Lose fat: 4 ideas that will change everything

Why can't you lose fat?

However, you train several times a week. The exercises you were told to do, you did them all. When you were told to do them. And yet, your fat sticks to your body like chewing gum under your shoe...

Without a doubt, have you asked yourself 100 times, 1000 times: WHY ?

After all, others do. You probably know some who have lost a lot of weight even though they have been training for less time than you. And you find that unfair. And you're right, it's unfair. Especially since the solution exists, but it escapes you for the moment.

What to do now ?

Above all, do not give up. Because he solutions exist, but you must first understand the reasons for your failure. You will discover some of them in this article. And when you know the cause, you will find the solutions. It's as simple as that !

Let's get back to the basic question first...

Why you're not getting the results you want

Losing fat is sometimes very difficult
Fat may be sticking to your body like chewing gum under your shoe

I could have written “the results you deserve”. Because there's no reason you can't get results. Your efforts must pay off. You need to lose fat. But, there you go, like many, you may have thought that all you need is a complete and very complicated fitness program to get there. First mistake.

Then you probably think that it takes the right dietary supplements to burn fat. Did you buy any? Second error.

Eventually, you convinced yourself that only those with a steely mind can do it. Admit that you have thought about it... Third mistake.

This is why millions of people spend their money on:

  • a personal trainer
  • a gym
  • overpriced fat burners and other miracle products
  • video programs claiming to make them lose weight in 30 days
  • etc

It's all just an accumulation of errors and misunderstandings. This is not the reality of fat loss. The reality is that as long as you have a regular workout routine, you need to see results. Strength !

Even if you always do the same exercise over and over again. Even if you only devote 20 minutes to it 3 times a week, you must see that your body changes. Your fat should melt away.

Could you do better?

Without a doubt. However, what you are doing must already produce a positive result. Even if it is insufficient. So if you're training regularly, why aren't you seeing any results?

Well, there are a few causes for this problem, but first, imagine… 

From dream to reality to lose fat

…Imagine that one change makes all the difference. That suddenly, you notice that your figure is getting slimmer week after week. May your muscles become more visible and eventually your abs will show.

The dream ? No, reality.

Because every human on earth has this possibility. Whatever your genetic heritage, your morphological profile and any other reason imaginable. You can and will lose fat if you put yourself in the right conditions. If you find what's stopping you today. 

If I made it...

2 years ago, I weighed 12 kg more than today although I had less muscle. Still, I was weight training 4 or 5 times a week. Like today. And my trouser sizes kept increasing, at the limit of 48. For jackets in 56.

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But I continued to grow slowly as I approached 50. Today, I put on size 42 pants for a size 58 jacket. However, I still eat well. But when I realized that I wasn't eating what I needed, and that my training time could be optimized, that changed everything.

That's all I needed.

…you can also lose weight

And you, what do you need to change to get there?

Here are 4 important leads… I'm not saying that they all correspond to you, but your problem with losing weight is there. Sure and certain. One of the 4 concerns all those who are overweight.


Idea #1: You're not giving it your all

One of the causes of the lack of results in fitness is the lack of involvement. The proverb is right: “You really have to suffer to be beautiful”. It's not enough to move your body with or without dumbbells or doing cardio for hours to burn fat. This is what people often want us to believe, but it is not true. Many people wiggle their behinds and remain overweight.

Why ?

Because you really have to work your body enough to feel the muscle congestion at the end of the session. Your muscles need to burn after exercise. And you must have sweated a lot, even though you're in the middle of the North Pole with your elliptical ! Otherwise, you're not doing enough.

Don't have enough time?

This is no excuse, since intensity is not a question of duration. You don't need to practice more than 20 or 30 minutes to get there.

turn off the tv

One of the main mistakes repeated by those who train at home is to do it in front of the TV. You must turn it off! Instead, listen to music that gets you moving. Yes, put Hervé Vilard all the way! Your neighbors will love it 🙂

But above all, turn off the television because it only distracts you. You will therefore not be able to focus on your movements and give 100 TP2T of your energy during your session.

And that's the best way to screw up your session.

Idea #2: Everything else in your life is the problem

Well, OK, said like that, it's scary. Let me explain.

Maybe you train really well and give your all during the sessions. But the results are disappointing. If this is your case, you must see or feel a difference in your muscles. But your fat reserve, it seems refractory to the level buttocks and thighs whether you are a woman or abdominal strap if you are a man. 

With extra-terrestrials, it's more at the back of the head that it happens 😉 Well, I think...

After all, you can be fat and muscular at the same time. That's right, look at the sumos. We can not say that they are not muscular! I don't want to meet one in a narrow alley if he's angry, that's for sure. Even if I'm in the car, it doesn't even say that I have enough gas to go around 😉

I digress again...

So, what you need to understand is that you might be putting a lot of effort into your workouts. But the problem is that the rest of the time, you stay behind on a chair or in an armchair.

lose fat by avoiding sitting all the time
Avoid sitting all the time

In reality, an active life must be considered as a whole. Couldn't you maximize your fat loss by being a little more active during the day ? If you work in an office, why not take a break from time to time to move around or walk around a bit? Can you walk to work?

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Think of simple ways to expend a few more calories throughout the day.

Idea #3: Your hormones are standing in the way of your progress

We are not all physically equal. That's a fact. And if you don't have the right hormonal profile and your body stores fat very easily, you have an additional challenge. This probably means that you are endomorph type.

If this is your case, the bad news is that you have to be particularly attentive to what you eat (see the next point).

