Overweight and obesity – Is it enough to walk to lose weight?

This is the important question for anyone who is overweight or obese. Is it enough to walk to lose weight?

Many people prefer jogging or running to lose weight (if you don't know the difference between the 2, read this short article). When I was younger, a very long time ago, I used to run 11 km every other day. 

I lost 12 kg in the first month alone!

The problem is that at that time, I mainly wanted to gain weight for bodybuilding. So I stopped running… So, yes, jogging and running make you lose fat. 

But, is this the solution for people who are overweight or obese?

Of course not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your physical condition requires it, first make an appointment with your attending physician to determine with him what you can do.

Running puts too much stress on your body if you are not in good physical condition. It is even dangerous for your joints (hips, knees, ankles) and for your heart which is not ready. This is why you need to ask yourself the following question:

Is it enough to walk to lose weight?

walk to lose weight

Walking is by far the most accessible form of physical exercise. For most of you, it's even so easy that you walk without thinking about it. The advantage is that you can walk just about anywhere, and it gives you a multitude of benefits.

I will also explain later how to make the most of it. But first, I want to state a few facts…

The relationship between walking and obesity

Several studies have revealed that the rate of overweight and obesity is directly related to walking habits.

What do you mean ?

I'm not telling you anything if I tell you that the United States has the highest obesity rate. Is not it ? Well, it's also the industrialized country where you walk the least.

A study published by the medical journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that Americans walk less than Australians, Swiss or Japanese. However, the United States also has many more cases of obesity and heart disease than the 3 other industrialized countries cited in reference.

Of course, the abysmal eating habits of North Americans are no stranger to their problems. We'll talk about that in 5 minutes. But before…

Remember this

Learning more about the benefits of walking is an important step for you if you are overweight.

Why ?

Because it's a essential first step towards your fitness and your long-term fitness goals. Further, I will also explain to you how to do of your walks real fitness sessions. You will see that you can really slim down thanks to walking.

But remember: One step at a time.

There is no point in wanting to go too fast. The important thing is to last and gradually slim down to eliminate the significant risks associated with overweight and obesity. You are therefore going to discover 5 tips to give you the desire and the courage to walk, even on rainy days.

Walking to lose weight – 5 tips to make it more effective

If you don't like doing something, you're unlikely to stick with it. Isn't that true?

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Even if you are motivated to persevere, you will eventually give up. Sooner or later. Adding motivational elements is therefore essential in the long term. Here are a few :


1. Walk to music

Make a playlist of music that kicks your ass. The best is to create a list whose duration corresponds to your walk, for example 30 minutes.

That way, instead of looking at your watch (and therefore finding the long time), you set the goal of walking until the end of your music. However, be careful not to put the music too loud in your headphones if there is traffic around you.

2. Motivate yourself with technology

If you're a bit of a geek, choose a free app like  Pedometer & Weight Loss . They are not perfect, but effective enough to record your progress.

Seeing your results week after week can really boost your motivation. You can even do better with a connected watch such as the Fitbit Charge 2.

3. Take a digestive walk

Force yourself to do a little 10 minute walk right after each meal, especially if you tend to always overeat. Why ? Because you will quickly notice that it is painful to walk when you have eaten too much.

This may prompt you to reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal. In addition, you will reduce your levels of triglycerides and improve your digestion.

4. Take the dog out

Well, if you don't have one, you can always try to take your spouse or your neighbor out. A friend may as well do the trick.

Well, if it's a human being, avoid using a leash anyway 😀 . It's messy.

5. Use good shoes

Use suitable equipment. It is true that walking does not require a lot of equipment. But there's nothing worse than walking in bad shoes. This is even more true if you are overweight. You must therefore choose good walking shoes and wear sufficiently comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather.

Before even starting to lose fat, you should know that walking is good for you. You will see it in the next part… 

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Some benefits of walking

For starters, walking puts little strain on your joints. This is not the case with running, activities where you have to jump, or even dancing. It is therefore the ideal physical activity for the elderly and those with joint problems. But also for people who want to switch from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle.

In addition, you will gradually increase your heartbeat and tone your muscles.

Realize it! Walking will work your abs, quads (front of thighs), hamstrings (back of thighs), glutes, calves, and hip muscles. You'll even find that you can exercise your core muscles just by walking. I will explain how to do it a little later.

And the icing on the cake is that this muscular work will drastically improve your blood circulation, your cardiac endurance, the resistance of your bones. Without forgetting that you will reduce your obesity or overweight if you control your diet at the same time as well as the risk of diabetes.

And that's not all.

Getting into the habit of walking will lower your bad cholesterol and increase your HDL, i.e. the good cholesterol. Regular exercise will further improve your mood. And being outdoors when the weather is nice will give you the benefits of vitamin D from the sun. This vitamin is essential for fighting osteoporosis, blood pressure and cancer.

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What more ?

