3 steps and 10 tips to lose weight

How to lose weight and get a flat stomach?

In real life, when it comes to losing fat, losing belly fat or losing weight in general, sometimes you don't know which saints to turn to. However, it is important to find solutions for their well-being and quality of life.

We will approach this question from several important angles:

  • Weight loss itself by changing your diet or by rebalancing your diet. The goal here is to learn how to create a calorie deficit without starving yourself.
  • Techniques to lose your belly because that's often where it's the most difficult, even when you've reached a reasonable weight.
  • How to play sports to lose weight, because if food is the most important element, physical exercise is often the best driving force. It is an inseparable element of successful and lasting weight loss.

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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY : Everything you need to know about how to eliminate body fat as quickly as possible.

LOSE SOME BELLY : This is often the most difficult because this is where the body stores fat reserves first, especially in men. Women also tend to grow primarily in the buttocks and thighs.

SPORT FOR WEIGHT LOSS : To lose weight, sport is less important than your diet. However, having regular physical activity is a powerful motivator and a guarantee of losing weight quickly once you have changed your eating habits.

FREE CALCULATORS: You are probably wondering how to calculate your BMI, your IMG, the calories you consume or those you expend while doing sports and other activities. No doubt you would also like to know what your ideal weight is. All of these questions and more are addressed in this important topic.

WEIGHT LOSS COACHING : This program will completely change the way you think about food. Thanks to it, you will no longer need to follow restrictive diets or count calories.

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How to lose weight by changing your diet?

how to lose weight easily by reducing the quantities

In reality, there are many different techniques for losing weight.

That being said, most diets are unsustainable in the long run because they deprive your body of what it needs. Eating fewer calories is a good thing, but not to the point of being constantly hungry. This is also the main reason that pushes people to abandon any idea of a diet.

You are now going to discover 3 tips for losing weight without really going on a diet. They will help you:

  • reduce your appetite;
  • lose weight quickly in a natural way;
  • improve your metabolic health.

1. Reduce carbohydrates

In fact, you absolutely must eat less sugar or starch if you want to get back in shape.

By doing so, you will notice that your appetite naturally decreases. It will therefore be much less important for you to strictly control the calories consumed.

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Instead of burning carbohydrates as a source of energy, your body will begin to destock its fat (the famous triglycerides). This is the main objective of trade regimes.

Another benefit of cutting carbs is that your insulin level will go down.

Another benefit of cutting carbs is that it lowers insulin levels, which causes the kidneys to eliminate excess sodium and water. This reduces bloating and water retention.

According to some dieticians, it happens that you lose almost 5 kilos during the first week when you reduce your carbohydrate consumption. This weight loss corresponds to both body fat and the amount of water lost. 

A study in obese but healthy women reported that a very low-carb diet was more effective than a low-fat diet for losing weight quickly.


2. Eat proteins, healthy fats and vegetables

Each of your meals should include a source of protein, a source of good quality fat, and low-carb vegetables.

As a general rule, try to eat two to three meals a day. If you are hungry in the afternoon, add a snack, if possible protein.

Building your meals this way should reduce your carb intake to around 20-50 grams per day.


Eating plenty of protein is an essential part of regulating weight. Different studies such as this one (in English) suggest that eating plenty of protein can increase energy expenditure by 80 to 100 calories per day.

High-protein diets can also reduce cravings for food by 60% and reduce late-night snacking by half. In AJCN US study, people on a high-protein diet consumed 441 fewer calories per day.

When it comes to losing weight, protein is a crucial nutrient to think about.

Sources of protein include:

  • Red and white meats
  • Fish and seafood: salmon, trout and shrimp
  • Whole eggs (more whites than yolks if possible)
  • vegetable proteins : beans, legumes and soybeans

Low carb vegetables

Don't be afraid to fill your plate with vegetables. They're packed with nutrients, and you can eat very large amounts without going over 20-50 net carbs per day.

A diet based primarily on lean protein sources and vegetables has all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals you need for good health.

Many vegetables are low in carbs, including:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • Salad
  • Cucumbers
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healthy fats

Don't be afraid to eat good quality fat. It's a terrible mistake to try to cut carbs and fat at the same time. Your diet should include about 25 % of calories from fat.

Sources of healthy fats include:

  • Olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Butter (yes!)
  • fatty fish
  • Nuts (in moderation)

SUMMARY: Build every meal from a source of protein, fat, and vegetables. This will keep you down to 20-50 grams of carbs and will significantly increase your satiety.

3. Do strength training 3 times a week

Let me be clear, you do not have to exercise to lose weight because 80 % of the results depend on what you eat. However, exercising provides additional benefits and drastically increases your chances of successfully losing weight for good and stabilizing your weight.

