Why do a complete muscle strengthening 🏋️ ♀️

Complete muscle building is essential for several reasons. Of course, this allows you to improve your aesthetics by developing your muscles. But this is not the most important reason.

As you will see, it is above all a question of health and quality of life.

And the good news is that you can do it without leaving your home 😉

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Why strengthen your muscles at home

In addition to gaining muscle volume, which I mentioned in the introduction, developing your strength and resistance through physical exercises also gives you the following benefits:

  • Fight against overweight by burning more calories during and after workouts
  • Strengthening bones and the immune system
  • Reduction or elimination of back problems and risk of injury
  • Increase your strength for all daily activities
  • Fall prevention (especially for older people)
  • Mood enhancement

How to do full strength training

Muscles get stronger when:

  • they have to lift a heavier load than usual
  • you force them to repeat a movement over several sets

To do this physical preparation at home, you don't necessarily need complicated or expensive equipment. There are different equipment and methods to achieve this which I often talk about on this blog.

For example, you can use a few dumbbells like in this muscle building program. But you can just as well do it with elastic bands weight training, and TRX straps or your body weight as with the Lafay or Insanity programs.

I now open a parenthesis for some of you...

What if you can't do it on your own?

Indeed, some readers have pointed out to me that they have no not the courage to return to sport on their own. Or else they have fear of making mistakes but don't want to join a gym.

You will find lots of tips and sources of motivation on this blog to achieve this. But if that's not enough, maybe it's in your interest, at least initially, to call on a personal trainer at home.

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In this case, you can call a home service. Find out how to strengthen your muscles with Ownsport, for example. This agency is the No. 1 in France for sports coaching at home with more than 6,000 professional coaches and state graduates.

The advantage is that you get 50% of tax reductions in the context of personal service.

Here, I close this parenthesis…

Adjustable dumbbells 40kg

Which muscle groups to strengthen first?

It would take an endless article to describe all the exercises to build muscle at home. Anyway, you will find an incredible amount of them on this site in the bodybuilding section.

I still want to remind you of the parts of the body that you should focus on in the beginning for your muscle building exercises.

1. Protect your back

This is a crucial point since 80% of people suffer from back problems.

Start by strengthening your deep abs

This may surprise you, but the key to protecting your back pains lies ahead. Indeed, you must focus on the muscles of your abdominal strap to reduce lower back or lumbar pain.

To achieve this, try to master the different plank positions for belly planking first. This strengthening exercise is accessible to almost everyone thanks to its many variations.

Icing on the cake, these strengthening sessions will quickly help you to have a flat stomach 😉

Work the upper body

Always with the objective of protecting your back, you must strengthen your upper back and pecs. For the back muscles, the elastic bands or TRX straps will help you do a great job of strengthening without hurting yourself.

As for the pecs, push-ups are great if you do them right. Start with push-ups with knees on the ground or inclined push-ups if you are a beginner.

Complete muscle strengthening exercises - Incline push-ups 2
Incline push-ups for all-around muscle building

2. Strengthen your shoulders

The shoulders are extremely complex joints. They are able to work in almost any direction. But it is very easy to hurt them if you train badly.

You can muscle them without taking heavy weights. The resistance or dumbbells you use should just be enough to feel a slight burn in the muscles, but no more.

If you find that you have to move your back to lift the load or pull on the elastic band, you are pushing too hard. be patient with your shoulders to strengthen them gradually, and not like a brute.

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3. Exercises for your knees

Your knees are marvels of biomechanical engineering. But they tend to age badly. I know something about this because I have osteoarthritis pretty much all over my body and these joints often give me pain.

The key to keeping them in the best shape possible is to train your quadriceps, the four powerful muscles at the front of your thighs.

For leg muscle strengthening without straining the knees, favor wall squats, also called wall sit. It's like coming to sit leaning against a wall. The legs must form an angle of 80 or 90°.

Here is a video to help you:

Squats are the best exercises for strengthening the legs, and this variation has the advantage of limiting stress on the joints while strengthening the quadriceps.

Keep your feet hip-width or shoulder-width apart.

Conclusion on complete muscle building

Before throwing yourself body and soul into a crazy bodybuilding program, start by strengthen the most important muscles. Either way, secondary muscles like the biceps, triceps and hamstrings or calves will also develop along with the other muscle groups.

This physical preparation will serve as base for your future sessions if you want to develop each part of your body in a harmonious way. Also, it will prevent any injuries you might cause by going too hard at first.

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