Diaphragm Problems: Can They Block Your Progress? 👌

The diaphragm is an endocavitary organ, essential for the proper functioning of the respiratory system.

This organ, composed of two cupolas respectively positioned below the left and right lungs as well as pillars, can be the source of a multitude of minor illnesses and prevent you from practicing your bodybuilding exercises.

How can this organ, useful for breathing well, turn into your executioner? What can be the diseases and unfortunate consequences that result from a diaphragm dysfunction ? Are there conventional treatments or alternative medicine that can help correct such dysfunctions?    

The diaphragm, what is it?

diaphragm dysfunction in bodybuilding

The diaphragm of a normal, athletic or sedentary human being contracts 18,000 times a day. It is an organ pierced with orifices and connected to a multitude of other organs such as the lymphatic vessels, the abdominal aorta, the inferior vena cava, the esophagus. It is therefore a nerve center since its dysfunction as an inspiratory muscle can be detrimental to all the other organs.

The functioning of the diaphragm induces each time a respiratory cycle made up of two types of movements: a contraction which facilitates the entry of air into the lungs and a relaxation which facilitates passive expiration.

These two movements follow a very specific operating frequency which, when disturbed, causes, among other things, breathing difficulties. These difficulties can stem from circulatory, mechanical or physiological problems. In this case, how to unblock your diaphragm when you have difficult breathing? On this page, you will discover the method of a specialist in the matter. This method can help you unblock your diaphragm and control it in the future.   

What you need to remember is that the frequency of contraction and relaxation can be voluntarily modified, all the more so when you feel difficulties. This is one of many mindful breathing exercises. The idea is to limit the number of contractions as much as possible.

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How can the diaphragm be useful for strength exercises?

For the athlete who is a bodybuilder as for the non-athlete, the diaphragm is an organ which, like the heart, has a reflex function. Which means, in basic terms, you don't have to think about it for it to happen. Theoretically, you have no real control over how it works.

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When we know that during the practice of workout exercises, the sportsman puts a lot of strain on his pulmonary and cardiovascular organs, we understand how important breathing is for him. Indeed, it is about the effectiveness of his training and the achievement of his performance.

Thanks to the diaphragm, pulmonary ventilation becomes a reality insofar as it is its contractions that allow the lungs to supply themselves with air. This inspired air, during the so-called eccentric phase, facilitates the oxygenation of the muscles.  

However, when the muscles are poorly oxygenated, you will be more and more out of breath and you will probably feel muscle pain during your weight training exercises.   

What causes diaphragm dysfunction?

Sudden contractions of the diaphragm can come from excessive physical activity, violent physical shock, the consequences of a road accident or emotional shock linked to the loss of a loved one.

Poor posture such as sitting for too long, poorly ergonomic working conditions are all factors that can lead to serious problems with the diaphragm.

We will not forget the most important and less convincing: stress. Indeed, stress at work, with family, between friends is a recurring evil that drains its share of consequences such as overwork and burnout. Very often, as a result of these symptoms, one experiences difficulty in breathing.

What we often ignore is that, without consulting, it is impossible to know that it is a problem of a blockage of the diaphragm.  

Athlete's underperformance linked to diaphragm dysfunction

Strength exercises - diaphragm and breathing

There are a multitude of stresses and physiological disorders that are the direct consequences of diaphragm dysfunction. Some of these dysfunctions are benign while others are more insidious.

The sportsman, follower of bodybuilding, can actually feel difficulty in exercising because of the sensations of knots in the stomach.

A defective diaphragm can be the source of a back that becomes more and more hunched, thus changing your posture. It will also be difficult for you to do strength exercises when you feel bloating and pressure on the abdomen.   

Another consequence of diaphragm dysfunction is the perennial stress that comes from palpitations, a feeling of heart tightness and hence an increased heart rate.

In much more serious circumstances, the athlete could end up with swollen lower limbs, difficult digestion, disturbed transit, chronic fatigue, lack of tone, difficulty sleeping.

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Finally, it is difficult to do exercises of bodybuilding such as the weightlifter in such an exacerbated state of physical disorder. The worst thing is that the sportsman becomes very emotional and touchy.


What to remember?

To know the mechanism of breathing helps to understand the preponderant role of the diaphragm in the well-being of any person, sportsman or not. It is therefore up to you to relearn how to breathe, in the most appropriate way possible. The purpose of such an approach is essentially to rebalance your physical, mental and emotional harmony.

When you, like many, are feeling the consequences of a blocked diaphragm, double-barreled advice runs around every corner, telling you what to do, how to breathe better and more.

However, there are a few abdominal breathing methods that help ventilate the diaphragm. Yoga, among other techniques, makes it possible to obtain interesting results.

The specialists will advise you also avoid applying methods that recommend you to block your breathing especially during your bodybuilding sessions. Any method that recommends that you cut off your breath cannot help you maintain the health of your diaphragm.

You must, in fact, focus as much on the practice of your bodybuilding exercises as on the control of your breathing in order to ensure better health of your diaphragm.

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