9 secrets to motivate yourself to play sports after work

It's time to hit the gym or do your workout at home. But you feel too tired from your crazy day. Your company or your customers have been squeezing you all day like a lemon and you're out of juice. Do you recognize yourself in this description?

What to do when it's like this? How do you motivate yourself to play sports after work in these conditions?

If you are used to training regularly, you must have experienced this. Unless you call yourself Superman or Wonder Woman. 

I must confess something to you. I've been exercising regularly for over 35 years and yet I often struggle to find the energy to work out in the evening when I've finished my day's work. And if you ask the question even to the sportiest of your friends, you will notice that it is not always so easy contrary to appearances.

And it's sometimes worse when you want to train at home, because the sofa and the TV reach out to you as soon as you pass by the living room. And there, crack! It's dead for your session and your good resolutions.

But don't let yourself go, there are solutions. Read on…

9 secrets to motivate yourself to play sports after work

Indeed, there are some magic solutions (or almost) to preserve your energy or to restore it. Here are some tips to have enough niaque at the time of your session.

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1. Refuel before your session

Protein shake before bodybuilding

Consume complex carbs with healthy protein to replenish levels before your workout. This is an excellent way to boost your energy and of provide your body with nutrients and the fuel it needs at the right time.

Often an apple or banana with a protein shaker will do. Of course, how much food to eat before your workout is up to you, your level of hunger, and the intensity of your session. Some find it a good idea to add a little healthy fat like peanut butter. But be careful not to unnecessarily burden your digestion.

What time should you eat your snack? A good rule of thumb is to do this about an hour before you exercise.

2. Get enough hydration

If you want to stay energized and focused for the duration of your session, being well hydrated is key.

During your workout, your body often loses a lot of water through sweating. Therefore, if you are dehydrated, you will never have enough energy to achieve your goals.

You have to see your body as a real machine. Just as a car's internal combustion engine cannot run without oil, your body cannot function without water.

So try to always have a big bottle of water with you, to remind you to drink consistently throughout the day. 

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And contrary to popular belief, don't consider a one and a half liter bottle enough for the day. No, it's just the bare minimum…in winter. Don't be afraid to drink a lot more, and on a regular basis.

Remember that without water your body is unable to produce energy. And above all, it cannot destock your fat without it. So moisturize it throughout the day to keep it effective until the evening for your session.

3. Caffeine and energy drinks

coffee to motivate yourself to play sports after work

Caffeine is one of the most popular and readily available sources of energy. You can get it from energy drinks, coffee, tea, or cola sodas. It is extremely effective in increasing your energy before a workout because it works very quickly.

However, caffeine only gives a temporary boost. Some may experience a significant drop in energy once the effect of the caffeine wears off. Also, you may find that you can't stand drinking caffeine in the evening. So, it's up to you whether you want to try a cup of coffee or not.

As for energy drinks, some are effective and natural, based on ginger or caffeine and taurine for example. Often their effect is longer than coffee alone, but you have to be careful and make sure you tolerate them well. Because if it's to owl all night, you'll quickly lose the health benefits of exercise.


4. Take a vitamin supplement

Vitamin B is called the energy vitamin because it plays an essential role in the chemical reactions that transfer energy from food to the body. Besides this, your body also uses many other vitamins and minerals for training. 

Their absence can lead to a feeling of fatigue and reduced performance. If this is your case, take multivitamin supplements training days to see if it impacts your energy at the end of the day.

For my part, I noticed a difference with supplements of vitamin C and zinc because of the effect of the latter on the natural production of testosterone. And contrary to popular belief, women also need testosterone, even if they produce 10 times less than men on average.

5. A crazy playlist to motivate yourself to play sports after work

Honestly, I have a hard time working out without listening to dynamic music. And not necessarily the one I usually listen to, because I especially like to listen to quiet music while I work.

