How to lose belly fat: 2 truths to lose abs

Reading the title of this article, I'm sure you're thinking: "One more charlot who will tell us salads to give us advice on how to lose belly fat!"

And I hear you. This is probably one of the most often discussed topics in blogs, on fitness sites or on TV shows. Which device for belly fat? How to lose weight to the point of having visible abs or the famous chocolate bars? Etc.

And by force, it gets drunk, because no advice seems effective. Still, I guarantee that this article will make the difference for you. You will discover everything your mother never told you about this subject.

“Mom, how can I lose weight quickly?”

"Wait my son, take a donut with sugar and goose fat, I'll explain to you while you eat"

Because in reality there is only 2 fundamental truths to lose visceral and subcutaneous fat. And it's not necessarily what you thought. All of the tips you'll read below work, even if you're over 40.

You will be able to find or discover for the first time your chocolate bars or your abs pack. And even if you don't want to go that far, you'll know everything you need to achieve your slimming goal. And that's already not bad 😉

How to burn fat?

Men and women with very different physical conditions ask themselves this question all the time when looking in the mirror.

This really is the million dollar question, and a multitude of companies are getting rich like crazy from this simple question. Whereas in reality, they do not answer it, or very badly. 'Cause the truth is you don't even no need to spend a single euro to make your abs visible.

You just need to understand a few details about the human body. And therefore your organism, if you are indeed a human. For extraterrestrials, I don't know if it's the same thing. I have to ask Zorkglubx about galaxy X486 one of these days...

Almost all of us are concerned

Lose belly fat
Kronembourg abs or chocolate bars?

Some want to gain muscle and tone up. Others need to shed a few misplaced pounds or are really overweight, sometimes even due to health issues or risks. This is particularly the case with visceral fat, the one that surrounds your organs.

Maybe you are just one of those who want to be stronger or improve their sports performance.

But, whatever the goals, there's one thing almost all of us want: To have the line. Or at least eliminate fat and love handles (what a funny name anyway). A lot of women also want to see their cellulite disappear. Ultimately, all of this is above all a question of well-being and good health.

Difficulties in losing weight around the belly

The problem is that most people don't know the magic recipe to achieve this. And I was part of it for a long time.

In this case, we often ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Am I not doing the right core exercises?
  • Is it because I am not using the right material?
  • Because I'm not doing enough cardio sessions?
  • Not doing enough reps or sets?
  • Because I am not taking the right dietary supplements?
  • Am I saying buy appetite suppressants?
  • Am I eating the wrong foods?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and again NO. Nothing to do directly with any of this.

I'm not saying that all these things are useless, on the contrary, they can help you achieve the goal. But they are not the main cause of fat storage.

The real reason you're not getting rid of the fat and never seeing your chocolate bars (other than the one you're eating) is that you don't know what to do to make it happen.

Also, let me enlighten you…

All articles to help you

Before going any further, here is the list of blog articles to help you achieve your slimming goal:


What doesn't work for a flat stomach

I'll start by saving you money.

Many television shows and other advertisements, including on the Internet, promise you techniques that are supposed to stimulate your muscles and eliminate the layer on your stomach without doing any exercise. Wow, awesome!

Electro-stimulation belts

This is often an abdominal belt equipped with an electro-stimulation system. Vendors call it a weight training belt or an electro-stimulation device, and other names like that.

I copied for you one of the advertising texts concerning this kind of device:

With this device, you can do bodybuilding without any effort. Rather than going to a room or getting down to a weight bench, you can train in front of your TV, at the desk or even in bed.

Simply clip the device around the muscle you want to strengthen and turn it on. A series of electrical impulses are automatically sent to this muscle, which will work it without you having to do anything else. Suitable for any part of the body: Belly, glutes, thighs, calves, forearms, biceps.

Do you believe this advice?

It's amazing what advertisers are able to make people swallow! Unfortunately, many end up believing their lies. Especially when it's on TV.

Who has never said: “It's true, I promise you, I saw it on TV. »

Moreover, you notice that this belt for the abs whose name I will keep silent is able to work all the muscles of your body. In my opinion, it's more witchcraft than technology 😀

We can't stop progress (or stupidity)

When a guy with a fitness model physique tells you he used to be fat and ugly, and his life has changed because of the ab belt, you're thinking that's a really good deal.

