Choosing your elastic bands for bodybuilding

Building muscle with elastic bands, what's the big deal?

This question probably burns your lips: “Do you really believe that we can gain muscle volume with this?”

I know, many swear by dumbbells and bars to bulk up in their gym. They laugh when we talk to them about building muscle with a resistance band.

You know what ? I understand them.

No doubt I would have done the same 20 years ago. I was sure of myself, nothing can replace cast iron to build muscle quickly.

And I was wrong...

Yes, and I changed my mind. No doubt you will change your mind too. Read on to find out all about it…

How to promote muscle mass gain

In fact, before saying what works or not, you have to know the mechanism of muscle gain. Otherwise, there is no point in asserting that one method works better than another.

Are you okay with that? OKAY.

Yes, what makes muscles grow? In reality, it is not enough to move from the cast iron. You should train looking for muscle congestion and progressive muscle overload.

And that is entirely possible with a resistance band.

SmartWorkout Elite

The rules to absolutely follow to gain volume

Here they are in order of priority:

  • Choose a maximum of 8 to 12 repetitions to promote volume on the last series of each type of exercise selected. Lower sets promote strength, while longer sets work on endurance and cardio.
  • Increase muscle resistance gradually and steadily. Indeed, it is muscle degradation that leads to its reconstruction and volume gain.
  • Do not work a muscle more than twice a week when you have reached an intermediate level (ie after 6 months of quality training).
  • Select 3 exercises per muscle/muscle group (the 3rd will be a mono-joint finishing movement).
  • Consume at least 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight (do not exceed 3 grams).
  • Change exercises regularly to challenge your muscles and force them to adapt. For example, you can do this every month.
  • Eat more on training days, but not on rest days (to avoid fat).
  • Consume fewer carbohydrates outside of training. Also remember to drink enough water.
  • Get enough sleep to boost your testosterone production.
  • Practice intermittent fasting to naturally increase growth hormone. Fast on rest days, but not on strength days.

As you can see, the 4 most important points for mass gain relate to the type of training chosen.

Our last 10 articles on elastic bands for bodybuilding

You will find the complete list of articles on the site at this page.

Why choose the resistance band to gain muscle

This blog is primarily for those who workout to build muscle or do fitness at home or on the go.

However, the resistance bands only have advantages for them. And if you can associate them with TRX straps, it's a perfect combination.

TO KNOW MORE : you can read the article on the reasons to use TRX straps.

Bodybuilding elastics are:

  • Capable of mobilizing more muscle fibers than cast iron
  • Progressive resistance to achieve functional movements
  • Low stress on your joints
  • Able to work all muscle groups
  • Light and compact for easy transport (a small bag is enough)
  • Usable everywhere
  • Very resistant if you buy the best products available (we will talk about this later)
  • Inexpensive despite a high level of resistance
  • Versatile, they allow a wide variety of working angles and a multitude of exercises

We will come back to these advantages in this article…

Can you gain muscle with elastic bands?

The answer is definitely YES!

What's stopping you from picking up enough resistance to stall on the 8th or 12th rep?

That's what I do on my 3rd and 4th sets. I do 16 to 20 repetitions on my 1st set to warm up the beast, and sometimes also on a 2nd series, but it's also because I'm not very young anymore 😅

Then I choose a resistance band (or several) which obliges me to stop at the 12th repetition in the 3rd set and at the 10th maximum in the 4th set. It is this achievement of failure that helps me to take an additional step.

A concrete example :

In the standing press for the pecs, you can do:

  • 20 repetitions to warm up to 15 kg of resistance per arm
  • 16 repetitions at 25 kg of resistance per arm
  • 12 repetitions at 30 kg of resistance per arm
  • 10 repetitions at 40 kg of resistance per arm (with the objective of increasing by 2.5 kg per arm the following week)

I know you will read comments on the Net saying that an elastic resistance band for resistance training does not make you bulk up.

But this is FALSE, and I have never seen any studies to show it. And I am living proof that these reviews are wrong, even at my age.

