How to lose weight: Our 8 tips

How to lose weight ? You've probably asked yourself this question hundreds of times.

In real life, when it comes to losing fat, sometimes you don't know which saints to turn to. However, it is important to find solutions for their well-being and quality of life.

We will approach this question from several important angles:

  • Weight loss itself by changing your diet or by rebalancing your diet. The goal here is to learn how to create a calorie deficit without starving yourself.
  • Techniques to lose your belly because that's often where it's the most difficult, even when you've reached a reasonable weight.
  • The best ways to exercise with the aim of losing weight, because if your diet is the most important element, physical exercise is often the best driving force.

How to lose weight with a food rebalancing?

In reality, there are many different techniques for losing weight.

That being said, most diets are unsustainable in the long run because they deprive your body of what it needs. Eating fewer calories is a good thing when you want to lose weight, but not to the point of constantly starving yourself. This is also the main reason that pushes people to give up all effort.

You will now discover tips for losing weight without dieting and without counting the number of calories. They will help you:

  • Reduce your appetite;
  • Lose weight quickly in a natural way;
  • Improve your metabolic health. 

Here are the 2 slimming tips to follow as a priority to rebalance your diet and lose weight permanently:


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1. Reduce carbohydrates

Indeed, you absolutely have to eat less sugar or starch if you want to get back in shape. As you do this, you will notice that your appetite naturally decreases. It will therefore be much less important for you to exercise strict control over the foods consumed.

Instead of burning carbohydrates as a source of energy, your body will begin to destock its fat (the famous triglycerides).

Another benefit of cutting carbs is that your insulin levels will drop, causing your kidneys to eliminate excess sodium and water. This reduces bloating and water retention.

According to some dieticians, it happens that we lose 5 kilos during the first week when we reduce our consumption of carbohydrates. This weight loss corresponds to both body fat and the amount of water lost.

A study in obese, but healthy, women reported that a very low-carb diet was more effective than a low-fat diet for losing weight quickly.

2. Eat proteins, healthy fats and vegetables

Each of your meals should include a source of protein, a source of good quality fat, and low-carb vegetables.

As a general rule, try to eat two to three meals a day.

Building your meals this way should reduce your carb intake to around 20-50 grams per day.


Eating plenty of protein is an essential part of regulating your weight. Different studies, such as this one, suggest that eating plenty of protein can increase your energy expenditure by 80 to 100 calories per day.

High-protein diets can also reduce cravings for food by 60% and late-night snacking by half. In a US study by the AJCN, people on a high-protein diet consumed 441 fewer calories per day.

When it comes to losing weight, protein is a crucial nutrient to think about.

Low carb vegetables

Don't be afraid to fill your plate with vegetables. They are packed with nutrients and you can eat very large amounts without going over 20-50 net carbs per day.

A diet based primarily on lean protein sources and vegetables has all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals you need for good health.



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healthy fats

Eat good quality fats. It's a terrible mistake to try to cut carbs and fat at the same time. Your diet should include about 25% energy from fat.

SUMMARY: Compose each meal from a source of protein, unsaturated fat and fiber-rich vegetables. This will allow you not to exceed 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates and will considerably increase your satiety.

Exercise to lose weight 3 to 5 times a week

A woman prepares to do a cardio training session

Of course, you don't have to exercise to lose weight because 80% of the results depend on your diet. However, playing sports provides additional benefits and drastically increases your chances of succeeding in losing weight permanently and stabilizing your weight over the long term.

Prioritize cardiovascular exercises such as Nordic walking, the elliptical , the rowing machine or the treadmill. Doing strength training also burns a lot of calories and keeps the metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of weight loss. Try to train at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Studies on low-carb diets, like this one from ScienceDirect, show that you can gain muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat.

Calculators to help lose weight

Here are 5 calculation systems that are important to help you lose weight fast:

Calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) 📏:

  • Used to assess whether you are overweight, underweight or normal weight.
  • Formula: BMI = weight (kg) / height² (m²)

Calculation of body fat mass (Body Fat Index) 🏋️:

  • Measure the percentage of fat in your body.
  • Uses different formulas (skinfold forceps, impedance meter, etc.)
  • Allows you to adjust your diet and sports program to lose fat rather than muscle.

