How Egg Protein Helps You Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Egg protein – Is it time for the rooster, emblematic animal of France, to return to its shell?

The question, voluntarily ironic, could arise when one considers that it is possible:

  1. lose weight by eating eggs
  2. to build muscle thanks to the proteins they contain

It's true that in the minds of most people, these 2 words (protein + egg) are often associated.

You will discover in this article how this food can promote your weight loss… and your muscle bulking.

You will also see its link to testosterone in a few minutes. And you will learn an important lesson thanks to Super Dupont and Calimero.

But first, let's talk about calories. Because after all, losing weight is first create a calorie deficit.

Calories, but not only...

egg protein for weight loss and muscle building
egg protein

Regarding the impact of eggs on your more or less curved line, I hear your reactions from here: “No, all that matters are the calories”.

Others will say: “False, you have to play sports above all! or "I don't believe you, I curl every day and I haven't lost 1 kilo" (it also works with knitting).

Who is right ?

Indeed, losing weight by eating eggs may seem like a crazy idea, because after all they contain calories.

However, you will find that there are many scientific arguments in favor of the proteins it contains.


Egg Protein – An Interesting Study to Support

There is some truth in the interest of this food for your line.

See instead:

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Saint Louis (Missouri, United States) attempted to demonstrate that the proteins it contains promote weight loss.

Obviously, the goal was to demonstrate that it is possible to lose weight by eating eggs, as long as these are associated with an appropriate diet. Not to tell you to eat like pigs!

Thus, they separated their guinea pigs into 2 groups.

While the first group had to eat 2 eggs for breakfast, the second group had to eat a croissant.

Well, I must admit that I would have preferred to be part of a third group which would have been entitled to both 😉

Nevertheless, the aim was to show that if it is able to lose weight by eating eggs, you should not rely solely on them to achieve weight loss.

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Half of the participants in each group were put on a diet limited to 1000 calories per day.

After 8 weeks, people consuming 2 eggs for breakfast had lost 2.57 kg more than people who ate a croissant (i.e. 65 % better). All to the omelettes in the morning!

In addition, this study demonstrated that it is possible to build muscle with protein that come from it.

But before… a small comparison.

Calimero versus Super Dupont

I know, I'm going to get you off topic a bit. But it's for your own good, kids!

egg protein - section à brac

Maybe some of you remember Calimero, the cute all-black chick with a shell on her head. “It's really too unfair” was his catchphrase. here is a youtube link too. Do not confuse with Calogéro 😉

As for Super Dupont, he is the very French superhero created by Gotlib in the famous Rubric comic series in Brac. It was followed by Bulk stuff. I pity the youngest among you who do not know this series.

Luckily, it's not too late to cultivate yourself!

Super Dupont: Too heavy

All that to say that the French, represented by Super Dupont, are very attached to culinary traditions. It's true that we love croissants for breakfast.

But do you know how many calories a single butter croissant has?

Over 400 calories!!!

If you eat 2, and I know it doesn't scare many people, it's the equivalent of a full meal for a man. Or 40 % of his daily needs.

I know, it hurts. I really like butter croissants.

It's too good. Especially right after a pure butter 100 % chocolatine.

Calimero: Winner

On the other hand, if you eat 2 large eggs, you will only have absorbed 140 calories.

Plus, those calories will have a much less impact on your fat storage than pastries.

But I know it's hard to do without croissants or chocolatines when you like it.

So here are my tips:

  • Always start your breakfast with a large glass of water. Not a fruit juice, water.
  • eat next 2 boiled or scrambled eggs (without bread if possible).

That way, you'll be much less hungry when you get to coffee or tea with the pastries.

This will help you restrict yourself without depriving yourself.

Then try to reserve the pastries for a preferred breakfast, such as Sunday mornings. But always after having followed the routine that I advised you (glass of water + 2 eggs).

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Why Eggs Are So Effective

I can already see you saying from here, "so these little oval-shaped things allow me to become the Hulk?" »

Pretty much, yes!

Except that I'm exaggerating a bit, of course.

But, when you think about it, it makes sense that they promote muscle gain and fat loss. Indeed, many athletes begin high protein diets to quickly gain muscle mass.

Why is that ?

Because proteins are the building blocks of muscle.

How does egg protein also support fat burning?

The scientific and rational explanation (that science is not only telescopes and molecules) is actually quite simple:

Eggs promote the feeling of satiety, largely explaining why those who eat it for breakfast ingest fewer calories than people who eat something else.

In addition, their nutritional quality is well established. Each of them contains about 6 grams of protein, as well as vitamins A, D, E, B and B12. They are also rich in minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and selenium.

Your body also finds there amino acids that are extremely important for muscle recovery and growth.

As for omega 3 and omega 6, they contribute to the proper development of your cells.

I take this opportunity to insist on the presence of vitamin D in this super food. It is important...

Eggs and Vitamin D

Research has highlighted the importance of sun exposure and diet to get enough vitamin D. In particular, vitamin D3.

But it is not so easy to get enough of this vitamin in the body.

As registered dietitian Carissa Bealert says, “If you don't get enough sun or your body doesn't absorb it easily, then eggs are great for meeting your daily needs.”

They are your friends

Thus, this food can claim to help you lose weight while promoting your muscle gain.

Of course, I recommend that you be careful about the amount of yolks you consume, since each yolk contains about 200 mg of cholesterol.

This is good cholesterol.

That's why, after each training session, I used to eat 6 egg whites accompanied by one or two yolks maximum. Today I order egg white powder. As you have read before, egg white is extremely high in proteinIt contains no fat or cholesterol.

I remember reading that 2 bodybuilders and actors nicknamed the Barbarians (Peter and David Paul) consumed 12 after each workout.

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Well, they are now 60 years old and still alive. It's a good sign, isn't it?

Egg Protein – Conclusion

Do not hesitate to make your allies during breakfast to lose fat. They will reduce your carbohydrate intake by promoting satiety.

As one of my friends said:

Do you have eggs at home? Well, go bake one!

Eat them cooked for the protein digestibility of the egg white.

If you also eat the yolks, it is best to eat them boiled. Indeed, the yolk is more digestible when it is not overcooked.

Also eat it as part of your post-workout snacks to aid recovery and muscle building.

And remember to do sports sessions to speed up your weight loss.

If you spotted a typo in this article, please let me know 😀

egg protein for weight loss
Hey, speaking of a shell, here's one!

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