But the good news is that you also have an easy time gaining muscle mass. The proof is that most wrestlers come from this category.

It could also be that your overweight is due to a medical problem. Talk to your doctor to check if you are not lacking in testosterone. Possibly ask for an examination to see if you are not suffering fromhypothyroidism, of a lack of thyroxine (T4) and free thyroxine (FT4) or Stein-Leventhal syndrome (if you are a woman).

Also check your insulin resistance. Especially since it could help you prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.

You may also be low on testosterone. However, it is possible to increase it naturally or to take food supplements to boost its production (nothing illegal).

However, there is one thing you should never forget: Following regular and intense training sessions contributes to your hormonal balance.

Idea #4: Your diet is the cause

You eat badly. Not necessarily too much, but badly. And you are not an isolated case because most people eat poorly in developed countries. Besides, I think that we will soon have to say the "enveloped countries" rather than "developed" 😀

we eat too much. And sports activity only alleviates the problem, even if it is important to move for many other reasons. And no need to buy fat burners! It's true that some of them speed up the metabolism, but coffee and chilli do the same. In addition, the acceleration of the metabolism is totally insufficient to counteract an unbalanced diet.

For a long time, I told myself that it was okay if I ate too much, since I was doing sports. It is a mistake !

An example to understand the problem

Imagine the following situation: You need 2000 calories a day to maintain your current weight, but you consume 3000 calories. How much sport will you have to do to not gain weight?

At least 2 hours a day of intensive training will be needed to burn off the 1000 extra calories! Are you capable of it?

Cut unnecessary calories

But many foods stuff us with unnecessary calories. Some numbers :

  • 100 grams of crisps = 536 Cals
  • 100 grams of mayonnaise = 700 Cals
  • 1 butter croissant = 400 Cals
  • 100 grams of unsalted butter = 745 Cals
  • 100 grams of bacon = 670 Cals
  • 100 grams of popcorn = 530 Cals
  • 100 grams of cakes or cookies = 500 Cals
  • 100 grams of ice cream bars = 460 Cals
  • 100 grams of dark chocolate 70 % = 572 Cals

It's a very small list, but it gives you an idea of the calorie surplus provided by certain foods. That doesn't mean you should absolutely avoid them, but you should limit them to lose fat. Because if you eat just one packet of small cookies, you have to do more than 2 hours of intense activity to eliminate it.

It is not possible.

Food too rich prevents fat loss
There, it's 2 more hours of sport!

Stick to the calorie deficit rule

There is no secret to losing weight. You need to create a calorie deficit. That's all ! This means that you absolutely must absorb less calories than you burn during the day. Otherwise, the better you keep your body fat, and the worse you increase it.

Find the easiest method to follow

The problem with low-calorie diets is that most are unsustainable in the long term. Would you like to eat broccoli and chicken breast every day? I'm only slightly exaggerating the trait, but that's basically what a lot of diets give you. And at a price of gold. And it works for fat loss!

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But damn it, you're going to die of boredom… and starvation. And you will eventually crack, and faster than it takes to tell. 

Would you like to follow a guide:

  • Super complete and not expensive (19 euros HT with your Sport Chez Soi discount).
  • Which totally respects the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. And that gives you the exact distribution for each dish, without having to calculate.
  • Offering more than 250 very simple recipes, each one more appetizing than the next, with starters, salads, dishes with all kinds of meat, fish, and seafood, vegetarian recipes, desserts galore.
  • Accompanied by 3 additional recipe books and weekly plans to guide you.

This is what the Cusiner Minceur method offers:

Recipes to lose weight Slimming Cooking

Now what if you have a lot of fat to lose and if calculate calories not enough ?

Secrets to losing fat fast

I created the program “I learn to eat to lose weight” after years of testing and reading NCBI scientific papers. It allows you to lose weight quickly without the hassle of counting calories or weighing food.

You will not only lose your fat, but also discover all the tricks to don't take it back. In addition, I offer you a 30-day guarantee on the results.

Why is this method so effective?

Because it's not a diet, but a set of methods that will completely change the way you look at your diet. You'll know almost as much as a professional nutritionist about what you put in your mouth and discover how to really enjoy eating.

With this program, lose several pounds of fat per month is child's play. And I repeat, I am ready to reimburse the few euros you have spent if you do not lose fat within 30 days.

Here are 2 testimonials about this program:

“I managed to reach 70 kg, i.e. a loss of 5 kg, I wanted to reach 69 or even 68 kg but at the moment I don't don't eat too well.. We have a lot of people at home so it's not easy but I manage to hold my 4 p.m. fast. By the way now I'm skipping the breakfast." – Joris

“I'm really happy with this program. I have already lost 2 kg in just 10 days and I feel lighter, less out of breath in my activities, more toned. It's good to morale." – Danielle

Why not give it a try since it's risk-free for 30 days? And if it doesn't work, I'll give you your money back. 

You will be really surprised by the results obtained in a few weeks.

Conclusion on weight loss

Have you found what is stopping you from having the physique you dream of?

You now have 4 lines of thought:

  1. The intensity of your sports training, whatever it is
  2. Your days may be too inactive
  3. Your hormones are playing tricks on you
  4. Your diet is unsuitable

It is possible that your difficulty in losing fat quickly depends on several of these points. Can you change something about it?

Sure !

But don't wait to get started.

What do you think ? Do you also have difficulty getting rid of your fat? Have you found any effective solutions? Tell me everything in the comment box below. Thank you 😉

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