Know your type of morphology to have results

Do you remember Barbapapa's cartoons? “They can be transformed at will, short, long, square, thin, fat or round”. As usual, I don't shy away from any sacrifice for you… I'm not even afraid of ridicule. 

What does this have to do with your type of morphology, will you tell me?

Well, if we could be like the Barbapapas, we wouldn't need to play sports. Our morphological type would be of no interest. But in real life, this is not the case. 

Why ?

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Genes and body type

Because our genes determine a huge part of our results. For example, our morphotype conditions the way we react to food and exercise. In reality, on the physical plane, equality does not exist. Well, anyway, true equality has never existed, not even since the Revolution 😉

Have you already noticed?

Have you ever hated one of your friends because he or she is thin and muscular doing 4 times less sport than you? It is therefore important for you to know what your body type is. That way, you can more easily determine the diet and the type of training that are right for you.

However, I want to warn you that you should not blame everything on your body type or your genetics. Indeed, many errors can also prevent weight loss.

How to determine your body type

Determine your body type
Determine your morphotype for train better

You should know that specialists have determined 3 morphological types:

  • Ectomorph or Enduring
  • Mesomorphic or Athletic
  • Endomorph or Busty

The words ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are due to the work of William Herbert Sheldon in the 1940s (a bit of culture never hurts 😉 ). I find the 2nd term of each type helps visualize the concept more for most of us.

In addition, the adjectives "enduring", "athletic" and "busty" already give you a first approach as to the abilities or particularities of each.

However, it should be noted that you are not necessarily going to find 100 % in a category. Indeed, it is quite possible to find yourself halfway between the ectomorph and mesomorph types. Or halfway between a mesomorphic and endomorphic body type.

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As you can read in Wikipedia, the diversity means that most will be a mixture of these 3 types of morphology or somatotypes

Now take the time to familiarize yourself with each morphological type in order to determine which one dominates your home. For each type, I will give you at least 16 general characteristics which will help you to position yourself.

Count the number of characteristics that match you in each type to determine which is the best match for you.

You are the ectomorph or enduring type

  • You have trouble gaining weight
  • You are slender
  • Your face is triangular
  • You have narrow shoulders and pelvis
  • You are quite flexible
  • Your digestion is quite irregular
  • You like physical activity
  • You easily change your mind
  • In your childhood you were thin
  • Your bones and joints are quite thin
  • You hate routine
  • Under the effect of stress, you are anxious
  • Your thirst is very variable
  • You are a light sleeper
  • Your curves are located below the navel and all over the body
  • You have a rather irregular pulse that is difficult to take
  • You sweat little

Example of an ectomorph actor: brad pitt (check it out in the 1991 movie “Thelma and Louise” to find out)

Example of ectomorph actresses: Angelina Jolie (what a coincidence!) and Megan Fox

You are the mesomorphic or athletic type

  • You gain or lose weight quite easily
  • You are quite well proportioned
  • Your face is square or rectangular
  • Your horizontal shoulders are wider than your pelvis
  • You are not very flexible
  • You digest quite well
  • You like physical activity
  • You tend to have fixed ideas about things
  • In your childhood, you were neither fat nor thin
  • Your frame is neither slender nor heavy
  • You like being a decision-maker and a good organization
  • Under the effect of stress, you are angry and frustrated
  • You are often thirsty
  • You sleep pretty well
  • Your curves are located under the chin and all around the bust
  • You have a fairly easy pulse and often warm hands
  • You sweat quickly

Example of mesomorphic actors: Jean Dujardin and Hugh Jackman

Example of a mesomorphic actress: Jennifer Lopez (with endomorph tendency)

You are the endomorph or busty type

  • You gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose weight
  • The upper part of your body is quite developed and your neck seems short
  • Your face is round
  • You have a rather broad pelvis and narrow, sloping shoulders
  • You tend to digest slowly
  • You don't like physical activity
  • You stick to your ideas and find it difficult to change them
  • In your childhood, you were rather enveloped
  • Your bones and joints are quite thick
  • You like everything to be well organized
  • Avoid stressful situations as much as possible
  • You are rarely thirsty
  • You have a very good sleep
  • Your curves are located primarily on the upper part of the body (from the waist)
  • You have a rather regular and slow pulse, and cool hands
  • you sweat a lot
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Example of an endomorph actor: Henry Cavill (Superman in "Man of Steel")

Example of an endomorph celebrity: Kim Kardashian (meso-endomorph) and Valerie Damidot

Why is it essential to know your physical type?

First, because you will go to bed less stupid 😉 Yes, it's true, I'm a little impertinent sometimes... But, it's especially important to adapt your diet and your training to your abilities and your needs.

For example, what good would it do you to follow a program that promotes weight loss if you're an ectomorph and your goal is to bulk up? IT WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME, AND A DISAPPOINTMENT IN THE END.

Conversely, training focused only on muscle gain while you are an overweight endomorph may discourage you. You need to lose fat first, although gaining muscle can help you do that.

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The influence of your morphological type

Advantages and disadvantages for an ectomorph

Ectomorphs are unlikely to become very massive, but they can very easily improve their aesthetics due to their ease in gaining lean muscle.

The advantages if you are ectomorph:

  • You are flexible due to your fine bone structure;
  • Your muscles can easily be drawn if you work out;
  • You can eat pretty much whatever you want without gaining fat (and many envy you for that 😉);
  • You are tough. Moreover, marathon runners such as Kenyans are ectomorphs;
  • You have good sporting abilities that can be improved with the right diet.

 The inconvenients :

  • You have trouble gaining weight, and therefore muscle volume;
  • You need to eat more often to control your muscle mass gain due to your faster metabolism;
  • In bodybuilding, you have to be careful about overtraining because of the fragility of your joints;

Advantages and disadvantages for a mesomorph

Mesomorphs are generally the best clients for bodybuilding, but they still have to be careful with their body fat.

The advantages if you are mesomorphic:

  • You can quite easily lose fat;
  • Your muscle mass increases quite easily;
  • You can do a lot of exercises without suffering from overtraining;
  • Heavy loads don't scare you too much;
  • You can eat just about anything without necessarily gaining fat, especially if you exercise because of your ability to burn calories.
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Cons in bodybuilding:

  • You need to work on your flexibility.

Advantages and disadvantages for an endomorph

Endomorphs can become real beasts by playing sports, but they need great discipline to do so.

The advantages if you are endomorph:

  • You can quickly gain muscle from your first workouts;
  • You easily assimilate the nutrients essential to your muscle mass gain;
  • You can cash in big training volumes.

Cons in bodybuilding:



Normally, if you followed me well, you now know your type of morphology. But as you have understood, it does not matter that if you can do something about it. Indeed, you must take it into account to establish your training program, but also the way you eat.

That's how you'll get the best results, whether it's losing fat or building muscle.

What do you think ? Leave a comment below to tell me what you think about this topic 😉

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