No need to go on a diet or try to have a healthy diet! Maybe you can even eat a cassoulet from Castelnaudary during the session...

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But all that is bullshit. Because even if these devices were able to make you bulk up (which already seems unlikely), simply building muscle, including abs, can't melt fat.

Let's be clear, electro-stimulators have their uses, especially for recovery. There are even very serious electrofitness programs, but they involve moving your butt at the same time. However, this is not the subject that interests us today…

Drugs and miracle fat burners

fat burner
Don't waste your money!

Wait, I even found even better on a sales page on the Internet: capsules for losing weight. People swear they have lost 52 kg thanks to the 5 most powerful fat-burners (artichoke leaves, cabbage soup, red pepper, virgin green mate, apple cider vinegar).

Excuse me, I strongly believe in the virtues of plants. But there, we are clearly taken for underdeveloped brains.

The problem is that people who really want to solve their overweight problems let themselves be trapped because they no longer know which Saint to turn to. Maybe in Saint Hubert 51…

So let's be very clear, these techniques do not work and will never work alone because they do not take into account the origin of the large belly and other bulges.

A natural product like PhenQ works pretty well, yes, but only if you have a strategy in place to create a calorie deficit and you exercise. Otherwise, you might as well suck on ice cubes or drink green tea (plus it's a very good antioxidant).

Let us now see what are the solutions that work

But where are my chocolate bars?

Are you ready to make the greatest discovery of all time since fleece toilet paper?

I am about to reveal to you the 2 secrets of the extremely complex process that will allow you to have the silhouette of your dreams once and for all. So this is it :

  • You must reduce your percentage of fat mass or IMG, mainly through the reduction of your calorie intake;
  • It takes regular and intense enough physical activity to accelerate fat burning. Strengthening the abs will necessarily have a significant impact on the result.

Are you disappointed?

Yet the key to getting those abs that show is simply to reduce your body fat. It doesn't depend on how many core exercises you do, at least not directly.

Do you have trouble understanding? Well that's good, because you will really benefit from the rest of this article. Be ready to relearn everything...

How to get visible abs

I gave you 2 essential secrets in the first part. Now I'm going to help you take the next step: Reveal those damn abs buried under the fat!

Hmm, quite a program… Many have tried and failed. Maybe you are one of them. First, let me tell you a secret:

You already have chocolate bars...

…but you don't see them yet.

I see a lot of guys and girls typing phrases like:

  • how to get abs
  • exercises to lose belly fat

When in reality their problem is not building their abs, but see them appear.

Instead of saying, "I want chocolate bars," we should say, "I want to get rid of that diaper around my waist."

Because in truth, that is exactly what needs to happen.

The main problem you have is that you can't see your abs because of the layer of fat (including around the internal organs) that hides them.

They are there though

What I mean by that is that the muscles, you already have them. Especially if you are used to playing sports regularly, whatever the sport, except perhaps curling. Seriously, you already have chocolate bars.

So, to finally see them appear, all you have to do isremove fat which has accumulated on it. If you understand that, it's not that complicated, is it?

Maybe what I'm telling you seems odd to you, but it took me a long time to assimilate this point myself.

The technique for donkeys

When I was starting to have flab, I persisted in doing sets of abs. Often more than 1000 per day!

All this for what ?

For nothing. That slab, nada, nothing… I was an ass. Well, it doesn't matter, because it's an animal that I like a lot. Probably due to a family tie...

I ended up telling myself that there was nothing to do. That it was genetic, or something like that. Especially since I was stuffed with cortisone for asthma until my late teens. When in reality, it is quite easy to have a flat stomach. Which doesn't mean it's easy to have abs.

Now let's see how you're going to get there...

Visible abs: How to explode the fat reserve

Diet and flat stomach
Do a food balance

There are simple scientific rules to know to achieve your goal.

Thermodynamics to help you

Indeed, it is strictly impossible to escape the scientific rule of thermodynamics. First, you need to create a calorie deficit to get a flat stomach. That's all ! In other words, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

It is however obvious. Everything you put in your digestive system has to be used in some way.

Maintenance level

In fact, the body needs a certain number of calories per day to maintain its weight. This amount depends on many factors such as your height, weight, age, activity and of course what your body consumes for its own functioning (basal metabolism or MB).

