Adjustable squat rack with cheap dip station

If there are any major exercises for developing an athletic body, they are squats and dips. So what better than to combine the 2 with a squat rack intended to also serve as dip stations?

This is what I suggest you discover here with this model that is stable, solid and inexpensive.

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Features of the squat rack and dip station

Mark: Mirafit

  • Squat rack with dip bar
  • Adjustable stand width and height
  • 13 bracket height positions (5cm gaps)
  • 10 choices of width (spaces of 5 cm)
  • Plastic foot caps to protect the floor and prevent the stand from slipping
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Maximum load of 250kg


  • Width: 77 cm to 117 cm
  • Depth: 66cm
  • Maximum height: 163 cm
  • Stand height: 91 to 151 cm
  • Base height: 76cm

Please note that the tools needed for assembly are not included.

SmartWorkout Elite

Why Buy a Squat Bar Rack

homemade squat rack

Doing this exercise without having a barbell support is almost impossible. The only option in this case is to do goblet squats or dumbbell lunges.

Of course, these are also 2 very good strength training exercises for the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. But if you want to do squats with a barbell on your shoulders, it's impossible without having candles or a squat cage. The latter is ideal, but unfortunately much more expensive and cumbersome.

The advantages of this homemade squat support

dips and squats station

This super sturdy stand is adjustable not only in height, but also in width. It allows you to do squats, but also dips for the pectorals and triceps. Also, if you have a simple weight bench, you can use these candles for your bench press session.

This rack is suitable for using standard or Olympic size bars.

It will therefore allow you to considerably develop your legs, pectorals, back muscles and triceps. All you have to do is loosen the adjustment pins and move the jack stands to the desired height or width.

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I'm not telling you it's the best model out there, but it will do the job while costing 2 to 3 times cheaper than other equipment of the same type. The only criticism we can make of it is that it offers a width of dips that will not necessarily suit small builds. But it's still hard to find versatile sports gear like this without weak points.

Mirafit Adjustable Squat Rack with Dip Bars
  • Mirafit - Rack for squats with pull-up bars...
  • Ideal for squats and pull-ups - Suitable for...
  • 13 levels of support height (5 cm deviations) -...

To work in better condition, I recommend that you also invest in a large sports mat designed for strength training.

Adjustable dumbbells 24kg

Squat Rack – Conclusion

If you're still young and want to develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, nothing beats squats. But beware, it's a small investment with the bars and discs.

In addition, this equipment requires space and no neighbor below if possible 😉 That being said, you will not regret it if you make good use of it. It's all the better if you choose a multifunction model like this one.

And you what do you think ?

Have you invested in a squat rack or do you prefer to do your leg workout with another type of equipment?

Tell me while emailing me at

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