Sport motivation: 12 secrets to achieve your goals 🎯

Thousands of times a year, Internet users type sports motivation or sport motivation in their search engine. And as you know, the best day to start exercising is always " tomorrow ". For many of you, finding the motivation to exercise is a NEVERENDING PROJECT.

But, what is holding you back?

What's stopping you from getting into sport once and for all? And stick to it...

Why do some not succeed?

When I read your various comments or the answers to my questionnaires, I am surprised to see that the same answer comes up almost all the time: laziness or laziness. It means you're not achieving your goals because you don't know how to motivate yourself. Or simply because you think you are lazy.

But it's wrong !

For other people, the problem is elsewhere. They need help to train despite health problems or after an injury. Often, back problems or tendonitis become obstacles that seem insurmountable.

But it is often possible to overcome these difficulties when done correctly. Of course, there are health conditions that require significant precautions and medical advice. But in the majority of cases, this is not the case. You just have to overcome the obstacles one by one and be patient.

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The sections of the blog that will help you

As you read in the introduction, it often happens that the lack of motivation is linked to physical glitches. For example, it may be joint pain, the consequences of an accident, aging, scoliosis, hyperlordosis or kyphosis, etc.

How to resume sport at home in good conditions? What precautions should be taken to exercise at home and to persevere? How to train regularly when you have physical limits?

These are some of the topics covered in the following topics. I hope they will be really useful to you.

ACHIEVE YOUR SPORTING GOALS : Almost every year it's the same song. We make lots of good resolutions with more or less ambitious sporting goals. This positive energy is good and you feel able to meet all the challenges… at the moment. One establishes or chooses a sports program, determined to follow no matter what. But, over the months, this motivation is reduced to a trickle. And again, if it lasts more than a few days. This section is made to help you be consistent, whatever the challenges.

RETURN TO SPORT : Important advice to follow to resume in good conditions. Indeed, it is important to take your time and assess your physical condition before fully embarking on bodybuilding or fitness exercises. Start with 5 rules to follow carefully for a successful sports recovery. It would be a shame to take it as a foot from the start. Also consider the benefits of working out at home rather than going to the gym. You will see that it is possible to achieve great results without leaving home.

RELIEVE BACK PAIN : Back pain literally ruins the lives of 80 % people. And this is unfortunately one of the main reasons for the cessation of sports activities. The most common causes of back pain are related to lifestyle habits and posture. Women are also often affected by scoliosis problems. Hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis are also another concern that mainly affects those who are tall. However, there are often quite simple solutions to adjust or relieve the lumbar, the sciatic or crural nerve as well as the pain associated with scoliosis and kyphosis.

TENDONITIS AND JOINTS : Articular or muscular pains are recurrent causes of stopping sport. This is why a section is dedicated to them. For example, elbow and knee tendonitis bother many people. So you need to take precautions. You can even find simple ways to relieve your joints or old injuries.

RELAXATION AND WELL-BEING : Making the muscles work is good. But it is also very important to know how to release them to feel good. Constantly tense muscles are the cause of many chronic pains, but also injuries. Fortunately, there are different effective techniques and materials to achieve this.

Before we go any further, let's answer an important question:

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What is athletic motivation?

Unfortunately, like many, you tend to think of motivation as something you either have or don't have.

It's not that simple. And fortunately !

People who can move and train like beasts simply understand the process of motivation. While you need a crane to get out of bed!

Maybe they're motivated without realizing it, but stillthis is a process you can control. You need to understand this process to achieve any goal. The advice contained in this article does not apply only to the practice of sport.

You can apply most of them to all aspects of your life.


Sport motivation n°1: Set yourself a specific goal

goal 2

Maybe you want to change the way you look or just want to be healthier and live longer. For others, it was their doctor who told them: "You have to get into sport, Maurice, otherwise it's a disaster!" »

That's all very nice, but it doesn't tell you where to start. You have the motive, but you haven't found the murder weapon yet.

