9 sports ideas to change bodybuilding 👌

After a certain age, when you hear "I'm going to take up sport" you understand "I'm going to enroll in a fitness room or "I'm going to do push-ups and sit-ups at home." However, bodybuilding is not the only activity that will allow you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be (muscle gain, weightloss, to be in a good health…).

If the idea of lifting weights doesn't excite you more than that, here is other sports ideas 😉

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1. Squash

sports ideas

By practicing Squash, you eliminate more than 900 calories in just one hour. It is a very effective sport to refine your silhouette. Squash works the muscles of the thighs, upper body and glutes a lot. This activity is therefore ideal for obtaining a uniform and well-muscled body.

In addition, the speed of the races and the intensity of the exchanges are an ideal way to boost your endurance. But beware, if you have health problems, mainly at the level of the heart, this sport is strongly discouraged. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your doctor before you start doing anything. His opinion is important and he is the only one capable of declaring you fit for this sporting activity.

PS: less known in France and in the same register as squash, you also have Padel! A sport that deserves to be known! More information here: https://www.sportsland.fr/decouvrir-le-padel/

2. Rowing (or rowing machine)

Although it is less effective than squash in eliminating calories, rower still lets lose about 700 calories per hour. This sporting activity uses all the muscle groups: thighs, abs, arms, legs... During a rowing session, more than 80 % of your muscles are active. This sport also improves your endurance and works your breathing.

Also, the benefits of rowing go beyond that. Indeed, the practice of this sport does not give you no joint pain. On the other hand, it requires a good posture, in order to avoid injuries. So take enough advice on the positions to adopt from the professionals before you start.

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If you don't have the possibility of rowing near your home, you have the possibility of making rower, whether in the gym or at home. If you want to stay at home, just buy the models that suit you. Many models are marketed, so be sure to choose the model that will be best suited for you.

3. Running

Running is one of the easiest sports activities to practice on a daily basis. First, it requires no specific equipment other than your running shoes. During a session, you work the muscles of the legs, calves, buttocks, thighs and abs. In addition, your arms actively participate in the activity. If you sprint from time to time, you will also strengthen your abdominal belt.

Two other advantages are very well known for this sport, it is obviously about the improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory capacities.

4. Swimming

The benefits of swimming have already been proven many times over. It is therefore one of the good sports ideas to build muscle while having fun. With this activity you eliminate more than 540 calories per hour. During the same session, you can vary the strokes as much as you want: butterfly, crawl, breaststroke, etc. Whichever technique you choose, your muscle groups work smoothly without your joints suffering. Thus, you gradually build muscle thanks to the gravity of the water.

Swimming allows you to boost your breathing and keeps your heart in good condition. Swimming movements also facilitate blood circulation and reduce the risk of water retention.

This sporting discipline has many advantages. In addition to all these physical benefits, swimming helps to release pressure and de-stress. If it does not suit you, you can choose one of the many other water sports disciplines such as aquabike, aquagym, etc.

5. Basketball

For people who prefer team sports, they can try basketball. With this sport you eliminate 600 calories in an hour. It is a very complete sporting activity that works practically all the muscles of your body.

Whether thighs, abs, legs, shoulders and arms, the whole body is involved. Accelerations during the game improve your cardio and your endurance. In addition to these advantages, basketball allows you to develop a remarkable team spirit. Experience it and you won't be disappointed.

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6. CrossFit

Crossfit is a sports discipline that allows you to throw, lift, pull, push and jump, all at a very high pace. In addition, you use weights, dumbbells and many other accessories that allow you to effectively work all your muscles. On the other hand, it is advisable to take a little time to recover between two activities. Also moderate your efforts, because this sport can be very demanding in tenacity.

Like most sports, before each cross fit session, you must first do warm-ups to prepare your body. This preparation is very important, because it allows you to avoid muscle injuries.

7. Horse riding

The particularity of horse riding is that it is both a physical sport, a hobby, but also the pleasure of spending time with an animal that you love. A real moment of sharing.

Horseback riding works all the muscles of the posterior chain: the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The muscles of the back and the abdominal strap are also much solicited. And it expends energy!

Of course, it will make a big difference whether you are going for a leisurely hike through the forest, a session of trotting and galloping or show jumping. For example, a 60 kg woman who rides for an hour will consume 300 calories per hour hiking, but she'll burn 500 while jumping.

8. Climbing

sports ideas

Long considered a dangerous activity, climbing is one of the most effective sports ideas for building upper and lower body muscles. During a climbing session, you strengthen the abs, thighs and legs. It is a physical activity highly recommended by professionals to build muscle.

Moreover, this sport is made for people who want to test their limit and exceed them. However, be sure to check all strict safety rules before trying rock climbing. Also make sure you have the necessary equipment and people available to coach you to avoid falls.

9. Yoga

Although yoga is a gentle and relaxing activity, it can also work your muscles. So, if you want to combine relaxation and muscle strengthening, take up yoga.

During a yoga session, you adopt several positions at the same time and perform different exercises. Each of these poses works a particular muscle in your body. So you touch all the muscles in your body at the end of the session.

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I hope you will find your happiness inside this list, but of course it is not exhaustive 😉

Do you have any other sports ideas?

Tell me what sport you like to practice and why. You can message me at stephane@sportchezsoi.com

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