How to exercise to lose weight with HIIT

If you're the type to ride an elliptical trainer or treadmill for long sessions with moderate effort, rest assured that you are not exercising to lose weight.

It surprises you ?

And yet, there are so many of you in this case that it is sometimes painful to see... 

You may even be enrolled in a gym to losing weight and that the manager just told you to do cardio for 30 minutes every session.

He doesn't care, it costs him nothing and you don't take his time...

But know that if your goal is clearly to burn as much fat as possible, you will have to opt for another approach, friends. 

Basically, you have to change the level of intensity, not lengthen the duration of your sports sessions. And know that there is not especially a best sport or an ideal sport to get there.

You will see that the important thing is elsewhere…

Sport to lose weight: Ditch the soft cardio

Sport to lose weight is not always what you think. Running for 30 minutes on a treadmill at the same senator's pace is rarely the solution to having a flat stomach.

Besides, it's rather boring and stuffy, don't you think?

For lose weight quickly on a treadmill, you have to think HIIT. It's an acronym that stands for High Intensity Interval Training. 

To put it simply, it's the alternation of very fast phases on a high heart rate with short recovery phases.

The advantage is that this method adapts to all sports, except perhaps petanque, curling and crosswords 😋

Indeed, it turns out that short and very intense efforts are much more effective in terms of muscle demand and the number of calories burned than regular cardiovascular activities. 

In addition, this type of training burns extra calories even on rest days due to the acceleration of the metabolism.

It is therefore exactly what you need to lose weight effectively. You actually burn fat during and after your sessions.

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Regular cardio practice is not always enough

A moderate cardio practice in the gym is not enough not to lose weight fast. Especially since devoting entire hours to running on a carpet is often very boring, in addition to being almost ineffective in losing weight.

Certainly, regular physical exercises allow you to gain performance and improve our cardiovascular health at first. But, the better you become in a field or in a physical exercise, the less your body will be metabolically demanding. 

Moreover low amounts of fat will be burned over time for these same exercises.

Sure, you might have the joy of shedding a few pounds in the beginning with a bit of cardio, and that's encouraging. But you will quickly reach the limits and you will not gain muscle mass, which is an excellent way to lose fat on a regular basis with appropriate sports activity.

Steady-state, low-intensity cardio takes longer to show results. The proof, look at all the gym enthusiasts who spend hours every day on torture machines without losing weight!

Their session usually lasts about thirty minutes, if not more. What's worse is that those who consider slack cardio a sport to lose weight often end up bigger than when they started. 

It is therefore totally counterproductive, since you will end up demoralized if you choose the same method.

It gets you more than a little slack cardio

No, what you really need to lose weight fast is a high intensity sports program to push your limits, which is also called HIIT. 

Associated with a healthy diet, this type of sports program allows you to maximize fat loss, while optimizing your training time.  

Thus, all exercises that will require you to alternate phases with a high heart rate and short recovery times will promote the elimination of fat. And it's even more true if you use all the muscles of the body at the same time.

Sport to lose weight with cardio
Cardio for weight loss can really fill you up

The Secret Weapon: High Intensity Intervals

What is called "excessive oxygen consumption after exerciseor EPOC is a natural reaction of the body. It consists of producing a increased breathing rate during the hours following intense strength training. 

The objective is to allow the body to regain the oxygen lost during high intensity physical exercise. 

The body goes for it speed up metabolism and breathing rate for a long time after your workout, significantly increasing your calorie consumption.

Supporting scientific studies

A study published in the journal Kinesiology in 2013 reported a test conducted on 6 active men. The latter repeated 3 sprints of thirty seconds during their training. They then observed their needs over the next few hours. 

The results showed that they had need more energy during this period than when they performed thirty minutes of moderate physical exercise.

The NSCA (or National Strength and Conditioning Association) also wanted to determine the role of EPOC and sprinting in the fat loss process, and more generally in weight loss. 

They came to the conclusion that compared to low- or medium-intensity physical activity, high-intensity activity such as sprinting led to a marked increase in EPOC. 

The latter took place during the 24 hours following the exercises. Which therefore leads to a faster weight loss

In short, the excessive consumption of oxygen after exercise allows our body to continue to burn calories, and therefore fat. It is therefore exactly what you need if you exercise to lose weight at home or elsewhere.

Add HIIT to your sports program to lose weight

You have many possibilities to incorporate high intensity phases into your sessions. For example, during this sports program to lose weight, you can add 2 running sessions with sprint phases

Why not, if you want to get some fresh air?

At the same time, you will 3 to 4 strength training sessions per week.

But you can just as well incorporate phases of cardiac acceleration during your weight training sessions. This forces you to build muscle while working at a hard-to-maintain heart rate.

Of course, there are other sports that allow you intense work. For some, it will be a combat sport, beach volleyball or an intense one-hour rowing session. The important thing is to find a sports activity that works all the muscles of the body with sufficient intensity.

But when you do this type of session on a regular basis, it is essential to keep 1 or 2 days of rest per week for recovery.

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Don't forget the warm-up

Good warm-ups allow the body to prepare for activity by increasing muscle temperature, while waking up your nervous system to increase your performance.

Of course, they also allow reduce the risk of injury : they should therefore not be neglected. 

For your warm-up, you can, for example, perform ten lunges per leg, or one hundred repetitions of Jumping Jacks (or jumping rope, if you prefer).

Sport to lose weight: Take a sprint

If you live in the countryside, near a park or a stadium, sprinting is a formidable weapon for losing fat. It's best if you live in a hilly area to try running or hill sprinting.

The hill sprint must be done at 85 % of your maximum speed, on a hill considered to be moderately inclined. It will be done over approximately 40 to 60 meters, and therefore for 6 to 12 seconds. 

Once the sprint is complete, return to the starting point and rest for one to two minutes before resuming. The first week, start with a series of 4 sprints. 

Then add one sprint per week, to reach a total of 8 sprints. Your body will be forced to improve and adapt. 

However, avoid hills that are too steep, especially if you haven't run in a while. Do not go into this kind of session if you are not physically ready.

Put HIIT in your weight training sessions

As you have read previously, you can also directly integrate the high intensity phases in your bodybuilding or fitness session.

For example, you can insert jumping jacks, burpees or any other exercise that requires a lot of juice between your sets of push-ups, bicep curls, pull-ups, etc. 

It does not matter, as long as your heart rate is well solicited, at least at 85% of its maximum capacity.

If your goal is to lose weight quickly while burning as many calories as possible, do not hesitate to sprint or do intense exercises such as Jumping Jacks, jumping rope, jump squats or burpees right after warming up and before your weight training session.

Of course, you will have difficult first sessions, but don't worry, your body will adapt quickly.

By following these tips, you can optimize your sessions to lose weight while gaining muscle. 

Sport to lose weight – Conclusion

To lose weight quickly and well, it is not necessary to embark on drastic diets or to multiply the tasteless sessions of running on the treadmill or elliptical.

Anchor high-intensity exercises in your sports program to do real HIIT sessions, and take advantage of its effects on your metabolism!

You will thus be in good health, which will also help to give you good morale...

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think or to share your experience.

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