Moreover, studies carried out in the USA clearly indicate that it is possible to build muscle with this equipment. It's only if you're looking to have a bodybuilder physique that you should use cast iron. And to consume steroids and other growth hormones…

But this type of physique has never been to my liking. Besides, it's almost impossible to maintain huge muscle mass in a natural way.

Spread the word !

In any case, this equipment really blew me away. Now let's talk about some of the benefits of using resistance bands to build muscle...

Major benefits of a resistance band

Muscle gain with elastics

Use of stabilizer muscles

From studies show that the strength gains obtained with the use of a resistance band are similar to those obtained with dumbbells or weight machines. This is true not only for amateur home weight training sessions, but also for advanced athletes.

Training with resistance bands even stresses the stabilizing muscles more than training with weights. This is important because these muscles support stronger muscles and joints during exercise, which reduces the risk of injury. In addition, strengthening them improves the execution of movements and stability. This is why resistance bands are often used in rehabilitation.

Progressive resistance of tubular bands

One of the strengths of a bodybuilding elastic is to require an effort more adapted to the muscles and joints than with free loads.

Indeed, dumbbells and bars impose significant stress on the joints and muscles at the start of the movement, when they are most fragile. In addition, the weights being dependent on gravity, they require little effort from the muscles at the end of the movement, as is the case with the biceps curl, the bench press for the pecs or the military press for the shoulders.

And the list of examples is long in a multitude of exercises for most muscle groups. However, this is the moment when the muscles should have the greatest tension. And that's exactly what happens with the progressive resistance of the resistance band.

Indeed, a resistance band offers a low (or less strong) level of resistance at the beginning of the movement when the muscles have little strength. But the more the latex tubes are stretched, the more this resistance increases. And that's exactly what muscles need to achieve the congestion so important for bulking up. They are asked for more effort when they are the most contracted.

In fact, this sports equipment follows the curves of force generated by the joint levers and the muscles during movement.

Gain muscle volume with progressive resistance

SmartWorkout Elite Resistance Bands
SmartWorkout Elite Resistance Band Kit

Strength training promotes muscle hypertrophy. This phenomenon occurs when muscle fibers are damaged during exercise (which is part of the normal process). With rest and proper nutrition, the body repairs damaged fibers by fusing them together. When this happens, the muscles bulk up.

The principle of progressive overload

Progressive overload means you are continually forcing your body to adapt to more stress or strain than before. This allows you to gain more muscle mass and strength. You can do this by applying these principles during your workouts:

  • Lift heavier weights or use stronger elastic tubing;
  • Increase the number of repetitions to promote muscle exhaustion. When using resistance bands you want to feel the muscle contracting hard and by the end of the set the muscle should be burning. Muscle congestion must be achieved.
  • Turn up the volume: This means adding extra sets to your workout. For example, if you usually do 3 sets of 10 reps of bicep curls, aim for 4-5 sets next time.

Apply the 8 to 12 rep rule

Don't forget to follow this rule if your primary goal is to bulk up. Your sets must be intense enough on the last 2 sets so that you cannot go beyond 12 repetitions (except for the warm-up).

Otherwise, increase the resistance of your bands. If you stall below 8 repetitions, reduce the resistance unless you are looking for muscle strength rather than hypertrophy (volume gain). Do at least 3 or 4 sets per exercise and 3 exercises per muscle or muscle group.

But you will see later that you can also use the principle of periodization to progress more quickly.

Training model to bulk up

I recommend a program over 4 or 5 days a week so that each muscle is targeted twice if possible. If your schedule doesn't allow it, follow at least the 3-day split routine.

Program 4 days a week

The 4-day split routine program looks like this:

  1. Monday : Upper body session
  2. Tuesday : Lower body session
  3. Wednesday : Rest
  4. Thusday : Upper body session
  5. Friday : Lower body session
  6. Saturday : Rest
  7. Sunday : Rest

You can of course adapt the days to what suits you best. But try to keep the rhythm 2 days of training / 1 or 2 days of rest.

