Building muscle at home: How to find motivation

The goal of this blog is really simple: Help each reader to lose weight and build muscle at home in a simple and natural way. Oh, not to make you professional bodybuilders, but fit girls and guys!

You will find there among others:

  • tons of exercises with bodyweight or with equipment adapted to your needs;
  • programs to lose weight or to build muscle like a beast (or not);
  • everything you need to know about the nutrition to promote muscle gain or fat loss;
  • advice on really useful equipment to train at home and get results. 

You'll also learn how to track your progress and stay motivated.

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Why a site to build muscle at home?

Remember that the main purpose of fitness is to lose weight while not toning up, while a bodybuilding program has the primary objective of gaining muscle volume. The two are quite close in practice and rub shoulders in sports halls.

But not everyone wants to achieve these goals in a room. Let's see why...

Because you may not want to go to the gym

Like me, you are not determined to go to a weight or fitness room for many different reasons. 

For example, I trained indoors for 3 years when I was younger (much younger!), and it allowed me to achieve certain goals on major muscles. But it's not my cup of tea to sweat it out and lay down in front of people. I prefer to do this alone. It's like that…

In addition, my professional activities did not always leave me enough time to run to the club. And then after all, build muscle at home, it seems possible. Without being a bodybuilder, we can still take care of your physique and get a balanced musculature and a very satisfying volume.

Many want to lose weight and build muscle without leaving home

According to one national study carried out in 2014, 55 % of French people regularly practice a sporting activity (this is too few by the way), and 74 % of them do it outside of a framework (for example a club or a gym) . Among the latter, 27 % have their own session at home, i.e. around 9.5 million people.

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Your motivations for exercising at home

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in one of the following statements (or more):

  • I don't have time to go to the gym
  • A gym membership is too expensive for me!
  • I'm social and I don't like being told what to do (Hou la la…)
  • Impossible to go to train in a club, I'm too handsome or too beautiful and they never leave me alone (Pretentious!)
  • As I travel a lot, I want to be able to train anywhere
  • I train at 4 a.m. and the club is closed
  • Oh no, I'm too ashamed of my body!
  • I like to stay at home, it's cooler
  • During my sessions, I can listen the music i chose (even Hervé Vilard…)
  • Etc.

The list could be very long, you see. And then follow his own training to lose weight and build muscle at home, it's not unpleasant if you find the motivation.


Why not a personal sports coach

Of course you could… if you can afford it. There are many sites that offer this kind of service. And it may be perfect for you if you're willing to invest in a personal fitness trainer. Why not ?

But even if you get 50% tax cuts, it might cost you an arm or two (harder to do a push-up, even one-handed 🙂 ). On the other hand, for the squat, it is still possible! Well I know, my jokes are sometimes in bad taste…

So all that to say that private coaching is not necessarily a viable solution for you. And that's why Sport Chez Soi can really help you build muscle and change your physique without leaving your home.

How this site helps you lose weight and build muscle at home

In fact, I am trying to pass on to you the experience that I have acquired in 35 years of sports practice. To get there and to continue my sessions 4 to 5 times a week, I tried almost everything as training, and not always with success...

If you follow my advice, you can achieve the following goals, regardless of your current level or age:

  • Strengthen your muscles or gain volume
  • Lose fat to finally see your abs
  • Improve your health and energy
  • find motivation to make bodybuilding at home
  • Increase your strength and performance with the right training frequency
  • Open a jar of pickles without being told: "Wait, I'll do it, you'll hurt yourself"
Lose weight and build muscle at home
You will even manage to open a jar of pickles without forcing 😉

You have to decide to lose weight and build muscle

Your results will depend on your involvement and what you want. You don't have to look to gain muscle or look crummy, but if that's what you want, no problem... I have the means to make you suffer 😉

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I'll give you plenty of effective, self-tested tips (mostly anyway) to help you progress at your own pace. You will see that you can lose weight and build muscle without equipment. And all this at home, even in slippers.

This is exactly what I want to give you. To be sure to stay informed, subscribe to my newsletter just below and receive your gifts.

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