TOP 5 Salomon running shoes for running 👌

I must admit that I am not a great runner before the Eternal. Especially since I do most of my sports activities at home, as you know.

However, I regularly like to go to the beach right in front of my house to run and do some exercises. It must be admitted that it is tempting since I see the ocean all the time in front of me, even while I am writing this article. This is the advantage of living in West Africa for a large part of the year 😉

And you probably know that there is nothing worse than bad running shoes when you want to run, even as an amateur. As I am not the running specialist, you can take a look at this blog for more informed advice.

I will still give you my humble opinion on Salomon shoes, since they are the ones I know and love.

Why Salomon running shoes or sneakers

It's true that I first knew this brand for the quality of its trekking or walking shoes. I had bought a pair of Nordic walking shoes that were super comfortable and that I kept for years.

The history of Salomon running shoes began in 2001 with its Raid Race running shoe. Because of its ruggedness, comfort and ergonomics, it was a groundbreaking design at the time. It incorporated some of the best features of hiking shoes into a running shoe.

Since then, Salomon has continued to grow and gain the trust of professional and amateur trail runners. This brand now offers a huge range of shoes for running just about anywhere.

SmartWorkout Elite

Salomon running shoes according to your profile

I'm not going to go into the details of the range, because that would be impossible. If you want to see the whole range, take a look around salomon basketball on i-run.

For my part, I just want to direct you to the model that matches your profile.

Ultra Pro M for those who run a lot

Running shoes Ultra Pro M

It's the running shoe for those who run at all times and on all types of terrain. It is very comfortable for very varied surfaces and long distances, while being firm enough for you to have a good feeling of the ground.

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Also, these Salomon sneakers are very strong.

Road-ready Sonic RAs

basketball for running Salomon Sonic RA

These are the best shoes to prepare for long runs on asphalt. The women's model is a little more comfortable than the men's model, but these running shoes remain a little firmer than other models.

They provide more rebound.


XA Pro 3D for stability and comfort

XA Pro 3D running shoes

This is Salomon's best-selling trail shoe model. You will be able to go on almost any type of terrain, dry or wet.

This model is particularly comfortable on the heels.

Sonic AR Nocturne for those who are not afraid of bad weather

Shoes for running Salomon RA Nocturne

If you are one of those who does not stop the rain, you have to buy this model. They offer the same legendary comfort as the other models of the Salomon brand, while being better equipped against difficult climatic conditions.

They are designed to limit water infiltration and moisture as much as possible with a hydrophobic treatment and protected seams.

Speedcross 4 for soft ground and sand

Speedcross 4 running shoes

This is the model you'll need if you like running in mud. But if like me you want to run on the beach, this is the model I recommend.

And even if you just want to walk regularly to keep the line or find it, take a look at the running shoes of this brand. They are generally worth the detour.

And you, what are your favorite shoes to use for running?

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