If you provide your body with exactly the number of calories you need, your weight will remain stable. This is called the maintenance level. If you give it more throughout the day, it will store the excess, mainly in your body fat. It is this excess of calories that makes you fat little by little.

And even if it can help for good digestion, it is not a draining herbal tea or a glass of hot water with lemon juice that will change everything. You absolutely have to get to create a calorie deficit with the right diet.

How to apply this principle for fat burning

Now guess what happens when you consume fewer calories than your maintenance level?

Bingo! Your body is going to have to find fuel. And where will he find it?

Mainly in the fat you have stored. This is what is rightly called a calorie deficit. And it's the ONE and ONLY thing that will make you slim down, whatever part of the body is affected. No need to do targeted exercises for the bidou.

So, if you have pounds to shed, you only need to create a calorie deficit using the following techniques:

  1. Swallow fewer calories;
  2. Burn more energy;
  3. Combine point 1 and point 2 at the same time (this is the most effective).

All else we can tell you is literature. Even if you buy fat burners, all they will do is speed up your metabolism so your body burns more calories. It's good to give a boost to your weight loss, but it's not everything...

Not all calories are created equal

I do not want to launch into a long explanation on this subject, because it could be the subject of a complete article. But to put it simply, you have already heard of Kronenbourg abs, right?

The name is well chosen because it clearly indicates the dangers of beer which promotes the storage of fat. Why ? Due to the high glycemic index of beer: 110, which is more than white sugar (index 100).

Among the foods to limit as much as possible are almost all ready meals, pastries, cold cuts, cakes and white bread.

Calories from foods with a high glycemic index are necessarily accompanied by a spike in insulin. Just remember this equation: peak insulin = storage in fat reserves. Obligatory !

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On the other hand, here are some foods to favor:

  • Whole raw or cooked fresh fruits and vegetables with their fibers
  • Whole grains in moderation
  • vegetable proteins with a complete essential amino acid profile (like chickpeas)
  • Animal proteins, including oily fish from fishing (limit red meats)
  • Quality vegetable oils such as olive, walnut or rapeseed oil

You can find more information in the article on foods to eliminate.

What is the best sport to achieve this?

Burn calories to lose belly fat
It takes effort to have defined abs

Well, unfortunately there isn't enough physical activity if you keep eating too much. Because not all sports exercises allow you to burn enough energy when you eat too much, including while moving. This is why some amateur or professional athletes keep excess fat.

And sometimes it's intentional. For example, you probably know international rugby players who have flab, right? The pillars are sometimes very fat, and it is certainly not because they do not go to the gym! But I challenge you to eat as much as them in a day 😉

On the other hand, if you are reasonable by eating smaller quantities, you put all the chances on your side by doing sports in addition. Because you will lose weight if your daily caloric intake is less than :

  • Your basal metabolic rate plus...
  • Your energy expenditure by doing sports or any other exercise (it also works if you vacuum for example).

Of course, the more calories a sport consumes, the more effective it will be in losing weight. For example, an hour of HIIT training or a power walk is always better at burning energy than a leisurely jog. Either way, lack of activity is always an aggravating factor.

Why abs sessions are not enough

Many believe that doing crunches or other exercises for the rectus or obliques is all it takes to get there. But it is a mistake. We'll still talk about the benefits of these exercises later, but there's something you need to know first.

The myth of local destocking

Most people try to eliminate bulk in the stomach by doing sets of abdominal exercises. I admit, I myself tried for a long time. I was often doing over 1000 crunches a day. Yes, sets of 100! Like many, I believed that it was enough to pound a muscle for the fat covering the targeted area to disappear.

In reality, it's nonsense!

Why ?

Because it doesn't magically make the problem go away. This is what could be called the concept of “local fat destocking”. But this is a myth. Might as well read the fabulous true story of Pinocchio 😆

It comes from the idea that exercising burns calories (which is true), and that if you want to shed fat somewhere, that's the area of the body you need to exercise (that's not true) .

Doing Nordic walking will have as much effect as an abs session if you burn the same amount of calories during the exercise and afterwards with theexcess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). 

Why doing crunches in spades is not the solution

Moving does burn calories, sure, but it really doesn't matter which part of the body is worked. If you eliminate fat, you lose it everywhere.

