How to choose your treadmill: 4 mistakes to avoid 👌

The treadmill is essential in the rank of fitness equipment. Its popularity is due to the many benefits it provides to the body. But, even if many lovers of physical exercise wish to equip themselves with it, many are those who do not know how to make the right choice.

So how do you choose your treadmill?

To guide you, this article tells you 4 errors that must absolutely be avoided when choosing a quality treadmill. Here they are :

1. Not considering your body type and weight

A treadmill that is comfortable to use will be more effective. For this, in order tobuy a good treadmill, you should not relegate your morphology to the background when choosing.

For it to be comfortable, the length and width of the running surface must suit the user perfectly. If you're short, you can easily benefit from a short treadmill.

But, if you are slender, you will need a large treadmill. A band that is too short will not allow you to take long strides, for example. You may even bump into each other often, get out of the running area and fall. 

Choose the right running belt size

If you are tall, for safety and comfort reasons, do not choose a mat that is less than 140 cm in length.

As for the width, whatever your height, a very wide treadmill will be easier to use. It is important for an athlete to be able to spread their legs properly, and be comfortable in their strides. Choose at least a rug with a width of 40 cm.

Likewise, it will be a grave mistake not to consider your weight to make your choice. Each treadmill is indeed adapted to a range of body mass specified by the brands. 

If your weight exceeds the maximum weight the machine can support, the machine may wear out sooner than expected. It will quickly lose its solidity and robustness.

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2. Not considering your goals

choose your treadmill

One can buy a treadmill for various reasons. This device can be used for:

  • Improve your cardiovascular and respiratory skills;
  • Prepare for a sports competition;
  • Burn your fat;
  • Keep in good physical shape;
  • Re-educate your hind limbs...

The technical characteristics of a model you are interested in must match your goals. So, a perfect fat-burning mat may not be effective enough for better cardiovascular and respiratory abilities.

Technical characteristics of treadmills

The differences between the models often relate to the following points:

  • Running belt dimensions;
  • Engine power ;
  • Tilt;
  • Command console;
  • Damping system…

A flexible damping system is more suitable for rehabilitation exercises while less flexible damping will be more beneficial to athletes who are preparing for a competition.

An incline system of at least 10% will be effective in working the leg muscles better.

Your goal will also define the engine power you will need. A high “peak” power (during an acceleration phase for example) can give a sustained rhythm to your run. It will help you have better cardiovascular and respiratory health.

In addition, the longevity of your device also depends on the power of the motor. The challenge is to have a device capable of countering the weight of the runner.

Low power relative to your build is not recommended. The lower the power of your engine, the more the engine is likely to heat up and break down. A treadmill with a motor of at least 2.5 HP saves you from frequent breakdowns and is more versatile in use.

It is also according to your objectives that you will choose the console that will accompany your treadmill. A model that gives information about your heart rate will be more useful if your goal is to have better heart performance.

On the other hand, to burn fat and keep the line, a console that indicates the calories burned will be more appropriate.

3. Minimize the importance of additional features and accessories

The new treadmills offer features that make them more comfortable to use and turn them into versatile tools.

There are for example foldable models which can save you a lot of space. You can fold them up and store them after your workouts. It is convenient if in your apartment there is not much space.

Several models also offer a heart rate monitor. The latter automatically controls and regulates the speed and incline of your treadmill according to the intensity of your workout.

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In addition, it is better to choose a mat that offers several training programs. You will be able to choose a program for beginners and experienced athletes, or for active walking on an inclined treadmill. It all depends on your goals.

On devices with an advanced configuration, Google Map integration is offered. You can then choose a real course and the training programs automatically adjust the speed and inclination of the treadmill to the characteristics of the terrain. A screen will show you your progress on the chosen route.

Some of the accessories offered to make the rugs more practical include:

  • One or two fans to ventilate you during workouts and reduce sweating;
  • A bottle holder so you can drink water without stopping your exercises;
  • A surface to accommodate various objects (smartphones, magazines, etc.);
  • A USB socket or Dock;
  • A Bluetooth speaker for listening to music.

4. Choosing your treadmill without a good guarantee

Your device is bound to break down at some point. Nothing indicates that several years will pass before the arrival of this rather stressful moment.

If the device does not have a good warranty, your pockets may bleed. So check that the device has a strong warranty before paying the bill. 

Check whether the following items are covered by a warranty: the frame, the motor, the parts of the device and the cost of labor in the event of a breakdown.

Usually, major brands give a 10-20 year warranty for the frame.

Since engine-related problems are the most common, you have to choose your treadmill carefully to benefit from a good guarantee. The latter must be at least 4 years old. In general, on quality models, the engine warranty is between 5 and 10 years.

Parts can be expensive. Fortunately, they can be covered by a warranty. The most common term of coverage offered for parts is two years. But, sometimes, for certain models, it is 5 years.

Labor is usually only free for one year after purchase. It is important to check that this guarantee does indeed exist.

The best treadmills

NordicTrack EXP 10i treadmill
NordicTrack EXP 10i treadmill

In order not to be mistaken, you must turn to the best brands on the market. But keep in mind that a really good treadmill costs money.

The most reputable brands for this type of home equipment are ProForm and NordicTrack. You can click on the links below to check out their range of models and prices.

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>> NordicTrack treadmill <<

>> ProForm Treadmill <<

Here are also the best-selling models on Amazon right now, but you have to be very attentive to the reviews so as not to buy a poor quality model. Also check that it is indeed a treadmill made for running and not a walking treadmill:

Bestseller No. 1
YM Electric Folding Treadmill, 10 km/h, Running Surface...
  • [PRACTICAL AND COMPACT]: Extremely sturdy thanks to the frame...
  • [TRAIN ONLINE]: Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, you can...
  • [MULTIFUNCTIONAL SCREEN]: The screen with interactive buttons allows you to...
Bestseller No. 2
ISE Folding Electric Treadmill, Motorized‎ 10km/h DC Motor...
  • Solid material: The frame is made of a steel tube...
  • Dimensions and details: Overall dimensions of the treadmill...
  • 4 quick setting buttons and an on/off switch....
15%Bestseller No. 3
FITFIU Fitness MC-200 - Folding treadmill, adjustable speed
  • Folding treadmill for moderate exercise at home with...
  • 40x110cm running surface for maximum comfort while running...
  • It is equipped with a motor of 1500w for a performance...

Conclusion for choosing your treadmill

What to remember?

The health benefits of this equipment are undeniable, even if the elliptical where the rower are more effective in working all the muscles.

To really benefit from your treadmill, you need to choose a model that can support your weight. A power of 2.5 HP at least allows you to have a multi-use device. 

For it to be comfortable on a daily basis, accessories such as a bottle cage, a USB socket or even fans will be necessary according to your needs. In addition, I encourage you to invest in a connected fitness watch to track your heart progress.

Don't forget to check the warranties offered for the various components of your mat.

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