Physical condition: Test in 3 exercises to improve it

Why test your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance?

Quite simply because to select a suitable bodybuilding or fitness program, it is absolutely necessary to know your current level of physical condition.

If you don't, you're going to mess up your training choices. If you do not yet have the physical qualities for your bodybuilding exercises, you risk training with too high an intensity and injuring yourself or becoming discouraged.

And if instead you choose an exercise program below your abilities, you will not make any progress and will be bored because your training is insufficient.

That's why I suggest you take your first physical fitness test today.

The importance of testing your fitness

Depending on your future progress, you can do it again to see if your level has improved.

Whatever your outcome, don't be discouraged. Especially if it's been a long time since you've been training seriously.

You may lack muscle strength or a too fast heart rate from lack of practice, but it will come. You have to start somewhere, right?

Did you know that when he started, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a ball in bodybuilding. Eh yes !

NOTE : This article is part of a series to help you create or choose the best fitness or strength training program for you. You will be able to achieve exactly the goals you have set for yourself.

If you haven't already, start with the first article in this ongoing series on how to create your program bodybuilding for home

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Your physical abilities test

Physical fitness test

There are different methods to find out if you are physically fit, in other words to determine your level of fitness. And know that it is not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

What do you mean ?

See, it's all about what you can do, not how you look.

Some people are a bit overweight even though they have a good level of physical qualities and have been following a regular strength training program for years. Their problem may just be that they are overeating and not creating a calorie deficit. So you may be surprised at the result.

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In any case, you must carry out this test before you can choose your sports program at home.

You will thus be able to tell which of the following 3 profiles you belong to:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

Your fitness level depends on:

  • Your muscle strength
  • The number of reps you can do in a row
  • Your speed of recovery (time needed before you can start the exercise again or move on to the next one)

In reality, your recovery speed is a determining element linked to your cardiovascular capacity, probably more than the first 2.

NOTE : Consult your GP or a sports doctor if you really haven't had any physical activity for a long time. It's not about taking a risk with your health...

What will be the next step?

Knowing your fitness level is great. But what do we do next?

Well, you can look for a complete home bodybuilding program on a coaching site like Alphabody or create your own and improve it over time by tracking your progress. It is also possible to hire a personal trainer, but it is not the same cost…

The important thing is to put yourself in the best possible conditions to obtain results and improve your health. You may need to start with small goals that are within your reach and rebalance your diet by consuming more lean protein. But the important thing is to make progress and measure it with a simple tool.

This is what you will do right away with a little test...

Adjustable dumbbells 24kg

A few explanations before determining your level

To discover your level, you must focus on 3 exercises only. I'm not necessarily saying that you have to do these exercises during your weekly workouts. These are just good indicator moves of your current state that aren't too technical and achievable at bodyweight. Besides, I do not recommend sit ups outside of these tests.

Each exercise should be done for 60 seconds, no matter how many moves you will be able to perform. This is how you should proceed:

  • Simply count the number of reps you performed in that time period
  • Take 2 minutes rest before attacking the next series
  • Just make sure you don't mess up the move and hurt yourself
  • Don't cheat, it won't do you any good
  • At the end of your sets, look at what level of fitness you are today
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Rest assured, no level is bad. It's just an indispensable indicator for choosing the best bodybuilding or fitness routine.

To time yourself, you'll find everything you need with the free Tabata Timer for HIIT app.

Are you ready ?

Here is the moment of the challenge:

Beginner physical condition

1 to 20 burpees / 1 to 20 wide grip push-ups / 1 to 20 sit ups

Intermediate fitness level

21-29 burpees / 21-39 wide grip push-ups / 21-39 sit ups

Fitness level

30 burpees or more / 40 wide grip push-ups or more / 40 sit ups or more

To help you, here is some information on the 3 exercises:


It's a great exercise to gauge yourself because it combines 3 movements recognized for their qualities: push-ups, frogs or frog jumps and jump squats. It's a killer when it comes to climbing towers and burning calories 😉

How to do burpees


Is it really necessary to present push-ups? This is probably the exercise most often performed by beginners in bodybuilding. It must be said that it solicits the pectorals, the triceps, the anterior deltoids, the back and the abdominal strap.


Sit ups work the abdominals (rectus, transverses and obliques), hip flexors and some back muscles. They are often criticized for bending the spine, but other exercises also do this without making a big deal out of it.

The important thing is to keep in good shape curling your back rather than keeping it straight. The goal here is to test yourself, not to do a full program of sit ups.

NOTE : You will find videos in the free Android and IOS app Virtual Trainer Bodyweight. It is really practical!

Muscle gain with elastics

Physical Condition: Conclusion

I hope you have a clearer idea of your current abilities. What should you do with it now?

Well you need to know how many times you should train each week. And also determine how many times you need to use each muscle group. This is what I will teach you in the article on the training frequency by muscle group.

You will see that the answer depends directly on your current level.

Leave a message in the comments area below to share your experience and ask your questions. THANK YOU !

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