Program 3 days a week

A routine split over 3 days must be established over 2 weeks like this:

Week 1

  1. Monday : Upper body session
  2. Tuesday : Rest
  3. Wednesday : Lower body session
  4. Thusday : Rest
  5. Friday : Upper body session
  6. Saturday : Rest
  7. Sunday : Rest

Week 2

  1. Monday : Lower body session
  2. Tuesday : Rest
  3. Wednesday : Upper body session
  4. Thusday : Rest
  5. Friday : Lower body session
  6. Saturday : Rest
  7. Sunday : Rest

Strength training program with elastics in videos

Ken Coaching muscle gain

Of course, it is always good to have a coach available to accompany you during your sessions. It's even better if you can visualize each movement and find extra motivation.

If this is important to you, I recommend the athletic muscle gain program FitHomeCoach - 2 in 1 of Ken Coaching. All the sessions are recorded on video and Ken really explains everything so that you can progress in the best conditions. In addition, he gives you free advice via video conference every week.

You can use this very complete program for at least 6 to 12 months because it includes a lot of full-body and half-body sessions. My advice if you are a beginner, is to start with the full-body cycles, then follow the half-body cycles using stronger resistances.

What I particularly like is that he doesn't give unnecessary spiel, but walks you through the session with you. A real coach like we like them 😉

>> Discover FitHomeCoach - 2 in 1 <<

Periodization with resistance bands

Periodization involves creating a structured program that takes into account variations in the type, intensity and volume of work. It focuses on progressive training followed by periods of rest.

For example, you can follow a progressive load period of 3 weeks during which you try to use resistance bands with the strongest resistance possible for 8 to 12 repetitions, followed by a week of recovery during which you will do longer sets of 13 to 20 reps.

The goal is to maximize gains while reducing the risk of injury. This is called periodization, it's this alternation between low, moderate and high intensity workouts.

Exercise creates metabolic stress resulting from depletion of energy stores and mechanical stress resulting from damage to muscle protein structure. Rest allows your body to repair muscle protein and replace stored fuel (glycogen).

Space out your toughest workouts and combine them with lower intensity workouts. For example, do 3 high-intensity workouts, 2-3 moderate-intensity workouts, and 2 low-intensity workouts per week. 

If you're going through a stressful time, it's best to take a break from high-intensity activities, as it can be hard on the body and the nervous system.

Once these 4 to 5 more moderate sessions are over, resume the course of your progressive overload sessions. 

Choose a suitable elastic bodybuilding kit

Frankly, beware of the quality of the first price elastic bands. Most are shoddy at best, dangerous at worst.

I ordered some on Amazon, the name of which I will not mention, which made the trip back to the seller from the first series of bicep curls. They were starting to fray after the first set of 10 reps and didn't offer any decent resistance.

Contrary to what you might think, making good quality tapes isn't that simple. For latex to be resistant to temperature differences and stretching, it must undergo a process called vulcanization. This is what allows the elastomers to build bridges between them and to remain in condition over the long term, even if you follow a complete training session 5 times a week. My first kit lasted 7 years despite very harsh conditions of use in West Africa.

Moreover, it is necessary that the initial length does not exceed 150 cm to be usable in most movements. It's about the distance between carabiners, not just latex tubes. The variable resistor must be consistent with the indications on each tube.

I will tell you below the company I work with today to bring you top quality equipment in Europe. This company is constantly developing its products to improve them while offering excellent value for money.

The major qualities you should look for in the resistance bands you choose are:

  • Made of high elasticity natural latex (elastomer with a large number of bridges) for long life. Excellent tread strength compared to synthetic rubber which will dry out and crack;
  • Quality material of attachments and handles to train you without risk;
  • A complete kit with many possibilities depending on your level (at least 5 tubes).

Mine are of impeccable manufacturing quality and solidity. I use them 4 to 5 times a week without sparing them.

How much do resistance bands cost?

biceps curl with resistance band

Obviously, hardware of this quality requires a lot of design and testing work. How much does it cost to increase your muscle volume and lose weight without setting foot in a gym?

A pittance compared to the benefits you will derive from it for your physical preparation.