If you don't have a specific goal, it's very easy to think, “I'm starting tomorrow. »

So you need to think about what is most important to you, and ask yourself: “What are the small steps I need to take to achieve this goal? » 

You absolutely need a SMART goal

What is that ?

To fully understand what a SMART goal is, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Specific (or precise). If you say, “I want to be muscular,” that goal isn't specific. If you say “I want to take 2 cm of biceps circumference”, you immediately see that this objective is precise.
  • Measurable. For example, you can decide to train 3 times a week, and 20 minutes each time, during the coming month. This goal is very easy to measure.
  • Accessible. If you've never run in your life and you're overweight, you can't set yourself the goal of running the Paris Marathon next month. It's unreachable, isn't it? On the other hand, you can decide to go for a 20-minute walk a day.
  • Realistic. If you know your limits, you should take them into account when setting your goal.
  • Temporal, i.e. limited in time. Let's go back to the example I used in the part Measurable. You can actually decide to train 3 times a week and 20 minutes each time for a month. Thus, at the end of the month, you can measure what you have done during this period. There is no point in setting a goal for one or two years, because the motivation will have disappeared long before.

I want to add 2 additional important tips:

  • Write down your goal somewhere (paper, post-it, computers, tablet, smartphone, etc.). The important thing is to save it somewhere.
  • Set one goal at a time. Otherwise, you won't reach any.

Sports Motivation #2: Tell Others About It

In other words, engage yourself to achieve your goal in front of other people if it can motivate you.

Some even sign a covenant or contract in front of their friends. Why not ?

I admit that I don't need that to find motivation, but some people do.

In this case, you must find people around you who will encourage you. It can be a friend who shares the same desire to get into the sport.

You can also find Facebook groups where you can talk about your goals, explain your difficulties in achieving them, or share your successes. 

If you find support in some way, it will encourage you to keep your commitment.

Sports Motivation #3: Record Your Progress

Write down your goals

This strategy provides real motivation.

Once you take the first step of sometimes hating the exercise you're doing, you'll start craving a little more each time.

When you do a fitness or strength training session, you will perform a number of different exercises. 

But if you don't write down what you have done, it will be easy to forget where you are at the next session.

So write down how many moves you did for each exercise or how much time you spent on it. 

So you will be encouraged to do more next time. 

Even if you only do one more push-up in a set, you progressed. So you know you are closer to your goal. To record your progress, there are many free applications.

This brings us naturally to Secret #4…

Sport motivation n°4: Give yourself regular gifts

Any task can be divided into smaller steps. And this rule also applies to your training goal.

It's like climbing stairs. You are unlikely to set foot on the first step and suddenly reach the last, unless there are only 3 steps.

To measure your progress, you must therefore define each step. And then you have to recognize when you've reached it.

That way you know exactly where you are.

And especially, you have to reward yourself when you have reached that step or taken that step.

How to reward yourself?

Everyone loves small gifts, right? And I'm happy to tell you that it's one of the easiest and most powerful ways to stay motivated!

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From the beginning of your training, decide what you are going to give yourself or how you are going to reward yourself as soon as you reach an intermediate goal (a walk).

Depending on the objective, you can decide to treat yourself to a movie night, to buy yourself something that makes you happy, or to go out in the mountains or in the countryside.

However, avoid offering yourself something that will ruin your efforts. For example, a meal in a restaurant with fried food and unlimited ice cream if your goal is to lose fat. But nothing prevents you from treating yourself to a good meal if you stay reasonable. For example, you can take into account the advice I give in the sports nutrition section of this blog.

Sport motivation n°5: Choose a fun workout

This advice is particularly important if you start exercising.

There's nothing worse than a boring workout when you don't have the physical condition. You may deeply hate what you do.

So you shouldn't train just because you know it's good for you, but also because you're having fun.

Later, you will see that your notion of fun will change, and that you will even take pleasure in sessions that seemed off-putting to you at first.

Sports motivation n°6: Adapt your training

Do you notice that something is not working in your program?

This means it's a good time to look for a different approach. You may be training very well and efficiently. But that does not mean that your program is the most motivating for you.

