Bodybuilding and fitness clothing – 5 important tips 👌

It's true that when we train at home, we tend to neglect the type of bodybuilding or fitness clothing that we put on for our session.

Well, friends, know that's a shame, as Bigflo and Oli would say.

Indeed, even in the back of your bedroom or garage, the kind of fitness clothing you wear has a big impact on your training.

Already, as I already explained in the article for get motivated to exercise at home, there is the psychological impact. Yes, if you start all your sessions with the same shabby underwear, an old tracksuit that also serves as your pajamas and your slippers, chances are that your motivation is not up to scratch.

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Bodybuilding and fitness clothing – Why equip yourself?

I'm not saying that you have to ruin yourself in the latest fitness clothing, but there is a minimum to respect for your session to be pleasant. For example, and we'll talk about that a little later, if you only have an old cotton t-shirt or an old polyester jogging outfit, you're going to be in pain and stink like a goat before the end of the day. your warm-up.

Also, if you don't have fitness shoes suitable for training with dumbbells or with resistance bands, you will have trouble stabilizing yourself during certain exercises or maintaining your latex tubes.

Also, I invite you to follow these 5 clothing tips for your bodybuilding program at home.

1. Buy high-performance fitness clothing

bodybuilding clothing or suitable fitness clothing

Even if you only need shorts and a t-shirt, choose flexible, moisture-wicking fabrics to feel comfortable and not be bothered by sweat.

But beware, not all so-called “performance” fabrics are equal, so make sure you find the best value for money. For example, you can wait for the sales in stores specializing in bodybuilding clothing.

2. Don't wear a cotton t-shirt.

Cotton is great for your everyday activities, but not for demanding sports like weight training or crossfit, especially in the summer. It's tempting to pick up the first cotton t-shirt, you know, the one you got for free at the local supermarket during Pig Fortnight.

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But 100% cotton garments are not not suitable sports clothes to heavy perspiration. Cotton easily absorbs moisture and becomes heavier and heavier as you exercise. In addition, good evening the smell 🙂

The longer your weight training session progresses, the heavier and more uncomfortable your t-shirt will be. You may even suffer from skin irritations in hot weather and you will feel cold in winter as soon as you stop moving. It's the best way to catch the creve...

3. Don't overlook the importance of underwear

I know, you always prefer to wear your favorite panties, the one you wore when you got your baccalaureate.

But, believe me, this is definitely not the best solution. If there's anything important when you train, it's to feel comfortable. And for that, the best is not grandpa's underwear, I assure you 😉

I recommend a good one instead. men's boxers for sports like those of the Athena brand. Personally, I use the Pulse model, in cotton. I find these boxers to be of very good quality and comfortable. For my part, I prefer cotton for underwear, but they also exist in microfiber and polyester. It's up to you to choose what suits you best.

Athena even offers a special range of underwear for athletes, men or women. Choose underwear that provides good support during movement, without causing compression and hindering blood circulation. 


4. Do not reuse the same sportswear garment without washing it

I guess that never happens in the summer, because you sweat a lot. But, I implore you, even if you haven't sweated much during a winter session, never put the same outfit back on without washing it, not even the shorts.

I picked this up on a popular site: “If your sport of choice doesn't make you sweat too much or the clothing you're wearing is made of a textile suitable for physical activity, water-resistant nylon for example, you can wear it several times before cleaning”.

Frankly, I disagree. As soon as you have made a physical effort in a fitness garment, put it in the washing machine. Sweating is a nest of bacteria and germs, even in small quantities in a tank top, shorts, sweatpants, leggings or other sportswear.

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It is never pleasant to exercise in a piece of clothing that has already been used. It is often worse for those around you because of the smell that can be released. Unless you have a weakness for this cute little animal called the fennec, if you know what I mean...

5. Put on sports shoes

Maybe you find it odd that I advise you to wear shoes for exercise at home. However, I never envision a bodybuilding or fitness session without shoes.

Do you know why ?

The first reason is motivation. When I put on my socks and my shoes, my motivation increases, because it is part of the triggers in my brain, as it is very well explained in the book “The power of habits” (discover on Amazon).

The other important reason is that it is essential to provide your feet with the support they need for the various fitness exercises.

For example, the running shoes are a very poor choice for making jumping jacks (see video below) because they don't offer any lateral support. 

Either way, there are inexpensive fitness shoes that do the job just fine. It's really not worth depriving yourself of.

Fitness and bodybuilding clothing – Conclusion

You will no doubt have understood that our clothes are important, even when we play sports at home. If you do 3 to 5 sessions per week, buy several suitable fitness or bodybuilding outfits with a pair of shoes made for indoor training.

Don't necessarily focus on a brand of bodybuilding clothing (unless you are a fan), but still focus on quality, especially when it comes to underwear.

Tell me what you think in the comment box below. What are your favorite men's or women's clothes to make you feel comfortable during your sessions?

Do you wear different workout gear the day you do a weight training session and the day you do cross training or cardio?

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