Incredible possibilities

With your bands, you will be able to:

  • Make all the movements possible with dumbbells and a bench, and more…
  • Train anywhere in the world with resistance bands adapted to your level
  • Easily replace machines found in the gym (like rowers, hamstring benches, incline presses, etc.)
  • Create physical preparation programs dedicated to volume gain or muscle strengthening as with free weights
  • Do amazing HIIT Tabata workouts to burn fat
  • Progressing to the bodyweight pull-up bar without hurting yourself (especially if you are a beginner or are over 50)
  • Reduce strain on your joints during workouts (like lateral raises)
  • Save on the purchase of equipment or gym membership while having many possibilities of use to work all muscle groups.

All this for so little money. Really, I couldn't find better...

It really gave me a big slap when I saw their formidable efficiency. Yes, today I can build my muscles with light and transportable equipment.

And you can too

Give bodybuilding rubber bands a chance

This nomadic equipment is too little known in my opinion among the different types of resistance, and therefore not enough publicized. In addition, exercise ideas are infinite. Like me, you can even invent new movements for your sessions.

I use them 4 to 5 times a week , and for me, nothing can replace them to gain muscle without the disadvantages of dumbbells (joint tension, risk of injury, bulk, essential benches, price, etc.)

Although I like them, I won't go back to dumbbells for most of my workouts. Even under torture (well there, maybe yes…). This product fits perfectly with the requirements of a bodybuilding program at home, especially after 40 or 50 years.

If you are not equipped, I recommend one of the 2 elastic band kits from the European brand SmartWorkout. Not only are they attractively priced, but you get free access to 3 workout programs and videos. In addition, you get 20 % discount with this link. Here's what's included in the Elite Pack:

SW Elite Elastic Kit - EN
  • 7 natural latex 100 % tubes, which can provide up to 120 kg of resistance;
  • 1 bar with integrated fasteners for attaching rubber bands;
  • 2 non-slip silicone handles for a better grip;
  • 2 neoprene padded ankle straps;
  • 1 thick easy to install door anchor;
  • 4 unbreakable stainless steel carabiners;
  • 1 compact bag to carry the kit anywhere;
  • 3 free weight training programs included (Express, SmartGains, Strong & Beautiful);
  • 1 user guide.

You can also purchase the SmartWorkout Pro package which includes exactly the same items except for the bar (click on the link to learn more).

There's no obligation, but I assure you that you won't be disappointed when you see your muscles grow and your figure slim down.

In the Bodybuilding section, you will discover a complete bodybuilding program in 4 sessions per week for all muscle groups. It will help you build muscle at home with this great equipment.

NOTE : This article is part of a series that demonstrates the value of elastic bands for weight training over dumbbells for home training. They are also called resistance bands. You will be able to achieve exactly what you set out to do with this remarkable equipment. A free weight trainer will also find many advantages. The combination of dumbbells with the behavior of a resistance band allows for better muscle congestion.


Millions of people today use resistance bands for their weight training sessions or to prepare themselves physically for different sports. This is true in the gym, but it is even more true for those who train at home or who people who need mobile equipment to build muscle.

What do you think? Do you prefer elastic weight bands or free weights for your home workouts? Leave a message below to share your experience or ask questions. THANK YOU!

FAQ – Questions about resistance bands

How to choose a resistance band?

Choose Tubes Instead natural latex with detachable handles equipped with metal carabiners. Versatile and very effective, you can use them for all exercises and all bodybuilding or muscle strengthening programs, including for rehabilitation.

If you have a strong barbell like with the SmartWorkout Elite kit, you can simulate many exercises that are usually done with a barbell and discs such as bench press, squats, deadlift, etc.

How to attach a bodybuilding elastic?

The tubes can easily be fixed with a door anchor. Just be sure to exert force in the direction of closing the door or lock the door with the key so that it does not open during the effort.

It is also possible to use a wall mount like those used with TRX straps. However, this system offers less flexibility since the point is fixed and 3 are needed to work at different angles (top, middle and bottom of the wall).

How to use an elastic band?