If you still have them, you can do as many sets of sit-ups as you want, you'll never see them appear. Worse, your belly may be more prominent because the muscles underneath have grown...

To understand why this is so, and to find a solution to your problem, you must first understand what causes the body to store up.

The cause of your ailments

The body accumulates in fatty tissue to make an energy reserve, but it is limited as to where it can do so. However, the belly area is the one that offers the most space for storage, with the buttocks and thighs for women.

However, how the body distributes it to these parts of your anatomy depends on many factors such as genes, hormones and diet.

In reality, the exercises target the muscles and not the fat that is on top of them. So, training your abs makes them work, which has the effect of building muscle or toning them.

But that has nothing to do with the fat covering them. And this rule is true for all other parts of the body.

What to do to lose belly fat?

The human body stores and destocks triglycerides in fat reserves according to a process that no one has mastered. By that I mean no one can decide where to put it and where to take it off. Which means if you want to slim down a specific part of your body, your only power is to burn fat.

That's all !

If you do this, you will end up losing weight where you want it. And in case you've forgotten, that means you absolutely have to create the condition that leads to shedding the extra pounds: the calorie deficit.

As said before, the ideal way to achieve this is to swallow fewer calories and burn more at the same time. Food is therefore decisive in this process, much more than anything else.

Swallow fewer and better calories

When it comes to eating fewer calories, you'll find many helpful articles on this blog under the “Lose Weight” section. I also developed a weight loss program which has been adopted by hundreds of people with incredible success.

By clicking on the button below, you will find out how you can reduce your fat just by correcting your eating habits. Because it all starts with the fork (or chopsticks if you like Asian cuisine 😉 ):

Make your body a better fat burner!

To achieve this, it is better to focus your bodybuilding or fitness exercises on the large muscle groups. This is why HIIT sessions including movements such as push-ups, dips, burpees, lunges, squats, pull-ups or mountain climbers are so effective for losing weight.

By increasing your cardiovascular rate and gaining muscle volume, you will somehow boost your metabolism. First you'll burn calories during the workout, which is good enough. But you'll keep burning for at least 36 hours after your last workout.

And that's a real plus for you!

Also, remember that increasing muscle size also increases your calorie consumption. Indeed, your muscles need energy to maintain themselves, even when you're slumped on the sofa in front of the TV. They will therefore take some of the calories that were previously going to your fat cells.

And since fat will miraculously disappear from your body, you will inevitably lose belly fat at the same time.

Isn't life beautiful?

And the abdominal strap in all this?

Now I want to talk to you about the real role of exercises to have visible abs. Once you understand that local fat release is a myth, unless you opt for liposuction, you may be wondering what role specific training for that part of the body plays in achieving the goal. that you have set yourself.

You can actually ask yourself the question, because you will see that this role is not so important. Some people even present great chocolate bars, while they never directly train their abs.

They achieve this goal by simply reducing their body fat percentage and doing certain weight training exercises. I insist, these people may never do crunches, situps, leg raises, exercises on a sit-up board… never.

I'm not saying that's what you should do, but it's a truth you should know. So, you will certainly ask me this question: Should I do sets of abs?

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Do abs to slim down around the belly (or not)

To be completely frank, if your goal is only to have a flat stomach, it is not an absolute necessity. On the other hand, if you really want to bring out your abs once you get in line, then you need to incorporate those muscles into your workout.

Why ?

Quite simply, because if they are underdeveloped, you will not see them, even if you are thin.

Apollo or Narcissus?

Imagine finding 2 people with the exact same genetic characteristics and body fat percentage (and a great first name).

If the person we will call Apollo trains his rectus abdominis and obliques regularly while the one called Narcissus never does, it is certain that Apollo will have more visible abs.

But that doesn't change the fact that the determining factor remains that both are thin. So if someone tells you they can't see their abs when they're sure they're pretty thin, the reality is they still have abs. fat reserves to be eliminated. The problem will be solved when he eliminates more.

But once the fat mass rate is low enough, the difference is mainly based on the level of development or underdevelopment of the muscles concerned.

Why build abs

This is why it is still recommended to work these muscles. On the one hand for the aesthetic appearance, on the other hand because they are important stabilizers of the body. You will always be stronger if they are muscular.