Do you miss speed?

walk to lose weight by accelerating the pace
You'll end up wanting to go faster

At the beginning, you will start with quiet walks to get into the habit of enjoying walking. But, little by little, you will be able to transform these walks into a real fitness session.

To do what ?

Well, because adding a little pep to your daily walks will dramatically increase the benefits. You can even start the 10,000 steps a day challenge.

A 2012 study by the online medical journal BMJ Open explained that vigorous walking for 2 to 4 hours a week halves the risk of diabetes, heart disease and heart disease. metabolic syndrome.

The researchers analyzed the exercise and health-related habits of 10,000 Danes (not the dogs 😉 ). They did this over a period of 10 years.

What were their conclusions?

They concluded that the intensity of an exercise is more important than the time devoted to it. In addition, brisk walking reduces appetite, which is very important for losing fat and maintaining your ideal weight. Please note that I am not talking about race walking as you see it during the Olympic Games! I don't want you to die...

No, I'm going to tell you about a walking technique that I really like.

Nordic walking technique

The Nordic's walk comes from the Scandinavian countries. It was developed by cross-country skiers who wanted to maintain their physical condition when there was no snow. The advantage is that this sport does not require a lot of equipment and can be done gently.

I invite you to watch this excellent video to learn the technique of Nordic walking:

You only need 2 things apart from comfortable clothes: A pair of walking shoes and a pair of poles in your size (or adjustable).

Ultralight Nordic walking poles

I advise you to take fixed size poles rather than adjustable ones. Indeed, adjustable poles are heavier, less pleasant to use and more fragile. The important thing is that you choose the size that suits you at the time of purchase.

In any case, I can assure you of one thing:

Once you start walking with poles, you'll find it hard to live without them. It's very pleasant, even if your physical condition is still insufficient.


To find out if your walking is intensive or not, just do this speech test:

  1. If you can chat and sing while you walk, your activity is low.
  2. While walking, if you can talk but not sing, your activity is moderate.
  3. If you are only able to say a few words during exercise, your activity is intense. 
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Food matters more than walking to lose weight

This is where you need to start if you need to lose weight fast. But it's not easy because you're often overwhelmed with conflicting information.

diet plan to lose fat fast

I created a program that does lose 1 to 2 kilos of fat per week without hurting yourself. It allows you to lose weight quickly without the hassle of counting calories or weighing food. You will not only lose your fat, but also discover all the tricks to keep it off.

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In addition, I offer you a 30-day “Satisfied or Refunded” guarantee.

Why is this method so effective?

Because it's not a diet, but a set of methods that will completely change the way you look at your diet. You'll know almost as much as a professional nutritionist about what you put in your mouth and discover how to really enjoy eating.

With this program, losing several pounds of fat per month is child's play. And I repeat, I am ready to reimburse the few euros you have spent if you do not lose fat within 30 days.

Why not give it a try since it's risk-free? 

You will be really surprised by the results obtained in a few weeks. Here are 2 testimonials from people who bought it:

I'm really happy with this program. I have already lost 2kg in just 10 days and I feel lighter, less out of breath in my activities, more toned. It's good to morale !



I did well to buy it, because your book is very well thought out. It especially taught me to understand what is going on in my body.

Jean Charles

Jean Charles

Walk to lose weight and watch your diet

Yes, I know it and you know it. The hardest part of getting into exercise is getting in there.

You will have to:

  1. change your program to add 15 to 30 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times per week).
  2. you move your behind every time. And it's not easy after years without exercise...
  3. suffer a little muscle pain at first as your body adjusts. But he will soon get there.

Immediately add a “walking” time slot to your program.

If you don't write it down in your diary, you won't.

Start with 10 to 15 minutes each day. Don't start with 30 minutes if you haven't exercised in a long time. For example, walk 10 minutes a day for the first week, then add 5 minutes each week. You will thus reach 30 minutes in the 5th week.

From the 6th week, you will accelerate the pace without lengthening the session. Gradually.


  • WEEK 1: 10 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times)
  • WEEK 2: 15 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times)
  • WEEK 3: 20 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times)
  • WEEK 4: 25 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times)
  • WEEK 5: 30 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times)
  • WEEK 6: 30 minutes of walking per day (at least 5 times) faster

From WEEK 6, your goal is to gradually pick up your pace using Nordic walking poles.

Conclusion – Is it enough to walk to lose weight?

Yes and no. Let me explain…

Walking can do wonders for your health if:

  1. You do it often, preferably every day.
  2. You set yourself enough distance and pace to make you sweat and get your heart rate up.
  3. You also make conscious efforts on your diet, starting by eliminating sugar and industrial products.

Whatever happens, walking may be the trigger. The one that will make you want to do more and really take control of your health. And that's already a lot...

So, what are you waiting for, put on a good pair of shoes and go outside to see if I'm there? 🙂

Leave a message in the comment box to tell me what you think of this article 😉

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