It is important to always work in tension. This means that the bodybuilding rubber bands must already be a little taut at the start of the movement so that the muscles are stressed throughout the exercise.

This is no problem, since a quality latex tube can stretch up to 4 times its length.

Can all muscles be trained with elastic bands?

Yes, no muscle group is spared. There are even specific exercises to solicit the hamstrings, the neck muscles or the abdominal strap, which is not so obvious with dumbbells...

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32 réflexions sur “Choisir ses bandes élastiques pour la musculation”

  1. Hi stef I bought the bodylastics I haven't gained 1kg yet I eat 4a5 times a day I know bodybuilding it takes time after 2 months not 500gr weird?

    1. Hello,

      Eating 4-5 times is one thing, creating more calorie intake than calories expended, especially by adding complete protein, is another thing.

      If you don't have any fat at all and you don't gain muscle despite sports, it means that you are not eating enough yet and you simply can't congest your muscles enough 🙂

      You have to find your balance point between food and volume gain.

  2. Hello,
    I would like to know which kit to take. I do crossfit but I will have less and less time to go to the box. I'm also thinking of buying a bar to hang on the door to do the back.

    1. Stéphane - Sport At Home

      It's a bit difficult to answer the question directly because I don't know your level.

      For my part, I bought a 118 kg kit and a 65 kg kit to have a greater choice of bands. For a woman who wants to train seriously, I would tend to advise the purchase of 2 kits of 65kg, especially since the prices have dropped a lot lately.

      However, nothing prevents you from starting with one kit and buying another one later if you feel the need.

    2. Hello,
      I am 48 years old, I have practiced martial arts since I was young, and I have always more or less managed to maintain a fit body.
      Follower of bodyweight and home weight training, which I practiced for many years, I tried in the past the Lafay methods and then Christophe Carrio
      I had heard about the bands via Christophe Carrio, but I discovered a few things there with your articles which are really great!
      After an injury 18 months ago, I had to stop training, and I lost a lot of weight. I'm already very dry at the base: 63kilo at best for 1.73cm.
      Today, I'm better, I'm going back to training, but I'm having trouble finding the right “program” to regain muscle mass.
      I lost a lot of weight (7kilo) following my injury, without activity, little appetite, stress, very bad sleep...
      I know the importance of healthy living, passive and active recovery; sleep, relaxation, nutrition, massages…
      I admit to getting a little lost with the multitude of information, methods, even if I know that the progressive load is the condition for regaining muscle, weight. I am tempted by this approach with elastic bands, and I have 2 questions:
      I have a fixed bar with a wide grip at home and something to do dips with, a squat bar with support. My question, can we imagine with these 3 tools and ballast in a backpack, imagine achieving concrete goals in mass gain?
      Do you have a program with this type of tools?
      Can we imagine a program in which we would combine exercises with bands and use of the bar for pull-ups and dips Suddenly, a program, without push-ups (with or without weight) and without squats with bar, replaced by exercises for pectorals-shoulders and legs with elastic bands.
      Thank you, for your sharing!

      1. Stéphane - Sport At Home

        Hello JF,

        I think the article that offers a complete program with elastic bands and pull-up bar will be able to help you.
        I am currently working on creating comprehensive bodybuilding and fitness programs. You will probably find your happiness there, but you have to be patient 😉

        Thank you for your comments and questions.

  3. Hey hello Stefan!
    So here it is following your article I decided to buy the bodylastics pack of 65. But now I have it and I'm a little lost x) I don't know where to start, what exercises to do, what elastic to put on, if I put 1 or 2, why? Finally a good poo! Ahah I don't know and there's not much on the internet or in English! Argg the mess! Oh yes and I'm sorry! I don't know if I bought through your site, I would have liked you to receive a commission, you deserve it! Really !

    1. Stéphane - Sport At Home

      Hello Aurelie,

      If you carefully read the article which presents a complete program with elastic bands, you will have the answers to all your questions.

      And if you subscribe to my newsletter for free, you also receive a complete fitness and bodybuilding program over 3 months with certain exercises to do with elastic bands. Isn't it beautiful 😉?

      Good training !

