Exercises for scoliosis ✅ 3 rules to correct your back

Scoliosis Exercise? In the minds of many people, these two words seem incompatible.

Many of you have challenged me in their comments or emails about it.


Well, you are quite likely to want to do sports at home while you suffer back. First I want to thank you for your return. This proves how your posts are valuable to this blog.

And it is true that the issue is highly important.

Many think that it is best not to do anything not to aggravate the disease. Is it true ?

This can actually be scary. So can you make fitness or bodybuilding if you have scoliosis, kyphosis, knee loose and other worries like that?

YES … at least for most of you. But you have to adapt your sport habits to these circumstances.

This article and the next will focus on scoliosis.

I also deals in this article of the appropriate exercises for kyphosis and lordosis , which are often linked.

Well, do not ask me why the experts choose such rotten names for diseases.

You would think you will die soon …

Stinking scoliosis! too complicated

I’ll try to give some information without going into details.

According to Wikipedia “the Scoliosis is a winding deviation of the spine in all three planes of space. Inclination in the frontal plane, rotation of the vertebrae in the horizontal plane and reverse curvatures in the sagittal plane It is of a non-reducible distortion, unlike the scoliosis. “

You understood ?

No, well me neither. I do not even know you had a spaceship when suffering from scoliosis.

In addition, on the sagittal plane, as I never consulted the horoscope, I’m not sure of the shot 🙂

Fortunately, we can translate

the website rhumatismes.net gives the following explanation:

“Front View, the spine is normally right; when it is curved S, is called scoliosis.
Discoveries curvatures abnormalities in children may worsen during growth. As adults, they are stabilizing and the damage is mostly cosmetic. In the long run, spinal arthritis can set in, driven by poor load distribution on the column. “

selon futura-sciences.com , when one has a scoliosis, column curves laterally to the right or left. Sometimes it curves on each side, and it is called double scoliosis. Depending on the level of the column where it is located, is called dorsal scoliosis, lumbar or thoracolumbar.

In 2 cases, the vertebral column is no longer aligned and supports the vertebrae change.

It is estimated that 2% to 4% of the population suffer from scoliosis, to varying degrees.

Note that 80% of those affected are women.

To diagnose and measure the severity of scoliosis, radiography is performed.

the angle is measured from the curve caused by the deformation. If it is less than 40°, it is called mild scoliosis.

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Up to 60°, severe, and beyond scoliosis is very debilitating. Some people suffer even then severe breathing difficulties.

Symptoms of scoliosis

Symptoms depend on the severity of the deformity.

They also vary from one person to another, while the state physical general also plays an important role.

But in general, mild scoliosis are very difficult to spot.


Several reasons:

  • They are often painless.
  • They can cause a slight imbalance in the posture, but not necessarily very visible.
  • This is often a professional, such as an osteopath, who will identify the curvature.

What to do to treat scoliosis?

The operation is reserved for severe bends.

But for others, it is often advisable to develop his muscles and correct poor posture.

Finally a good news!

I also received a message from a reader very touching that scoliosis with a curvature of 39°.

She can not practice walking because of pain.

However, his physiotherapist advised him to beef up the back with TRX suspension .

I will address also the issue of training with straps and with resistance bands in the next article.

You’ll find the best exercises to practice in the case of moderate scoliosis.

If your scoliosis is severe, I would first refer you to a specialist to take no risks.

Before you move on, I want to share something with you motivating.

Courage with Usain Bolt

Did you know that the fastest man in the world suffers from scoliosis since childhood? This is easily noticed in the pictures back to this remarkable runner. He said in a newspaper December 12, 2011:

When I was younger, it was not really a problem. But when you grow it gets worse. My spine is severely curved. But if I keep my abdominal muscles and my back muscular scoliosis does not bother me too much. So I do not have to worry as long as I train hard. Early in my career, when I did not know much about scoliosis, she really penalized because I was hurting me every year.

These are really about encouraging!

Let us now turn to what led you to read this article.

Scoliosis Exercise – 3 basic rules to follow

These are extremely important rules or tips to follow.

In a moment, you will discover the best exercises to relieve your spine.

But first, here’s the first rule to remember:

Rule 1

Increase primarily the muscles in your midsection .

This strap is not only constituted of the stomach muscles, but also oblique and lower back muscles.

This reinforcement will help maintain the proper alignment of your torso, to put your back as straight as possible.

According to the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, University of Washington, such groundwork relieves pain associated with scoliosis.

The best exercises to the midsection are facial or side board, the crunch and supermans.

Rule 2

Use the many yoga poses that focus on the spine.

Since women are the first concerned, the following videos have women.

