30 Day Burpees Challenge – Your Challenge for 2022 (in PDF)

Oh the burpees! Is it the kind of exercise that we love or hate deeply? But the irony is that you'll never love them as much as when you get good at it. This is why I suggest you make a 30 day burpee challenge.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from continuing next and creating your own burpees challenge. Why not share it at the end of this article in the form?

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Why launch a month-long burpees challenge?

What's true, what's the point of challenging yourself on burpees instead of knitting or cherry pit tossing? Well, first because I suck at knitting and cherry pit throwing. Then because it fits better with the theme of this blog?

It must be said that this movement is truly fabulous for your physical condition and cardiovascular. In fact, it is a full body exercise and there is a even more complete variant of burpees. By following this link, you will also discover different ways to achieve them according to your current level.

Before embarking on the 30-day burpees challenge, start by testing the different variations presented in this article to determine which one seems affordable to you. You can always select a harder version if your progress is faster than expected.

To summarize, what makes the strength of burpees is the combination of these 3 polyarticular exercises (or even more depending on the variants) in a single coordinated movement:

  • Push-ups (chests, triceps, shoulders)
  • The frogs (the frog jump, very good for the abdominal strap)
  • Jump squats (quadriceps, calves)
Challenge burpees - 30 day challenge

The truth is, that's kind of why people hate burpees at first. They require a lot of energy, strength, good breath, heart rate, coordination and endurance. But once you've mastered it, you won't be able to live without it.

Can you lose weight with the burpees challenge?

Yes of course ! And not just a little...

When doing a burpee, you use your whole body, from the arms to the calves. In addition, this exercise is very intense during the sets. This is why specialists consider it one of the best movements for burn fat.

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Studies have even shown that this type of high-intensity exercise burns up to 50% more body fat than other strength training sessions. Without forgetting that the acceleration of the metabolism that it generates continues to consume calories throughout the day.

So you really should get into it if you need to lose weight or get rid of love handles.

The 30 day 60 burpee challenge

This is where the serious stuff really begins. If you've read this article so far, you're up for the challenge. The objective is to achieve 60 burpees after 30 days.

The first day will only be a warm-up since you will only have 4 burpees to do! But each of the following days you will add 2 to 3 additional burpees. And once in a while, you'll have a day off (hip hip hip, hooray!).

Doing 60 burpees in 30 days might seem like a mountain today, that's for sure! But if you hang in there, it's entirely possible. Especially if you have chosen the type of burpees that are accessible to you.

Also, you don't have to do all 60 burpees at once. What I recommend to you is to make achievable series FOR YOU. For example, if you're struggling to hit 12 burpees on Day 5, you can do a set of 7 and a set of 5 just fine.

When you reach day 12, you can very well cut out the lens 24 in 10/8/6 and so on. Nothing prevents you beyond the 30 days from imposing the challenge of doing 60 burpees in a row. But this is not an obligation…

It is more important to make the right moves and to move the behind than to do a feat to appear in the Guinness World Records?

Adjustable dumbbells 40kg

The 30 day burpee challenge

Here is the program you will put in place to achieve this:

30 day burpee challenge

You can download this challenge in PDF format to consult it whenever you want on your mobile or tablet:

Ready to take on the Burpees challenge?

Do you feel ready to embark on the adventure for 30 days?

Here's how you can get organized:

  • Print the PDF file or save it on your favorite mobile device to have it on hand every day.
  • Prepare yourself by doing a few burpees slowly, if possible in front of a mirror to check that you are doing it well.
  • Join the Do Sport At Home private Facebook group (link below) to say that you are up to the challenge and let us know your progress or ask your questions to the other participants.
  • And get started!
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Tell me how it goes for you

If you have decided to raise the 30 day burpee challenge, I would like you to leave a message at stephane@sportchezsoi.com. Also let me know if you can do it or if it seems too hard.

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