Sometimes you just need to make a few slight changes to see things differently. There is only ever one way to do it. If you think a little, you will find a more interesting approach for you.

Let's take an example :

Let's say you're used to working out with dumbbells, but changing weights between sets is restrictive.

You have the option of following a similar workout with equipment that suits you better.

You may be more comfortable with TRX straps, simply working with your body weight. Another solution is to equip yourself with elastic bands. You can take them anywhere, unlike dumbbells 🙂

Afterwards, the important thing is that you train at least 3 times a week. In any case, don't be stubborn in some form of training if you can never find the motivation. Change!

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Sport motivation n°7: Stop saying that you are lazy

Yes, stop telling yourself that you are lazy.

Maybe you've told yourself in the past that you weren't cut out for sports. It may even be that others have repeated it to you, and you have come to believe it.

This is nonsense!

Just because you believe something doesn't make it a reality.

As Émile Coué would say, our unconscious often goes to great lengths to convince us of what we can or cannot do.

Many people laugh when we talk about the Coué method, and yet he was right on this point.

It's not enough to tell yourself that you want to play sports, you have to tell yourself that you can play sports.

If today you start by telling yourself that you are someone who can and likes to play sports, you will see that your state of mind will change.

No, you're not lazy (at least not all of you 😉)!

Sport motivation n°8: Find what ignites the powder

Sport motivation - Sport motivation - The trigger
What sets fire to the powder for you?

This is an important point that I will try to explain.

I don't know if you're like me, but as soon as I'm done eating, I feel the urge to go brush my teeth.

Why ? Because like each of you, I am conditioned by habits.

And it's the same with training.

A great boost for your sports motivation

In his excellent book, The Power of Habits: Changing a Little to Change Everything, Charles Duhigg explains how habits are formed.

Based on various studies, it shows that Habit development is a 3-part process. You need a trigger, the action itself, and a reward (see Secret #4).

Before doing my sports session, I usually prepare my recovery mixture (6 egg whites, skimmed milk, a little sugar and wheat germ).

Then I apply the technique you will read about in Secret #9, and off you go!

Even though I'm not motivated, I can't go back once I've done these 2 things. These are my triggers.

It's up to you to find yours.

For those who train in the morning, it may simply be a matter of drinking a coffee or a large glass of water to get the ball rolling.

Motivation #9: Put on a sports outfit and fitness shoes

As I just told you, this is one of my triggers.

I know that the very title of my blog says that you can play sports in slippers. It's true. But you will understand, the purpose of this expression is above all to show that you can play sports while staying at home.

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However, if you stay in pajamas and slippers, you may lack motivation. Indeed, I noticed that putting on a sports outfit, even when we stay at home, really conditions our mind for physical exercise.

So, put on a T-shirt, shorts and suitable shoes! Here we go.

Sports Motivation #10: Get Started Right Away

You may remember this great song by Jean-Jacques Goldman “ I start tomorrow ". I put a link for the youngest 🙂

But you must not do like Jean-Jacques. You need to get started right away (but finish reading this article first).

Apply my advice to set your goal and choose your first workout.

Then go!

Don't wait until you've developed the best workout in the world before you start.

To go around the world, you have to start with a first step.

Otherwise, you're going to fall into a crazy process called analysis paralysis.

What does it mean ?

Put simply, this means that the more you think about how to set up your training program, the further you get from the day you are going to start.

So if you don't want to waste months or years, set your goal and start right away.

It's the only way for you to be closer to the goal you set for yourself. This is also how you will discover the exercises that work best for you.

If you too suffer from analysis paralysis, start by subscribing to my newsletter (link at the end of the article) to download my free guide containing 25 exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime.

It will be useful to you, whatever your fitness level, to lose weight and build muscle without worrying about it.

In addition, it is accompanied by a training program over 4 weeks. FREE.

If you find it cheaper than free, I'll refund the difference 😀

Sport motivation n°11: Find your rhythm

Some of you may not lack motivation, but time.

