevent the resistance band from bursting in your face if it were to break.

This double protection seems really important to me, especially since after 7 years of use, I have experienced it several times. I promise you it never hurt me…

buy bodybuilding elastic
My first broken band

Know that even the weakest latex tube whose basic resistance is 1.4 kg has the capacity to stop a load of approximately 70 kg thanks to this system.

So imagine when you use multiple tubes together!

It is impossible to break them during a workout. Even if the latex tears when a tube is very old, as happened to me with all my old bands, it does not cause any accidents or injuries.

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The extent of the range

As you will see in the summary table below, Bodylastics offers a range of kits suitable for all levels of fitness and bodybuilding.

These kits offer an overall resistance that varies from 26 to 183 kg. Suffice to say that the range is more than enough for ordinary mortals. I don't even know if there are many people who can use the entire set at 183 kg of resistance.

I had the 118 kg and 65 kg kits, and that's enough for all the sessions.

Well, I'm not a mirror cabinet, but I still have some nice leftovers...

You will also find in the range of their products and simple resistance bands for yoga, a ground sheet, a Swiss ball, etc.

For the most motivated among you, I advise you to equip yourself with a super door anchor. Personally, I couldn't do without mine, it's so practical.

It will allow you to do all your exercises while losing a minimum of time between each series.

A very complete and free website

I find their site really well done and extremely useful. Unfortunately, for those who are recalcitrant to the language of Shakespeare, everything is in English.

But when it comes to sports, that's really not a big deal. Just watch and follow. Mute the sound if you have been traumatized by English lessons at school 😉

The official Bodylastics website offers many photography exercises.

Buying resistance bands: Conclusion

Resistance band kits offer endless possibilities when it comes to establishing a strength training or fitness program. For the success of your sessions, you must choose material of impeccable manufacturing quality in latex.

The Bodylastics and SmartWorkout kits offer a resistance capacity that is a challenge for the most athletic.

And all this without setting the wallet on fire…

Leave a comment below to ask your questions or share your experience. THANK YOU !

NOTE : This article is part of a series that demonstrates the superiority of resistance bands over dumbbells for training at home. They are also called resistance bands bodybuilding. You will be able to achieve exactly the goals you set for yourself with this remarkable material. Read now another article in this series. You will learn how this material will help you gain muscle volume.

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