      1. But he is brilliant, and generous at that! Well thank you very much! I'm subscribing right away and I'm going to read this article. Good day to you ! ??

  4. BLOTIERE François

    Hello Stephane,

    Following your precious advice, I bought Bodylastics elastic tubes. They are excellent!
    I have a little question :
    The mentioned weight at each end of the elastic tubes is reached at what distance from the anchor point?
    Do you know the weight/distance equivalent of elastic tubing?
    Best regards

    1. Hello Francois,

      Glad you like this stuff too. For the weight, it is a very difficult question. I trained for a long time with dumbbells, and it is true that the question of weight does not arise. With elastic bands there is a natural variation in resistance, so it is very difficult to know exactly the force required throughout the movement. The indication in kilos is only an average, which means that the force required is weaker at the beginning of the tension and stronger when you reach the end of the resistance.

      But frankly, the important thing is your feelings and not the load. just follow my advice on the number of repetitions and track your progress by checking that you are gradually adding resistance. That's what really matters in the end. When you are beautiful and muscular, no one is going to ask you if you can do it with 20 kg dumbbells or a 30 pound resistance 😉

  5. Hello Stephane,
    thank you for this article which should help me to resume bodybuilding from my home without having to reserve an entire room to have benches, bars, etc.
    In the gym I used to push between 60 and 70Kg in the bench press.
    No longer having my back blocked on a bench, I am currently very annoyed :-). In fact I step back every time I push on the handles :-).
    The advantage is that it's less hard on the pectorals but it also works much less :-).
    If you have an idea, I'm interested.

    1. Yes, this is the weak point of the standing press method. To push harder, I usually wedge a support behind my support foot at the back. Generally I use a 10 kilo cast iron disc, but another object may be suitable.

      Afterwards, I also work the pecs with the push-ups, and I sometimes use the bands to increase the difficulty. By using a fairly wide grip and handles for the push-ups, I find the sensations of the bench press. You can take a look at this article about pumps as well as the one on goal 100 push-ups.

  6. Simply: Thank you Stéphane!
    I am almost 47 years old and I have been an eternal beginner of the Lafay method for almost 10 years! In fact I too frequently stop training for shoulder problems being too heavy for this method with body weight (115kg, 97kg fitness weight!). In the best of cases I arrived at level 2 but being still a smoker at the time I did not hold in terms of breath, and then always have the shoulders what! Although at the end of 8 months, my longest period without interruption, the pain eventually subsided, I suffer from hyperlaxity and I had to find a way to tighten all that up, I think.
    However, with the bodylastics kit and 'ala' TRX straps, I can follow this method (the exercise suite adapts perfectly) very gently and more progressively. I also incorporate special exercises for the rotator cuff into the warm-up. The real + is that during movements the rubber bands pull little in the so-called 'weak' position of the joints. It's really important and it partly explains what you say about them preserving our joints.
    It is however very effective as resistance. I would even say that I have never felt my pecs so much after my “simulations” of dips in a stairwell! Assisted pull-ups are great too!
    In short, thank you again for making me discover these elastic tubes, I regain hope after getting back into them two months ago, with again my shoulders screaming at night… I was about to make 900 Euros in purchase for cast iron equipment (in the hope of better proportioning the loads) but with too little space to put this bench and all the mess that goes with it, my wife is delighted too!
    In short, Kit 118kg acquired via the affiliate link, it's the least of things 😉

    1. Thank you Gilles for your superb testimonial!

      At least I see I'm not the only one having shoulder issues. My right shoulder has always been weak, even when I was 30 years younger.

      But the elastic bands allowed me to progress without suffering, even after 48 years. I'm glad your wife is thrilled too 😉

  7. hello, I ordered the kit65 I am a beginner in bodybuilding I have no sporting past. Is this a good solution to start gaining volume or do I have to get a refund lol I'm afraid that for the legs tonight a little light thank you.

