Sports method at home: 13 options for success

How to choose a good method of sport at home?

Whether your goal is to build muscle mass, be more toned or lose weight, there are extremely effective programs and methods that only cost a few dollars.

Here are a few that I highly recommend for achieving your goals. I would like to point out that I personally know all the books and methods bodybuilding or fitness that I recommend.

Come on, let's go for an overview...

Home exercise method and diet

home workout method

The different programs that you will discover in this article should help you:

  1. Progress in your training, because a full brain is always more effective.
  2. Understand how your muscles work, the mechanism of motivation, the right way to eat, etc.
  3. Discover incredibly effective (but not always easy) bodybuilding methods without equipment.
  4. Bring me back some money without it costing you anything extra. It is thanks to these little money that I make this blog evolve. So I say THANK YOU in advance.

Ultimately, you will be more effective by understanding the mechanics that make you who you are...

SmartWorkout Elite

Program in paper or digital book

I specify that the order in which the books and ebooks appear is not a criterion of choice. These books are very different and do not cover the same subjects.

Muscle gain program with dumbbells and bench

This program that I created with a sports coach from LA Fitness has already helped many people discover the fundamental rules of muscle gain. The guide also gives the basics of nutrition for bodybuilding without drowning you in too much information.

The 3-day full body program works every muscle in your body just like going to the gym, but with less equipment. A pair of adjustable dumbbells and a tilt bench are all you need for your home workouts.

Plus, it's really inexpensive and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Adjustable dumbbells 24kg

Suspension straps for physical preparation

The hanging straps have been used for over 100 years by gymnasts and judokas. Today, they are one of the favorite accessories of physical trainers.

Muscle building and definition, development of power and explosiveness, improvement of balance and sheathing… The straps give you access to overall and functional athletic development. Not to mention their ability to burn your fat during HIIT Tabata sessions!

This paper book is a real training partner. It offers various exercises to create your own training programs.

Lafay home sports method: 110 exercises without equipment

If you've never heard of it, it's probably because you've been living on a desert island for the past few years 😉

When it comes to bodybuilding program without equipment, this is the gold standard. The Lafay method presents 110 bodyweight exercises presented with high quality illustrations.

This method will accompany you for a long time with these 13 levels of difficulty. This manual is therefore suitable for both beginners and experts.

I think young athletes should absolutely start with this incredibly effective method, before even trying to lift dumbbells. 

Bodybuilding method for women: 80 exercises without equipment

Olivier Lafay had the good idea to put his skills at the service of women. In this book, he presents 80 bodyweight exercises with superb illustrations.

With this manual, you will achieve the desired results:

  • eliminate excess fat
  • shape the muscles
  • improve your physical condition
  • increase your athletic performance

Finally, here is a method that goes straight to the point! You won't waste your time with fancy and unnecessary moves. The 80 exercises offered have been selected for their real effectiveness.

You can build muscle anywhere and anytime, without any weight training equipment. 

Delavier method of bodybuilding at home

Frédéric Delavier is famous throughout the world for his remarkable explanations of anatomy and bodybuilding.

This comprehensive book provides 200 exercises and 50 programs to practice at home. It is enriched with numerous photos and illustrations.

You will really understand how to build muscle with this book! 

The Delavier Method of bodybuilding at home

My flat stomach notebook: special for women

It doesn't even cost the price of a pizza. Yet it is a practical, simple and amply illustrated notebook, produced by sports teacher France Carp.

First, he will help you define your slimming profile and then find the program that suits you. Among other things, you will find the description of many exercises that are easy to perform at home.

On the nutrition side, it contains practical advice to eliminate sugars from your diet, eat more balanced and avoid cracking. 

My flat stomach notebook: special for men

This book offers a tailor-made method in 8 weeks of training, which combines training sessions and nutrition for :

  • Tone and strengthen your abs
  • Lose your buoy and stabilize your weight for the long term
  • Adopt a healthy and balanced diet
  • Motivate you effectively and achieve your goals in no time! 

Practical guide to stretching: Methods and exercises for everyone

It's a fact, too many of us bludgeon our bodies without taking care of them.

