Smartworkout review: Elite Kit 7 resistance bands and bar

Smartworkout review: Resistance bands are great equipment for his home gym today. You know how much I love this material that I have been using for almost 10 years.

And today, I'm going to give you my opinion on the SmartWorkout kit that I discovered at the end of last year. I now use it every day and have been able to appreciate its full value.

Even in the gym, many sports trainers use resistance bands with their clients for strength training or to add variety to their programs.

SmartWorkout Elite

The Smartworkout difference

Upon receipt of the package, it is clear that this manufacturer gives you what you pay for.

1. Overall Resistance

The Smartworkout Elite kit offers a very comprehensive set of 7 stackable resistance bands, meaning multiple latex tubes can be used at the same time to achieve the desired resistance.

While the classic elastic kits provide at best a maximum resistance of 65 kg, the Elite pack reaches 120 kg of resistance in the basic version. It is even possible for a few euros to add 1 tube of 20 kg and 1 of 25 kg. This provides you with a total capacity of 165 kilos. Try to carry in your sports bag the equivalent in free loads! 😂

This explains its success with recognized coaches and athletes...

2. Smartworkout review: Build quality

This complete rubber band kit in natural latex ensures years of training, even if you do 5 sessions a week.

The SmartWorkout company provides robust components with reinforced seams. Its grippy handles are much more durable than foam models that fall apart and absorb sweat. And the barbell is so durable it'll allow you to do deadlifts or squats with heavy resistance.

It's the ideal solution for your strength training sessions at home or on the go.

There's a reason why their resistance band kits outperform all other products on the market in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands where it is currently available. It has even been voted the best bodybuilding elastic kit in France.

NOTE: A PDF user guide is provided with the material to understand how to get the most out of this very good equipment. You will find instructions for use and the safety rules to follow. This is important to understand the specific characteristic of the lengthening of the tubes and the use of the small individual carabiners. Don't worry, it's not long and videos are available for explanations.

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3. Free bodybuilding programs

As you probably know, specific bodybuilding programs always pay off. Well not at SmartWorkout, and that's a point to be made. They could easily have sold them for several tens of euros each. Especially since their quality is undeniable...

As soon as you buy a SmartWorkout rubber band kit, you have free access to 3 very complete downloadable strength training programs with different objectives:

  1. Express Program: As the name suggests, it shows you how to do 4-5 short 20-minute sessions per week. It's perfect for those of you who are short on time or just getting back into the sport. That doesn't mean it's easy though because sets will lead you to muscle failure to help you bulk up. Don't worry, everything is explained in detail to get the maximum benefit from the progressive resistance of the tubes.
  2. Strong & Beautiful: Designed for 6 weeks of training with 5 weekly sessions of almost an hour, its objective is to tone muscles and lose weight. That being said, it is not an easy program, quite the contrary. So I encourage you to take it slow if you are a beginner. Besides, if you start or resume bodybuilding, chances are that this program will be useful for you much longer than the duration indicated 😉
  3. SmartGains Program: It offers 5 sessions per week of 50 minutes of training in Push/Pull/Legs over 9 weeks. The objective of the program is to promote mass gain as with a classic bodybuilding session with weights. It offers no less than 33 polyarticular exercises such as deadlifts or single joints such as lateral raises. Nothing prevents you from starting again beyond the 9 weeks by increasing the resistance or the number of repetitions to continue to gain volume.

NOTE: All the feasible exercises that are presented in photos can be clicked to watch the corresponding video. The number of repetitions is also indicated for each session as well as the rest times.

>> SmartWorkout Elite official website <<

Contents of the Smartworkout Elite Kit

SmartWorkout bodybuilding elastic kit

Here is what the hardware delivery box contains:

  • 7 natural latex 100 % tubes, which can provide up to 120 kg of resistance;
  • 1 bar with integrated fasteners for attaching rubber bands;
  • 2 non-slip silicone handles for a better grip;
  • 2 neoprene padded ankle straps;
  • 1 thick easy to install door anchor;
  • 4 unbreakable stainless steel carabiners;
  • 1 compact bag to carry the kit anywhere;
  • 3 strength training programs included for free (Express, SmartGains, Strong & Beautiful).
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When you realize everything the kit contains, it is clear that the price is super competitive. 

NOTE: The latest version of the weight bar is equipped with carabiner receiving loops which are movable. They can rotate on their axis to follow the movement of the latex tubes.

Detail of the Smartworkout elastic bands

Each kit contains 7 natural latex tubes of different colors:

  • 1 light beige of 5 kg
  • 1 green of 10 kg
  • 1 bright blue of 15 kg
  • 2 black 20 kg
  • 2 petrol blue of 25 kg

SmartWorkout review: Everything you need

Here is a video example of using the elastic band kit with the bar for bicep curls:

The SmartWorkout Elite pack is really perfect for you if you are serious about doing strength training at home. It is aimed, for example, at this type of athlete:

  • Beginners who want to train and progress at their own pace with adapted and evolving programs;
  • Those who have a sedentary job and need to do a few daily exercises to keep in shape or relieve lower back tension at the end of the day;
  • People who want to tone up while burning fat, especially through HIIT sessions or supersets;
  • Those who return to sport after an injury and want to do exercises to help them recover mobility without stressing the joints;
  • Over 40s who seek material that is gentle on the joints due to the progressive resistance that follows the force curves of human movement;
  • Those who train by bodyweight and want to gain more muscle volume with the SmartGains program;
  • Nomads who need strength equipment that can go anywhere in a small bag;
  • Those who practice a collective or individual sport outdoors and who want equipment to do their physical preparation at home;
  • And I probably forget some… the possibilities of use are endless.

In fact, almost all athletes should buy this equipment, as this kit is practical and useful on a daily basis. Even if you have the habit of using dumbbells and cast iron discs, this material can revolutionize your sessions.

Sport Chez Soi Note: 9/10
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I would have put the maximum note if this kit had additional options to be purchased separately to complete it. It is already possible to add 2 bands or to buy separate elements such as a door anchor or carabiners. But I still miss some accessories like those of Bodylastics in the USA (EZ bar or super door anchor for example).

But I nitpick because I have been using this type of material for a long time…

Where to buy the SmartWorkout Elite Kit

Well not at the local grocery store, because they don't sell it… see if you don't believe me. In reality, this material is only available on the seller's official website:

>> Shop SmartWorkout Elite Kit <<

It is also possible to buy a pack that includes exactly the same equipment, but without the bar: SmartWorkout Pro kit

SmartWorkout Review: Conclusion

Whatever your fitness level, the Elite Kit will give you the best in resistance bands:

  • Natural latex tubes which are of very good quality and support a great stretch;
  • A bar that offers exercise possibilities that are normally possible only with free weights;
  • 5 year hardware warranty, which says a lot about the overall quality of the pack;
  • Up to 160 kg of cumulative resistance for the most muscular among you (or even 200 kg for the standing press);
  • Disconcerting ease of transport for such efficient equipment.

Don't wait to get started, you won't regret it 😅

Leave a message in the comment box below if you have a question. THANK YOU !

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