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By lifting cast iron or using resistance bands, you burn a lot of calories and keep your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of losing weight.

Studies on low-carb diets, such as that of ScienceDirect, show that you can gain muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat.

Try to practice 3 or 4 times a week. If strength training isn't your cup of tea at all, doing cardiovascular exercises like Nordic walking, elliptical, rowing or swimming.

SUMMARY: Resistance training like weight training is arguably the best option for shedding fat while gaining muscle. If that's not possible for you, toning cardio workouts are also effective.

Fill up on carbohydrates once a week

It's not an obligation. But if you feel the need, you can take one day off a week when you eat more. Many people choose to do it Saturday or Sunday.

It is important to especially select foods with healthy carbohydrates such as:

  • Oatmeal
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fruits

If you want to have a cheat meal and eat something unhealthy, do it that day.

Limit it to one day a week. Because if you don't cut carbs enough, you may not get rid of your fat stores. On this day, you risk increasing your water retention, which will end up on the scale. But you will usually lose it again within the next two days.

Summary Having one day a week when you eat more carbs is okay, but not necessary.

Do you need to calculate calories?

There's no need to count calories as long as you focus on protein, healthy fats, and low-carb vegetables.

However, if you want to count them, you can use a free app like FatSecret. This can be a really good idea at first to really get a sense of what you're consuming. The only downside is that it takes a lot of discipline for you to write everything down. However, it may also open your eyes to products that you thought were good for your health, such as certain cereals that you had for breakfast. 

SUMMARY: You don't have to count calories. But it's very formative at first. Try doing this for 2 weeks.

10 tips to lose weight faster

Here's how to lose weight faster with 10 more tips:

  1. Eat a protein-rich breakfast. This habit limits the risk of cravings and therefore the caloric intake throughout the day.
  2. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices, even homemade ones. These are the strongest causes of overweight you can put in your body.
  3. Drink a large glass of water before meals. One study found that doing this half an hour before meals accelerated weight loss. One of the reasons is that it promotes feelings of satiety.
  4. Choose foods with a low caloric density. Thanks to them, you can be satiated without gaining weight.
  5. Consume soluble fiber. Studies show that they can promote the elimination of body fat. You will find it in fruit, asparagus, beans, Brussels sprouts and carrots, among other things.
  6. Drink coffee or tea. Caffeine increases your metabolism by 3 to 11 %, which naturally induces greater calorie expenditure.
  7. Compose your meals with fresh or whole products rather than processed foods. They are healthier, more filling and much less likely to promote overeating.
  8. Eat slowly and mindfully. To achieve this, learn to enjoy every bite and cut out all sources of distraction like your smartphone or television. Swallowing food without thinking about it leads to fat gain over time, while taking it slowly makes you feel fuller and stimulates hormones that promote fat loss.
  9. Weigh yourself every day. Studies show that people who do this are much more likely to lose weight and keep the extra pounds off for a long time. However, be careful not to obsess over the pounds because fluctuations are completely normal.
  10. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is also one of the factors of overweight and obesity. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality rest.
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SUMMARY: The 3 steps at the beginning of the article promote rapid weight loss, while using the other 10 tips will increase its effectiveness.

How fast can you lose weight?

You can lose 2 to 5 pounds in the first week, partly from fat, but also because you're going to lose water. You will continue to burn fat steadily afterwards.

If you follow my complete program (click on the button at the end of the article to discover it), the weekly loss can occur even faster, at the rate of 1 to 2 kilos of fat. For the first few days, you may feel a little weird. This is normal, because your body is used to having carbs all the time and it takes a bit of time to get used to burning fat.

After the first few days, most people feel great, with even more energy than before.

Besides decreasing your overall height, a low-carb diet can improve your health in several ways:

  • Blood sugar levels tend to drop significantly 
  • Triglycerides tend to be eliminated 
  • Your bad cholesterol, called LDL, drops
  • The good cholesterol, HDL, increases 
  • Your blood pressure improves significantly
  • Low-carb diets are easier to follow than low-fat ones due to satiety

SUMMARY: Most people lose weight on a low-carb diet, but the speed depends on the individual. Such a diet also improved certain health markers such as blood sugar and cholesterol.

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How to Lose Weight – Conclusion

By reducing carbs and lowering insulin levels, you will likely experience a decrease in appetite and hunger. This removes the main reasons why dieting is often difficult to maintain.

By following all the dietary advice in this blog, you will gradually reduce your fat reserves without suffering from hunger.

If you have type 2 diabetes, talk to your healthcare professional before making these changes because it may mean reducing your need for medication.

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