Although rather than talking about lack of time, I should rather talk about bad timing.

Some of us, and I am one of them, are not "in the morning".

I'm not a late riser, but I'm still not one to get up at 5 a.m. to do a fitness or weight training session. It's death !

In that case, I would be the first to lose my motivation. I've always had an easier time training after 5 p.m.

In the morning, intellectual activity suits me better. At least until 9 am.

For some of you it may be the complete opposite.

You will find the motivation to exercise at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., when it will be impossible for you in the evening.

No problem if that's your pace.

This is also one of the great advantages of training at home.

You are not don't have to wait for the gym to open if you want to train before sunrise.

So once you figure out when is the right time for you, when you're most motivated, this is when you need to practice.

By the way, speaking of rhythm, that brings us to our last secret:

Sport motivation n°12: Listen to music that boosts you

You may have noticed that the music you listen to when you exercise can make a difference.

Music is a great trigger.

Do you know any music that always makes you want to move or dance?

So, put them aside in a file which you will call "Sport" or something like that.

I did this with my Windows Media Player.

Every time I hear motivational music, I add it to my "Sport" file.

I put the whole compilation of Hervé Vilard, Alain Chamfort and Enrique Iglesias there. It annoys me so much that I do crazy sessions 😉

Make the difference

Motivation isn't just something you either have or don't have. It is something that can be cultivated.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, you will sometimes backtrack.

And yes also, people around you can be discouraging, even unintentionally. Imagine that you have planned to train, and that a friend picks you up at that time to go for a beer or to have a bite to eat somewhere.

This can put your motivation to the test!

But the most important thing is not to give up. If your goal is important to you, you need to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Rest assured, after getting your first results, you will find your workouts less difficult.

They will eventually become second nature to you, something you do the same way you take a shower or brush your teeth (well, I hope you already do).

You will feel much stronger when you realize that you can truly control your life.

You will then do things that seemed impossible to you until then.

So what's still holding you back?

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8 thoughts on “Motivation sport : 12 secrets pour atteindre vos objectifs 🎯”

  1. Interesting and relevant advice. In the Sport Health action that we lead with convalescents, we already use a lot of the points discussed. But this article expands our possibilities

  2. Great article bravo Stephane.
    Rare are those who take the trouble to write a complete article.
    I allow myself to add the motivation technique that works every time I named it “the power of why”, it is the thing that pushes you to do a task, go to work, play sports, lose weight,… And if this will is strong enough, there is a good chance of achieving its goal. Because motivation comes from deep within each person and pushes them to surpass themselves despite hardships and difficulties.

    Two types of motivation must be distinguished
    Intrinsic motivation (which comes from us) and extrinsic motivation (which comes from outside). Internal motivation is much stronger and more powerful and therefore more lasting unlike external motivation which comes from you for example, you motivate to exercise. At the time we are hot but 5 minutes later the degree of motivation drops to zero.

  3. The hardest thing also at the beginning to recover are the injuries I find. No way to walk for 1 day after my first marathon, and struggle after my first trek in total autonomy.

    The knee that hurts horribly. I really think that's what bothers me the most, having to rest for 1 week before being able to leave because of the knee, so it limits training and performance!

    A friend who does Ironmans told me that was the hardest thing to get back to. If you have any tips for not getting hurt (get back to 3 jogging 1h to 1h30 per week).

    And if not for an ultra-marathon (54km) you recommend training 3 times a week over what distance? like for a marathon?

    1. Hello Caryle,

      Unfortunately, I am not an expert in running events or triathlons. What I do know is that if you have a knee problem, you absolutely have to fix it before you go any further. Otherwise, you risk creating bigger problems.
      You should know that running causes a lot of pain in the knees.
      First consult an osteopath who can determine the source of the pain. Afterwards, you can choose the strategy to adopt to progress in your sport.
      If your knee needs stress-free work first, you might consider investing in a elliptical (read this article). This way you can prepare to run without hurting yourself.

      Good luck for the future.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to give key elements to find motivation. I think it will help me later.

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