Goal of 100 push-ups a day: Should you take up the challenge?

What will happen if you do 100 push-ups in a row every day? And then what is it for?

I know my questions may sound strange to you, but I'm not that close on the ridiculous scale. After all, it is good to obtain this result that some follow the Goal 100 push-up program.

There are also tons of photos on the Internet of guys that show how they were before and after. But seriously, it's often pipeauté… Just look at their posture and the differences in lighting to understand 😉

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You have to do push-ups, that's good!

Yes, the purpose of this article is not to discourage you from making pumps. This exercise is one of the best there is. It has its place in any physical preparation. And most of those who do bodybuilding started there.

Push-ups are simple and effective multi-joint exercises that you can do anywhere (except maybe in the middle of the subway stairs during rush hour). 

So, what is the point to do 100 push-ups every day, either in one set or in multiple sets? What will happen if you do? Is it useful for gaining muscle or gaining strength?

We'll get to that, but first I'll introduce you to the challenge itself...

How the 100 push-up challenge looks

In fact, like most challenges, Goal 100 Pushups a Day starts you off with a certain number of reps at the beginning and progresses each day until you reach the holy grail of 100 moves in a row (if possible).

So not all the programs provided offer to get there in 30 days. Some have established a rhythm attainable in 6, 8 or 12 weeks. But no matter what, the end result is always the same.

Besides, I offer you a model program to do 100 push-ups in a row after 12 weeks starting from scratch or almost. In each box you will find the number of sets multiplied by the number of push-ups in each set. But be careful, this does not mean that I am totally in favor of you taking up this challenge and I will tell you about it later 😉:

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SEM. 15X15X1REST4x24x2REST4x3
SEM. 25x25x2REST4x34x3REST4x4
SEM. 34x54x64x6REST3x83x93x10
SEM. 52x152x16REST3x153x15REST4x10
SEM. 62x202X22REST3x203x20REST2x25
SEM. 74x184x20REST2X382x40REST3x30
SEM. 92 X 453X45REST2x503x50REST2x60
SEM. 103 X 554x50REST3x60REST2 X 653 X 65
SEM. 112 X 704x652 X 80REST2 X 803X752 X 85
SEM. 12REST2 X 90REST2 X 95REST2X98100

Download your 100 push-up program in PDF

As I do not shrink from any sacrifice for you, you can download the table in PDF to always have it at hand. Just click on the little black “Download” button below. You can keep it warm in your Smartphone or print it.

Table Objective 100 push-ups downloadable in PDF

Once presented one of the versions of the challenge, let's get down to business...

So these are the questions that I will try to answer in the next few minutes through 4 observations. Let's start with a statement that this dear Monsieur de La Palice could have made in my place:

ATIVAFIT Adjustable dumbbell for gym or home (one...

1. You'll get better at push-ups

Ah ah! It gives you a corner, doesn't it?

Before crying foul for such a poor article and asking to be reimbursed (in any case the article is free…), read the following carefully. Let me be very clear. You will become best at doing 100 push-ups you have chosen to work on (there is a wide variety). Point, bar.

But there is nothing to get too excited about, since if you do classic push-ups such as the one in the photo below, you will not become able to do push-ups on one hand. To become able to do series of push-ups on one hand, you have to do them regularly, that's all 😀 

How do you manage to do 100 push-ups a day?

As with all other exercises, you may start with just one pushup at first, but progress by adding an additional pushup with each subsequent set. 

Of course, if you can do a set of 100 push-ups in a row, it will be easier for you to attempt push-ups using one arm. But the fact remains that you will have to train regularly to get there.

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The advantages of the 100 push-up program

Achieving that many repetitions in one or two sets is a great result, but it won't necessarily revolutionize your physical capacity. At best, you will be more enduring… to do push-ups and other pushing exercises with the pecs.

However, the silver lining is that you will become stronger and no doubt more toned. It's a small advantage for so much investment to reach the bar of 100 push-ups in a row. Unless you just want to wow the friends 😉 And that's pretty much all you'll earn. 

Why ? 

The disadvantages of repetitive training

The main reason is that your body has an incredible ability to adapt. When you expose your muscles to a certain type of stress, they eventually get used to it and stop getting bigger or stronger.

In reality, doing more than 30 push-ups per set will get you nowhere. 

Rather than looking to break records, you'll read further on what you need to do in addition to push-ups to keep progressing. Let us now detail the risks and benefits associated with this type of program.


2. How to avoid muscle imbalance

Whether you're a beginner or not, focusing on push-ups is not a good idea for balanced muscle development. A good program should target all groups major each week.

Although very effective, push-ups primarily target your pecs and triceps. In other words, the front of your bust. However, you must also absolutely strengthen your back, otherwise your shoulders will tend to move forward. Over time, your upper back will curve forward.

This is why your training should always include about as many pushing exercises like push-ups as pulling exercises.

3. Beware of overtraining

Following the method to do as many push-ups involves daily work of these muscles. However, your muscles need to recover for at least 48 hours. 

Sure, if doing 100 push-ups in a row is very easy for you, then it will only be a small endurance exercise. You're not likely to put too much strain on your muscles, but it'll just be a waste of time or a good warm-up.

On the other hand, if you are not used to doing 100 in a row, you risk more or less long-term problems due to overtraining. In addition, it must be recognized that you will probably get tired of doing the same thing, day after day. 

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Finally, it is up to you. Some have tried...

4. What results with Objective 100 push-ups

I can't just be negative. If you are a beginner, you will really hurt your muscles, especially in the pectorals and triceps. Probably even the front of your shoulders will burn a little.

From the second week you should notice some changes in your arms, pecs and core. You will likely gain strength and feel your upper body is more toned.

It's already not bad, you say! Yes, certainly, I will answer you because I do not want to upset you 🙂 

But it won't be long before you reach the limits of this training... And therefore its true interest. However, even if you want to keep your sessions as simple as possible, here is what I advise you to do rather than follow a repetitive program:

Do These 4 Exercises Instead

You should actually alternate these different movements in your program:

These movements will work your whole body without creating an imbalance. By following this kind of program, you will be able to obtain results in the field of strength, muscle gain and even fat loss.

Of course, your results will be all the more convincing if you take care of your diet.

Wait 2 days for muscle recovery

It's a fundamental rule for building muscle: you must let your body recover enough to limit the risk of injury and to promote muscle gain. Waiting 48 hours is the bare minimum. 

The ideal being to let your body 72 hours of rest if you do intense sessions, especially for the major groups that you work with sets of push-ups or pull-ups. It makes more sense to train large muscle groups separately.

For example, you can focus your efforts on the pectorals, arms and back during a session. The next day, you will be able to strengthen your legs and your abdominal strap. The next day can be reserved for rest or a cardio session (how about a bit of running or HIIT with a elliptical). 

By doing this, you'll be working every muscle group every 72 hours, with great results.

Goal of 100 pumps per day - Conclusion

Having this kind of training goal is not bad in itself. But it doesn't have much long-term interest except to impress friends.

On the other hand, push-ups have their place in a good bodyweight training program. However, you must combine them with other exercises so as not to create muscle imbalances.

What do you think ? Have you tried doing 100 push-ups in one set? What results did you get doing it? Tell me everything in the comment box. Thank you 😉

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