    1. Hello Kevin,

      You are right, for a man the 65 kg kit is a bit tight. If you read my articles well, you know that I recommend the 118 kg kit for you. It's the one I use.
      If you can afford it, keep your 65 kg kit and complete it with a 118 kg kit. This will give you a greater choice of bands during your sessions. For my part, I plan to buy a 65 kg kit to complete mine. This way, I can leave the bands in place for several exercises during the HIIT Tabata sessions.

      Otherwise, you can always return your kit to Amazon to order the kit you want. Amazon will reimburse you without difficulty (I already experienced this last February).

      That being said, the legs can be worked in many ways, and your kit may suffice if you do single leg squats with the help of your bands. You will find a very good session in this video from Bodylastics:

      1. Thank you for your answer, I took the 65 kit because you said in one of your articles that the 65 kit was suitable for men's 90% and the 118 kit was for experienced athletes, so here I am going to keep it and complete it anyway with the 118 when I could, do you think I can still gain muscle with the 65? thank you .

        1. Yes Kevin, you will gain muscle with this kit if you follow the exercises I give you.
          A resistance of 65 kg is already a lot. Most people will never lift that weight.
          When you do bicep curls the right way with the 19 or 23 pound tube, you'll know what I mean.

          Don't forget also that you can combine the tubes to increase the resistance.

          1. very well thank you, anyway I tell myself that I am a beginner so to start it should do it, thank you and by the way very good blog, I was waiting to buy myself a car to go to the gym but with that I think that should do it, thank you stephane.

          2. Oh yes I forgot, do you have an article on how to calculate your macronutrients? unless you don't do it yourself, thank you.

  8. Hi,
    I just bought on your advice “bodylastics” straps as well as TRX straps, all I have to do is make myself a complete program, I admit that I am a little lost….. Having received the TRX straps For some time I have downloaded the “VT suspension” application and I find it brilliant. Do you know if by any chance there is the equivalent for elastic straps?
    thank you in advance for your answer 😉

      1. Thank you for answering quickly.
        I would like to gain muscle without gaining too much mass. Have a “dry” bodybuilding without denigrating the cardio. I plan to do 4 workouts per week, two upper body workouts, one lower + abs and a 4th “freeletics” cardio.
        What do you think ?

        1. The problem Steve is that we put a bit of everything in the term cardio. As I explained in another comment, HIIT Tabata strength training sessions are cardio. As well as the Insanity or Freeletics method. But some will tell you that jogging at 5 km/h is also cardio. However, we are talking about incomparable things here.

          So the important thing is to choose a workout that suits you. If you like the Freeletics method, why not incorporate it? Except that you will have to pay a subscription to Freeletics for not much. But it's just as interesting a choice as the Insanity method (in this case, you only pay for the method once).

          However, you need to make sure that your Freeletics session works the legs and abs, because one session per week will not be enough for these major muscles. The abs should be worked at least 3 times a week and the legs 2 times, unless your weekly workout is incredibly intense.

          To understand, you can read the article How often to train for each muscle group.

  9. Hello,

    I was asking myself a question… Where to simply hang the straps? Would a doorknob be strong enough not to break?

    Thanks in advance

    1. No, especially not a door handle!

      Suspension straps and resistance bands are sold with door anchors.
      It's very easy to use. Simply slide them under the door or between the door and the frame in the direction of the door closing or by locking the door with a key.

      Well, I recognize that it is not easy to understand like that, but I promise you that it is extremely simple.

  10. Hello Stephane

    I hesitate to order the 65kg kit on amazon, I would like to have your opinion. I lift around 100kg in the leg press and 60kg in the squat, do you think this kit will be powerful enough for my level? If not, did you order from amazon? Is the seller reliable or is it better to buy directly from the bodylastics site?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Lorena,

      Here are my answers to your various questions:

      1. Due to your current level, you should instead use the Bodylastics 118 kg kit or do pistol squats (squats on one leg) using TRX straps.
      For my part, I prefer straps for the quadriceps and elastic bands for the calves, the hamstrings (back of the thighs) and the upper body.
      2. I order everything on Amazon, and that's why almost all my links lead to this site, which is the world's No. 1 in Internet sales. In addition, it is difficult to find cheaper.

      Good luck with your workouts!

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