Sports goals: 12 tips to achieve them in 2022

How to finally achieve your sporting goals? 

It's true, we generally start each year with many objectives, often ambitious projects. This positive energy is good, we feel capable of meeting all challenges. We choose a sports program, determined to carry it out against all odds. But, over the months, this motivation sometimes tends to decrease. 

This flame, so ardent at the start, gradually fades to give way to procrastination. Do you recognize yourself in that? Are your goals doomed to stay only at the dream stage?

But what are the secrets of those who manage to reach them ? What are the habits to adopt to finally keep your good resolutions ?

Well, let’s talk about it…here are 12 tips to help you FINALLY get there! 

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12 tips for your sports goals (and others)

1. Prepare well

Most people who cannot achieve their goals lack a structured organization. From progressive and achievable steps must be programmed to prevent you from giving up or procrastinating. Remember Fernandel's song “Today maybe, or maybe tomorrow…” (it's old, but it gives the banana).

Organization and planning will allow you to acquire automatisms. Your new habits will gradually become reflexes, completely natural and completely integrated into your way of life. To better understand this point, I really liked Charles Duhigg's book "The power of habits“. 

Before taking action, you must work upstream to clearly define what you want in the long term.

2. Ask yourself the right questions

What do you want to do? Why do you want to exercise? To lose weight, to build muscle or just to be healthier? What challenges do you want to set yourself this year? A triathlon, a 35-minute session of Insanity (pure madness!), a trail or a Nordic walk of several kilometers?

Do not focus on a number to reach. The right waistline or weight is where you have an acceptable body fat level to feel comfortable and improve your health. This step is essential.

Don't overload yourself, focus on 1 or 2 main goals for a year. So think carefully… What is most important? for you ?


3. Get to know yourself

What is your current physical condition? What are your limits?

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Your sports resolutions must be feasible and consider your current health condition. Test yourself at different times of the day to get to know your body and know when you are at your best.

Are you more morning or evening? What are your weaknesses and strengths?

4. Break down your athletic goals

Every sporting goal should be precise and measurable, so that you can see your progress. According to the website of theIRBMS (Research Institute in Well-Being and Sports Medicine and Health), your goals should be:

  1. difficult, but realistic;
  2. established in the short, medium and long term;
  3. recorded in writing;
  4. fixed positively;
  5. performance and process objectives, not just results.

So break down your sporting goals into progressive and achievable actions. Your resolutions should not be too vague. Build a program week after week.

You can thus concretely realize the steps to be taken to achieve what you want. Set limits for yourself so that you don't stray from your goals. Determine a number of rest days.

Do not stop too long so as not to lose the benefit of your sports sessions. But rest your muscles long enough to allow them to recover.

Each decision made will thus be a step towards what you want to achieve. It's no longer a dream, but a project that you build a little more every day.

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5. Vary the pleasures to easily reach your goals

Training sessions at home, jogging in the park, walking with friends... Vary the pleasures so as not to get bored. There are a thousand and one ways to expend yourself and continue to build muscle while having fun, such as animal walking, climbing…

You continue to take care of yourself while having fun and taking on new challenges.

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6. Don't forget the diet

Whether it's to gain muscle mass, lose weight or feel in better shape, your diet is linked to your sports goals. What you eat may boost or slow down your evolution.

Surround yourself with competent people who can give you the best advice. Or more simply, discover the method I developed to lose weight and never gain it back:

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Are you having trouble losing weight?

You can forget your extra pounds if you follow this new plan with simple actions. Lose up to 1 kilo of fat per week without starving yourself and take back control of your body.

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7. Take care of yourself

The most common mistakes that take you away from your goal are overtraining and not giving your muscles enough recovery time.

Reach your sporting goals without getting exhausted
Don't burn yourself out trying to achieve unrealistic athletic goals

Intense sessions, but shorter, and recovery days will allow you to progress much faster. And this, whatever your goals.

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For example, the high intensity training technique allows you to achieve great results. without exceeding 20 to 30 minutes of training, at the rate of 3 to 5 sessions per week.

8. Reward yourself

Take time for yourself, give yourself a massage session, an evening with friends, a moment just for you to recharge your batteries, etc. Even a charcuterie evening is not forbidden if you make an effort the rest of the time! Uh, unless you're a vegetarian, but you get the idea 😉

Treat yourself.

Reboosted, you will be able to start again at the next training session.

9. The power of your everyday choices

To get a little closer to your goals every day, focus on simple and progressive actions. In the long term, these small decisions will have an accumulation effect for a profound change in your life.

The key to lasting success lies in setting up a precise organization to achieve your objectives and integrating these steps into daily life. Successful people have specific strategies. 

It is easy to conclude that a successful person has been lucky, that he probably has a favorable genetic background or that he has more money. But these people have above all work hard to achieve their goals. They gave themselves the means to achieve this by getting up, for example, a little earlier each day to take the time to play sports.

Whether it is to become a millionaire, a top athlete or simply to feel better and be in good health, the key to success is the preparation of a specific action plan and putting well-defined steps into practice on a daily basis.

We are all capable of it, yes all of us!

10. Check in regularly

Write down the daily actions you plan to do, refer regularly to your organization to check that your choices are in line with what you want to achieve. To be aligned with your ideal, take the time to sit down and think.

What did you accomplish today? Is it consistent with what you want?

If not, don't blame yourself, but analyze the situation. What was the trigger pushing you to make a decision that took you away from your goals? What are you going to do now to get back to your goal?

Stay aligned with your goals and take action so that your efforts are daily. Each sporting objective requires a total commitment on your part. This commitment will take priority over the rest.

Write down your actions first in your diary to then check at the end of the morning or the day if you have acted in accordance with your objectives (a kind of “to do list”). It's an effective way to stay focused on what's important to you.

11. A motivating environment and entourage

Put notes and reminders, for example on your fridge or next to the bathroom mirror. Surround yourself with objects that motivate you on a daily basis such as inspiring photos. 

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Rub shoulders positive people, who have managed to achieve their sporting goals. Their advice will be valuable and inspiring. In the lowest moments, these people will help you regain motivation.

By of small daily actions, you make your dreams accessible. Asking yourself the right questions and organizing yourself by establishing a well-defined plan of attack will save you time. So you can focus fully and effectively on what you want.

You will only have to follow the steps to achieve your goals.

12. Take Action

Now that you know what your goals are and the steps to get there, you can create a lifestyle that makes these everyday choices easier. If your goals aren't an integral part of your life, then striving to get closer to what you want can be more difficult.

It is important to note that each choice what you do on a daily basis can bring you closer to your goal or, on the contrary, take you further away from it. You have to do everything you can at all times to achieve what you desire. To finally achieve your goals, you must make choices in accordance with what you want.

Do not hesitate between a training session and an outing or a good movie. By being aware of what you want, you will achieve your goal, whatever the cost. Choose from put your workout before everything else allows you to get a little closer to your dream. You build the person you will be tomorrow. 

Be proud of yourself, a step is taken at each session!

Little by little, these decisions will become more and more natural. Nothing prevents you from treating yourself to a good movie or organizing an outing with friends as soon as your daily or weekly objectives are reached.

Are you ready to achieve your athletic goals?

All our dreams can thus come true. Don't let your desire fade. Plan, week by week, short and achievable steps on a daily basis. Create an environment where it will be easier to take these steps.

Each of you has the power to make profound changes and accomplish the incredible by making simple decisions in everyday life.

May the force be with you !

An article written by Obi-Wan Kenobi 😆

Leave a message below to ask your questions or share your wonderful experience. THANK YOU !

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