This remarkable book will help you change your habits to preserve your muscles and joints. His author, Christopher Geoffroy, is a French physiotherapist specializing in the support of professional footballers.

Stretching on a regular basis is definitely part of the recommended Sport At Home methods. 


I want to end the paper books section with a book that has little to do with sports, but has everything to do with motivation. However, it is a key element for your success... 

The Power of Habits: Changing a Little to Change Everything

Not sure where to find the motivation you need?

The book is made for you. It's not a home gym method, but it's an incredible source of motivation. You will know where habits come from and how to change or strengthen them.

You will discover how people who achieve their goals do. And you will finally reach yours!

A great book…

Home sports method for crazy people

Since the inception of the Insanity program a few years ago, high intensity circuit training programs have grown. There are some for both men and women, and some are very effective for losing weight or building lean muscle.

HIIT programs in videos

Almost anyone who is serious about losing weight and building muscle should try programs such as Circuit Burnout 90 and RIPT90. It is true that they are in English, but the videos guide you and give you the rhythm.

It is better that you are super motivated to embark on these ultra effective methods, but oh so difficult! If you think you can do it, give it a try. Otherwise, opt for a gentler approach.

NOTE : You don't have to have any health issues to get started. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor for advice.

RIPT90 FIT: 90-day training program with 12 videos...
  • The RIPT90 Fit is 12 intense workouts on 12 DVDs...
  • This 90 day program will transform your body.
  • Includes a comprehensive workout guide and workout calendar...
CIRCUIT BURNOUT 90: 90 Day DVD Workout Program with 10+1 Exercise...
  • Circuit Burnout 90 helps you lose weight and build...
  • Join Dr. Monique St Pierre for your skin transformation...
  • Each of the 10 challenging yet easy-to-follow workouts...

Diet – 2 methods that make the difference 

“I learn to eat to lose weight” method

Very didactic, this complete method works perfectly for everyone because it is based on the latest scientific research and explains step by step what made you fat and what you need to do to destock your fat.

Therefore I lost 15 kg in 9 months without effort, when all the sport I was doing was not enough. I suggest you try it, since I offer a 100 % “satisfied or refunded” guarantee for 30 days.

And that's very important, because most diets make you lose weight, it's true, but they make you lose muscle mass at the same time. But there, you will win on all fronts.

And above all, you will discover how to never gain back the lost pounds. Say goodbye to them! Good riddance 😉 

Slimming Cooking program and recipes

Lean Cooking is a really good complement to the previous method if you always want to have a large selection of healthy recipes on hand. It's a great way to control your calories and nutrients without the hassle.

I own this method and love it for the following reasons:

  • The 250 recipes are relatively simple and very good.
  • The indications that are provided greatly facilitate life. You will directly read the number of calories and the distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You will no longer need to worry about counting everything.
  • The price is ridiculous compared to the amount of content. The publishers are not making fun of you by asking only 19 € HT (including 10 € discount thanks to Sport Chez Soi).
  • The information in the guide is very complete even if the quality of the French translation leaves something to be desired.
  • The extra recipe books provided as a gift are of good quality too. You will be well over 300 recipes in all.
  • The additional smoothie recipes will allow you to pleasantly increase your protein consumption.
  • You benefit from a "Satisfied or refunded" guarantee on your purchase. So, it is risk free if the product is not suitable for you. 
Recipes to lose weight Slimming Cooking

Special program for scoliosis

This is not a complete bodybuilding method.

But I didn't want to leave out my many readers (especially female readers) who suffer from scoliosis, but who want to exercise at home.

Dr. Kevin Lau's book and DVD are particularly useful for those with scoliosis who want to strengthen their muscles to treat this problem.

Dr. Kevin Lau is a licensed chiropractic physician from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He was the first to bring non-surgical treatment for scoliosis to Singapore in 2005. His advice is globally acclaimed.

You can get his real bible on natural scoliosis treatment or his DVD by clicking on the links below.

Home Sports Method – Conclusion

I hope this list will help you a little to make choices for your training or to solve certain problems. I would like to point out that I have tried them all and that I speak about them knowingly.

And you what do you think ? Have you read these books or followed these programs? Tell me while leaving a message in the comment area below. Thank you 😉

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