Best Men's Strength Training Resistance Bands Kit 2022

How to seriously gain muscle when you are a motivated man… without breaking the bank and without leaving home?

That's what you're going to do with the best resistance band kit for a man. I'll tell you why I chose it.

Brand : SmartWorkout

Model : Kit of elastic bands for men with a total resistance of 120 kg (17 pieces) and the possibility to increase to 160 kg for a few extra euros.

Are you a man and you seriously want to gain muscle like going to the gym? That's exactly what you'll be doing, as you'll find out in this article to bulk up with this incredibly portable piece of equipment.

Not only will you be able to do your weight training sessions at home, but you can also take your gym in your backpack or suitcase.

The Best Bodybuilding Resistance Bands Kit for Men

SmartWorkout Elite Resistance Bands

Technical characteristics of this kit:

✅ The kit elastic bands bodybuilding consists of 17 to 19 pieces and offers a total resistance from 120 to 160 kg. It is particularly suitable for men who want to do real bodybuilding sessions at home.

✅ It includes 7-9 lightweight and space-saving natural latex tubes.

✅ The resistance level of each elastic band is indicated on the tip. The 7 basic tubes of this kit have the following resistances: 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg. Please note that the packs include 2 latex tubes of 20 kg and 2 tubes of 25 kg. You can buy 2 more for less than 20 € to increase the resistance to 160 kg.

✅ In addition to the bodybuilding fitness elastics, you will have 2 non-slip handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, 1 weight bar, 4 steel carabiners, 1 carrying bag, 3 complete programs presenting numerous exercises classified by muscle group. Without forgetting the free access to all the videos.

SmartWorkout Elite

Strengths of elastic bands for bodybuilding

Sport Chez Soi has been recommending this equipment for years because a rubber band advantageously replaces many weight machines for a very light price. You don't need to invest in a bench for the bench press or jack stands for the squats.

You can follow a complete bodybuilding program as if you were going to the gym for work with free loads such as dumbbells or bars.

✅ In addition, the elastic bands allow you to make movements on different planes, which facilitates the work of certain muscles. Conversely, free loads allow only bottom-up movements, which depend on gravitational force.

✅ When working out at home, you're often limited to bodyweight exercises, but bands can really boost your results for gain muscle mass through progressive resistance.

Rubber band users often highlight the fact that their joints do not suffer because they do not undergo stress, unlike sessions performed with free weights which frequently cause tennis elbow or joint pain in the knees. This equipment is therefore particularly suitable for athletes over 40, beginners and anyone looking for portable weight training equipment.


  • Really cheap for 120 kg of resistance
  • Kit easy to carry in its bag
  • Endless exercise possibilities
  • Usable everywhere
  • Requires little space to train


  • A little adaptation time after the dumbbells
  • Do not leave the latex tubes in the heat or under the sun for long hours (risk of degradation over time)

Where to buy the best rubber band kit

If you are not equipped, I recommend one of the 2 elastic band kits from the European brand SmartWorkout. Not only are they attractively priced, but you get free access to 3 workout programs and videos. In addition, you get 20 % discount with this link. Here's what's included in the Elite Pack:

SW Elite Elastic Kit - EN
  • 7 natural latex 100 % tubes, which can provide up to 120 kg of resistance;
  • 1 bar with integrated fasteners for attaching rubber bands;
  • 2 non-slip silicone handles for a better grip;
  • 2 neoprene padded ankle straps;
  • 1 thick easy to install door anchor;
  • 4 unbreakable stainless steel carabiners;
  • 1 compact bag to carry the kit anywhere;
  • 3 free weight training programs included (Express, SmartGains, Strong & Beautiful);
  • 1 user guide.

You can also purchase the SmartWorkout Pro package which includes exactly the same items except for the bar (click on the link to learn more).


I'm sure you won't be disappointed and resistance bands will revolutionize your home workouts. You tell me the news…

Moreover, do not hesitate to leave a comment below to share your experience or ask me your questions. THANK YOU !

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13 réflexions sur “Meilleur kit de bandes élastiques musculation homme 2022”

  1. “Unfortunately, if you want to buy them, you are forced to order from Amazon's US site because Bodylastics has not been released in Europe for a short time.”

    Hello, has anyone recently ordered Bodylastics via Amazon US???. It seems to me that this is no longer possible?

  2. Hello, thank you for this very interesting and complete article. I wanted confirmation on the link you posted. When I click on it and I arrive on the product I have the impression that it is not the 118kg one… they put 156 lbs so 70 kilos I believe? Thank you

    1. Yes Thibault, you are right. In fact, it looks like Bodylastics have changed their kits recently. The one I have in 118kg is no longer offered. Instead, they offer the 156lbs, a little over 70kg, or the super complete 524lbs kit (almost 238kg) with the super door anchor. But it's not the same budget... 😉

      Thank you for drawing my attention to this point. I will correct as soon as possible. Unless the 118kg is put back on the market later.

      1. Hello, thank you for your quick return. I take this opportunity to ask you another question. I am a rugby player and therefore I often go to the gym. Can these rubber bands (in 70 kilos) really replace cast iron and allow me to gain muscle mass? Or is it for toning? Thank you

        1. This is an interesting question, but difficult to answer, Thibault 😉

          I think the 70 kilo kit is still a bit insufficient for you. For my part, I have 2 kits and a great door anchor.
          If your goal is to get extra bulky, then no, elastic bands aren't enough. At least not alone at home. Only free weights used indoors with the assistance of a third party will allow you to build extraordinary bodybuilding.

          On the other hand, if you are looking to take on a reasonable volume, like the one you would obtain by training alone with free weights, then yes the elastic bands allow you to obtain the same results at home with less risk.

          I hope I have enlightened you a little.

  3. Hello

    I had a good year in the fitness weight room, but it's really expensive every month and over a year.
    I would like to continue from home. I am 45 years old.

    Knowing that I already have an exercise bike to do RPM (which I did indoors).
    Do you think the elastics are good for me to continue to gain mass and shape?

    Thank you

  4. good morning
    When you have tennis elbow and tendonitis and knee pain, how do you do weight training after 50?

    1. Hello Jihad,

      Well it's always possible since I'm exactly in this situation 😉
      I suffer from a worn shoulder due to osteoarthritis, golf elbow in my right elbow and tendon problems in my knees? And yet, I still do bodybuilding!

      All you have to do is learn to adapt your movements and exercises. Often static exercises avoid pain. The important thing is to put the muscles under tension, not necessarily to make the joints work. Elastic bands are very practical for this. You can very well hold a position where your muscles are under tension without moving for a few seconds and return to the starting point.

      For tennis elbow, I recommend testing the hammer curls. These are the only ones that I manage to do easily when I have an elbow problem.

    1. Yes Michel, you can do it with the elastic bands, which would not be the case with dumbbells because of the joint constraints.

      However, I recommend the set 65 kg rather than 118 kg, unless you have done a lot of weight training in your life.

      Start with the lowest resistances to get your muscles used to the exercise. Focus on contraction rather than performance, and eat enough good quality protein (you'll find lots of articles about this on my blog). Bodybuilding is the best way to limit muscle wasting when you get older 😉

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