Electrofitness: The miracle solution in 2022? 👌

Electrofitness – Should You Try It?

I do not throw this often controversial question at random. Indeed, sporting goods stores are full of electrical muscle stimulation devices, also called EMS stimulation.

Not only is it not easy to navigate, but the questions that often arise are these: What is it for? Can you build muscle like a beast with an electrostimulator? Can this material replace a workout ?

These questions are important because sports electrostimulation is constantly evolving, and we can imagine that it will become more and more important in the future, especially for those who will live on Mars 😉

So, let's try to answer our questions... 

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What is electrofitness equipment used for?

electrofitness muscle electrostimulation

Not to mention the future, it must be recognized that electrostimulation plays a important role in muscle rehabilitation for a long time, especially in physiotherapy. In this area, it has nothing more to prove. It is both efficient and useful.

In the sporting context, the first tests were much less conclusive at first. In addition, the devices offered on the market were often difficult to use with electrodes that were not always practical.

In a 2011 French study, researchers provided insight into the benefits and limitations of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in healthy individuals, recreational athletes, and professional athletes. They found that the use of EMS leads to a significant increase in muscle strength. 

When this technique is combined with dynamic voluntary exercises, they can also improve sport-specific skills and performance, such as jumping and sprinting.

Electrical stimulation can therefore be used

Muscle electrical stimulation therefore has an advantage for athletes because fast muscle fibers are activated more easily at lower force levels. Conversely, during voluntary physical exercise, these fibers are generally recruited when you need strength and explosiveness. The slow fibers being those of endurance.

Using an electrical stimulator is therefore a method of choice when the time available for a muscle building program is limited. It also provides diversity and variability in the training program, which contributes to greater athlete motivation.

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The authors of this study therefore concluded that there is convincing evidence that electrical stimulation is a relevant and effective complement to voluntary training protocols such as weight training.

Can you become a muscle beast with electrostimulation?

To be completely frank with you, the answer is NO!

Even if electrofitness has undeniable advantages, such as those you discovered in the previous part, it will not make you the next Arnold. Maybe in the future, but not for now 😉

You can use it for muscle building or to improve in certain areas mentioned above, but not to build a lot of muscle mass. That said, that's enough of a goal for most of us, isn't it?

In addition, you can find your account there in addition to a sports activity or a good bodybuilding program.

This brings us to our 3rd and final question…

Can electrofitness replace a sports session?

I would be tempted to say: YES, but NO. And I'm not Norman 😉

In fact, it all depends on your objective, but also on the type of material used. The reality is that muscle contraction by electrodes is not something trivial, contrary to what consumer products want us to believe. If you buy this kind of equipment at the local supermarket, and even in a sports shop, you may never see the benefits.

In reality, it is a matter of professional as you can note it on the site ofsports electrostimulation on Imotion-EMS. I want to be clear with you, I am not selling you anything in this article, because this is muscle building equipment available only to fitness pros.

As you can see in this video, the objective of this Spanish company is to combine the advantages of a muscle stimulator with a fitness or bodybuilding session to multiply the effects of your session:

And there, electro stimulation becomes an undeniable asset for sculpting your body in a short time, with super intense sessions. In this case, I can assure you that the use of an electrostimulator makes sense.

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Electrofitness and muscle work – Conclusion

As you have understood, this kind of material cannot be used just anyhow. The advice of a professional is extremely important to benefit from it and to improve your physical abilities. But used well, it's a real killer for muscle work.

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I would like to know if some of you have already tried this type of training combining muscle electrostimulation device and sports session. If yes, what do you think?

Do you like this type of training? How did you feel after your session?

If you've never tried it, are you tempted by the experience of electrofitness? Maybe before going to Mars 😉

Feel free to respond in the comment box below:

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