Calorie calculator sport with a free counter

here is a handy sports calorie calculator although it cannot be accurate to 100% as you will read later. However, it is very easy to use. You must first select your sports activity or job from the drop-down menu.

Then add the duration of the exercise or work performed, your gender, age, and weight. All you have to do is click on the blue button 😉

Calculator of the energy expended according to the activity

Please excuse the few translation errors in the listing, but the company providing it is German. Enter your data for the calorie calculation sports and other activities:

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Why use a calorie counter for sports

This energy expenditure calculator obviously only gives an overview of the calories burned by physical exercise. Don't take the numbers as gospel because there are too many parameters to consider. Maic is still one of the slimming tools to use regularly.

For example, it all depends on whether you play sports while enjoying it, or whether you give it your all as in a HIIT Tabata session. And there, the differences can vary from simple to triple. Here, however, you will get an interesting median value.

However, the advantage of this tool to calculate the number of calories burned in sport or in daily activities is that it helps you to determine preferred physical exercises or activities if you want to lose weight.

Remember, however, that sports that burn energy in large quantities will never be enough if you do not have a balanced diet.

How to know what burns calories

You might be wondering how much longer you have to vacuum to eat your favorite dessert without a guilty conscience. Or maybe you are interested in knowing the calories burned per hour while practicing your favorite sport.

Either way, you've come to the right place! This free online calculator allows you to know approximately how much energy you burned while cycling, swimming or your fitness session. You can even determine your calorie expenditure during your daily activities like housework!

Important parameters for the calculation

Whatever weight loss activities you have chosen, there are additional parameters to take into account to determine the number of calories burned.

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Caloric expenditure depends on the following 3 factors: the intensity of an activity, the weight and the age of the person who moves.


Exercise intensity

One of the most important factors in determining exercise calories burned with our calculator is the intensity of training or work. All sports to lose weight do not have the same result. The energy expenditure during a classic walk, for example, is not the same as that of an intense brisk walk. 

This is why our calorie calculator sport and activity takes these different factors into account in order to offer you the most precise results possible. When using the Calories Burned Calculator, try choosing Activity or Exercise the closest of what you are doing in the search field. 

It is essential to have the result closest to reality and to know if you have chosen the best sport to reach your ideal weight or to lose weight in your thighs. 

If you follow the recommendations of this site to do split workouts like HIIT Tabata or Insanity method, which are excellent fat burners, you will be able to select "split workout" from the list. 

As far as calories burned depending on speed and intensity, the same goes for any other activity. A relaxed bike ride, for example, is bound to burn a lot less than a high-intensity run through the mountains.

But there are other important factors to consider during an effort… 

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The influence of weight and age on the calories burned by sport

Other influencing factors that you find on the calculator include your weight and age. 

Why your weight?

Well, it seems obvious that we must more energy to move a 35 kg bag of cement than a one and a half liter bottle of water. You do not believe ?

It is exactly the same with our body weight. Like it or not, a heavy person will generally have to burn more energy during an exercise than a thin person, even if the intensity and duration are the same. 

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Furthermore, age can also play a role. As you age, muscle mass steadily degrades. This means someone will burn fewer calories as they age. His basic metabolism changes, which affects how his body expends energy, even at rest. The calculator available to you takes these factors into account.

Sport Calorie Calculator – Conclusion

REMINDER : This type of calorie calculator for sports or daily activities is not perfect, but it will be very useful for you to evaluate the results of your efforts. Among other things, it will help you choose the best sport for you and choose a balanced diet which takes into account your energy expenditure.

Calculating calories per hour of activity will help you establish your strategy once you have calculated the ideal weight according to your profile. It's a bit of personalized slimming coaching for nothing 😉

Also select the best exercises to lose weight without equipment. 

Have a good time !

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