But a good training session necessarily involves creating a playlist to climb the towers. What's cool is that this instant energy boost is a reality. Research has shown that motivating music before you sweat reduces feelings of fatigue. It allows you to push your limits and challenge yourself even more than without music.

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Personally, I have noticed that the 120 bits per minute rhythms are the most effective for me. For example, they allow me to give a rhythm to my series. If I do Jumping Jacks, my move ends every 2 bits, or in one second. In the biceps curl, it's 2 beats to go up, 4 to go down. And so on for each exercise.

Music affects your workout and energy levels in the best possible way, folks. So put together some of your favorite songs in the right tempo, and get going!

6. Put on an appropriate sports outfit

Do you know how to dress for an important job interview? Well, it's the same before a workout!

The ideal is to throw yourself on your combat gear as soon as you cross the threshold of your door. If you start by sinking into the sofa and turning on the TV to "take a breather", you're done...

On the other hand, you will notice that putting on a sports outfit conditions you already mentally. You regain a little bit of the hair of the beast and feel the soul of the warrior or the warrior invade you. Have you ever felt that? Try.

This is why I always advise against do a session without putting on a pair of fitness shoes. I've noticed that it changes everything.

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the clothes you wear influence your overall attitude and behavior. In other words, if you put on your fitness gear, you'll be confident enough to eat every part of your workout.

7. Do some dynamic warm-ups

The harder it is to start, the more important it is to give priority to a good warm-up. You will quickly notice that exercises such as Air swings, Jumping Jacks, superman with TRX straps and other dynamic movements are often enough to make you want to.

For my part, I have invented other exercises that I will have to present to you one day on video. I use them before each session, firstly because my old body no longer supports cold sessions, but also because it is a motivating factor.

And the less motivated I am, the more warm-up exercises I do to let my body take its rhythm. It is rare that the urge does not end up coming. And if that doesn't come, I extend the series to do an intense cardio session for 15 to 20 minutes. That way, I haven't lost everything 😉

This naturally leads me to the next piece of advice:

8. Change program if needed

Indeed, we sometimes have this tendency to think that the most important thing is to do the session that was planned. But it's a mistake that I've come to understand.

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You know, the more the years pass, the more difficult it is to do exactly what you have planned. One day it's the energy that's at half mast and another it's a joint that's hurting you even more than usual. And in this case, no question of doing your super series of squats when your knees hurt.

Does that mean you have to give up sports tonight? Nay!

When this happens to you, make movements that will not strain the painful joints, but do something. Too bad if it doesn't fit your program. Burn calories doing something else. Maybe you can go out for a bit of Nordic walking or you can replace squats with weights or elastic bands by wall squats (as if you were sitting against a wall).

Search well, you will find…

If certain pains are recurrent, plan a plan B for each of your bodybuilding or fitness sessions. You will see that it is often possible to motivate yourself to exercise after work.

9. Record Automatic Reminders

When possible, it is better meet at the same time. You probably know that your brain likes to have these little habits. He always likes to wake up and eat at a fixed time, and he also likes to get you moving at the same time. Changes take a lot more effort.

So if your schedule is regular, create reminders on your electronic agenda and ring your phone. This may be enough to bring you out of your torpor and push you to change for your session. I did this on my phone, and even though I'm in the middle of a job, I almost feel like I have to drop everything to follow my workout routine.

I've noticed it's even more effective if I know I have something else to do an hour later. That way, I can't put it off 😉


Try to apply these 9 tips to manage to keep your sports program, even after your workday:

  1. Consume slow sugars and proteins an hour before;
  2. Drink enough throughout the day;
  3. Have a little coffee (but not too late);
  4. Swallow a vitamin supplement if you lack energy;
  5. Put on music that motivates you during sport;
  6. Put on a sports outfit and fitness shoes;
  7. Do dynamic warm-ups;
  8. Be prepared to change programs;
  9. Use automatic reminders.

What do you think ? Ready to try?

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