Basic-Fit France fitness clubs: The most motivation? 👌

As you may know from reading my articles, I'm quite an old lone wolf when it comes to my bodybuilding sessions. And I'm not going to the theater for anything in the world!

But that's me and my mode of operation today. However, I must admit that it was quite the opposite when I seriously started bodybuilding around the age of 18. At that time, the room bodybuilding was a motivator XXL.

And I'm sure some of you do. Maybe finding the motivation alone or on your own is beyond your strength right now. And in this case, training in the gym is a good solution. Basic-fit France is an interesting solution for you if you have a gym nearby.

I'll tell you why.

Super attractive rates

Each subscription provides the following benefits:

  • Access to more than 800 clubs in Europe ;
  • From group lessons virtual in club and at home;
  • A mobile app with many workouts, virtual coach, audio workouts, and more.

The rates applied are very reasonable since the formulas range from €19.99 to €29.99. The basic formula gives access to the aforementioned advantages.

In addition, the most expensive version allows you:

  • To share your membership card with a person living under your roof;
  • To invite someone to come train with you.

You can register directly on the site basic-fit France or in one of the brand's 800 clubs. Note, the company is currently offering the first 4 weeks of fitness and a backpack.

SmartWorkout Elite

Many benefits to motivate you

Basic-Fit France for sports motivation

What I like about the Basic-Fit concept is that they have really thought of as many things as possible to motivate you if you start or return to the sport.

Group lessons

Of course, this company offers group classes like most gyms. But they do it 3 different ways, and that's great. In clubs, they offer virtual classes or Les Mills, Booty, Xcore, Zumba and Freedom sessions with a coach. Plus, you can take lessons from home with their mobile app.

Sports monitoring and osteopathy

You can make an appointment with a specialist trainer who will help you achieve your goals. You can contact him directly through their website.

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If you're bothered in your workouts because of pain or an old injury, you can even check to see if a osteopath is available at your club.


Conclusion on the company Basic-Fit France

As I said in the introduction, joining a fitness club is a good thing if you need motivation or if you need someone to guide you through your first steps.

Whatever your reason, share your experience with this company in the comment box below. What do you like about their lessons or what do you think they should improve?

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