However, you should train them specifically at the end of your strength or fitness sessions. When I went to the gym, the coaches always asked me to start with this muscle group.

But it is a mistake… Why?

Well, as I said above, these are important stabilizing muscles. As a result, they participate in most of the exercises in the session. This is especially true if you train with bodyweight or TRX straps.

If you burn out your abs at the start of the session, you risk not being able to do a quality session for the other muscle groups.

3 easy exercises to do at the end of the session

To help you, here are 3 movements for the rectus abdominis that you can do at home without any equipment (apart from a ground sheet):

Lose fat on lower abs

Many athletes are able to see the top 4 squares of the rectus abdominis, but never the bottom ones. This is why many people type in their search engine “strengthen the lower abs”. It is for the same reason that some do entire sessions of leg raises, scissors, etc.

But now you know why it doesn't work. It's simply because they still need to reduce their body fat levels. They must continue to create a calorie deficit.

A real grease gun

The real cause of the problem is that the lower abdomen is the first place where the body stores its reserves. And so this is the last place where he destocks them. It's as simple as that. At least, it's simple to say, but not so simple to achieve.

That's why you'll never hear anyone complain that their lower abs are flawless, but they still have fat on their upper abdomen. It's always the other way around...

The solution ? Burn more of your fat bulge. And if you had already forgotten, create a calorie deficit.

Drink more water to lose weight

I often talk about it, but water is an important ally when you want to destock. The body needs water to convert triglycerides accumulated in fat reserves as an energy source. So, drink regularly throughout the day.

If you have trouble with plain water, alternate with:

  • Sparkling water (but not all the time)
  • Coffee without sugar in moderation
  • Hot water (just)
  • Unsweetened and unsweetened hot drinks such as cups of green tea, an infusion of ginger for its thermodynamic effect or an infusion of Ceylon cinnamon

In addition, some of these hot drinks have a purifying effect and promote good intestinal transit. The good news is that these liquids will reduce your hunger pangs because the brain can't always tell the difference between hunger and thirst.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Conclusion

Reduce your body fat by creating a calorie deficit. Preferably choose the right mode of feeding so as not to suffer. For example, consume high protein foods so as not to suffer from hunger, including at breakfast. Proteins have a good natural appetite suppressant effect, just like foods containing fiber.

And do sports, mostly high-intensity workouts like strength training in the form of HIIT. If you don't usually exercise, start with brisk walking or any other exercise that requires you to move at least 25 minutes a day.

Are you up for the challenge now that you know it all?

Leave a comment below to tell me if this article is useful to you or to ask your questions. THANK YOU !


How to lose belly fat without exercise?

We lose weight by eating fewer calories than we expend. This is the basic rule. Staying active helps burn more calories, but most importantly, you need to eat less.

It is necessary to eat varied, mainly plants and quality proteins, using reasonable portions. Getting rid of 2 or 3 kilos per month is a good goal when you want to succeed in the long term without depriving yourself too much.

How to have a flat belly ?

It is possible to achieve this goal, even when you still have to lose a few pounds. To achieve this, the ideal is to tone the rectus abdominis and the obliques by doing appropriate exercises, such as planks.

It is also necessary to eliminate certain undesirable foods and drinks such as beer, sodas or white flours. It is also necessary to promote monounsaturated fatty acids such as avocados, olive and sesame oil or nuts.

Is abdominal fat dangerous for health?

It all depends on whether it is subcutaneous (under the skin) or visceral, ie around internal organs such as the intestine, liver and stomach. The first is only annoying on the aesthetic level, while the second is dangerous for health.

Its excess puts you at an increased risk of developing various health problems such as heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and liver ailments.

Why does the body store fat around the abdomen?

Testosterone and estrogen are two of the main fat storage factors. This is the reason why women and men tend to have different body shapes when they put on fat.

Biologically, female bodies store fat in the thighs and buttocks, while male bodies tend to accumulate pounds on the stomach.

What foods burn fat?

In reality, there really isn't a food that makes fat disappear like magic. It's a myth...

However, there are foods that speed up the metabolism or promote the destocking of triglycerides. This is the case of sugar-free drinks containing caffeine, cider vinegar, chilli, but as surprising as it may seem, fatty fish rich in Omega 3 and olive oil.

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