Calculation of calories consumed by sport 🚴‍♂️:

  • Estimates the energy expended during physical activity.
  • Take into account the type of activity, intensity, duration and your weight.
  • Helps you know how many calories you burn during exercise to adjust your calorie intake.

Calculation of daily caloric needs 🍽️:

  • Estimate the amount of calories your body needs each day to maintain your current weight.
  • Take into account your age, sex, weight, height and level of physical activity.
  • To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than your daily needs.

Calculation of the ideal weight 🎯:

  • Give an estimate of the weight you should aim for to be healthy.
  • Take it with care, because everyone is different.


  • The BMI gives you an idea of ​​your current weight situation.
  • Body fat helps you track your body composition.
  • The calories consumed by sport tell you how much energy you spend during your physical activities.
  • Daily caloric needs help you determine how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.
  • The ideal weight gives you a goal to achieve, but keep in mind that each person is unique.

Go on a suitable slimming diet

plant foods for weight loss

Following a draconian diet is never a good solution, except when a serious health problem obliges you to do so.

If this is not your case, you must find a suitable slimming diet. To achieve this, it is important to follow several steps:

  1. Evaluate your goals: Determine how much weight you want to lose and by when. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals to avoid disappointment and possible negative consequences on your health.
  2. Analyze your lifestyle: Consider your level of physical activity, your schedule and your current eating habits. A suitable diet should be compatible with your lifestyle to ensure long-term adherence.
  3. Consult a professional: A doctor, nutritionist or dietitian can help you choose a diet that suits your specific needs, taking into account your health, metabolism and food preferences.
  4. Favors balanced approaches: Choose a diet that promotes a varied diet, rich in nutrients, with a balanced distribution of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids). Avoid drastic or restrictive diets which can lead to deficiencies and a yo-yo effect.
  5. Incorporates physical activity: A suitable slimming diet should be accompanied by a regular exercise program to promote weight loss and improve composition.

Consume probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. They are important for good health. Probiotics help break down food, synthesize vitamins, block the growth of disease-causing bacteria, and boost the immune system.

Consuming more probiotics may also help burn more fat and slow weight gain . You will find these bacteria in large quantities in vegetables and fermented dairy products, as well as in supplements.

Take a fat burner

Fat-burning supplements or appetite suppressants are not enough when you want to lose weight. However, they are of undeniable interest when you need a boost to lose as much weight as possible.

Here are some reasons to take a fat burner:

  1. Boost metabolism
  2. Increase thermogenesis
  3. Reduce appetite
  4. Inhibit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates
  5. Improve endurance and physical performance
  6. Support a healthy lifestyle
  7. Improve motivation and mood

LEARN MORE: Read this article on the best natural fat burners

How to lose weight quickly ?

You can lose 2 to 5 pounds in the first week, partly from fat, but also because you're going to lose water. You will continue to burn fat steadily afterwards.

After the first few days, most people feel great, with even more energy than before.

Besides shrinking your waistline, a low-carb diet can improve your health in several ways:

  • Blood sugar levels tend to drop significantly
  • Triglycerides tend to be eliminated
  • Your bad cholesterol, called LDL, drops 
  • The good cholesterol, HDL, increases
  • Your blood pressure improves significantly
  • Low-carb diets are easier to follow than low-fat ones because of satiety.

SUMMARY: Most people lose weight on a low-carb diet, but the speed depends on the individual. Such a diet will also improve certain health markers such as blood sugar and cholesterol.  

How to lose belly fat ?

It is possible to lose weight easily, but often belly fat is more stubborn than fat on the rest of the body. And that's normal, because that's where the body first stores fat, and so it's the last place it releases it.

To lose belly fat, it is essential to combine several strategies:

  1. Adopt a calorie deficit
  2. Prioritize a balanced diet
  3. Incorporate physical exercise
  4. Strengthen abdominal muscles
  5. Manage stress that leads to increased cortisol production
  6. Get quality sleep
  7. Be patient and persistent

Losing Weight – Conclusion

By cutting carbs and lowering your insulin levels, you'll likely experience a decrease in appetite and hunger. This removes the main reasons why dieting is often difficult to maintain.

By following all the dietary advice on this blog, you will gradually reduce your fat reserve without suffering from hunger.

If you have type 2 diabetes, talk to your GP before making these changes, as it may mean reducing your need for medication.


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