But people who suffer from scoliosis must use the same poses. No sexism here 😉

Renowned specialist in spinal problems, the US site spine-health.com advises these 3 postures for scoliosis problems:

Posture of the child

Take root with the tree posture

Cat posture

According to livestrong.com website, a reference site for bodybuilding and fitness, pose the following is recommended:

Extended puppy

This pose stretches the spine and makes it possible to decompress the vertebrae.

À LIRE AUSSI :  3 easy tips to help you reach your goals in 2019

Triangle Pose

This posture allows you to stretch the body opposite to the curve caused by your scoliosis.

It helps to realign and rebalance your torso.

According to Elise Miller, Director of Yoga Center of California, these postures will help you align your entire body. They will also strengthen your back muscles and improve flexibility.

According to Elise Miller, Director of Yoga Center of California, these postures will help you align your entire body. They will also strengthen your back muscles and improve flexibility.

Rule 3

Make stretching, that is to say, stretching sessions.

Look especially to stretch the lower muscles, such as hamstrings. These muscles are located in the back of your thighs. also called the biceps femoris.

Muscle imbalance caused by scoliosis often leads to tension in the hamstrings.

Result: the tension in the back of your thighs can increase your bad posture.

You see the problem?

This creates a vicious circle: scoliosis + voltage Hamstring pain = + accentuation of poor posture = increase the tension in the hamstrings

As if this were not enough, a misalignment of the spine can compress nerves back or ends, causing pain.

Stretching exercises for the lower back and legs are likely to relieve you.

They will also increase the flexibility of the lower muscles, thus improving your posture.

You will find many of these exercises in the application Virtual Trainer Stretch (see link below). I use it regularly and it is really full for a ridiculous price.

I do not have scoliosis, but I still kyphosis and spinal osteoarthritis.

Stretching muscles help you much more than you think.

This is a good start to strengthen muscles before going to the fitness or bodybuilding.

Try it!

Virtual Trainer Stretch
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  • Create your own personal workout.

Scoliosis Exercise – Important Information

Exercice scoliose - Que faire

Warning !

Bodybuilding or fitness you can definitely do much good if you have scoliosis.

These sports can even improve your health in many cases.

However, you must ensure these 3 points

  • Avoid exercises that increase pain.
  • Start slowly and be patient (e).
  • Tell your doctor about any new pain or increase of your current pain.


These few extra tips will be as profitable:

  • Train regularly to maintain or increase muscle strength. For example, read this article on the drive frequency .
  • Eat a healthy diet with adequate calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Maintain a reasonable body weight to reduce back strain. Read this article in 2 parts to lose weight .

Necessary material

To achieve the above exercises you need is a floor mat.

If you have a little space, I recommend a puzzle mat that you can easily use for fitness or weight training later.


Do not let your scoliosis paralyze you.

In an upcoming article on scoliosis, I will show you the best exercises to do anywhere.

If you can do weight training or fitness, focus on training with the suspension straps and the elastic fitness bands .

Read articles that I put in link above for more info, or click on the descriptions in the links below:

Look especially not train with dumbbells !

Do only what you can without hurting yourself, but do it.

À LIRE AUSSI :  3 easy tips to help you reach your goals in 2019

You will be surprised (e) the result.

Let your comments at the bottom of this page. I need it and other readers too!

Scoliosis Exercise – Go further in your progress

Dr. Kevin Lau is a doctor of chiropractic degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

He was the first in Singapore to provide non-surgical treatment for scoliosis in Singapore in 2005. His advice is internationally acclaimed.

You can provide one of his books on the natural treatment of scoliosis or DVD by clicking the links above.

They will help you change your outlook on scoliosis.

Votre programme pour la prévention et le traitement naturel de la...
  • 412 Pages - 07/28/2016 (Publication Date) - Health in Your Hands...
Votre programme pour la prévention et le traitement naturel de la...
  • 374 Pages - 12/05/2011 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace...

FAQ about scoliosis exercises and treatments

What are the best exercises for scoliosis?

They are often yoga postures because these exercises do not impose significant stress on the spine while strengthening the dorsal or abdominal muscles. The best are:
1. Position the child
2. Tree Pose
3. Position cat
4. Position triangle
5. Stretch puppy

Can you build muscle with scoliosis?

Yes, but you must choose the right type of training and equipment. 
Lifting loads can have a detrimental effect on the spine, while gaining muscle volume smoothly with elastic bands is usually very beneficial. 
Strengthening muscles can reduce the curvature of the spine.

Can stretching relieve scoliosis?

Many people experience relief by stretching. Indeed, stretching exercises can relieve back pain by releasing tension in the muscles surrounding the spinal column. Stretching also increases the blood circulation and joint health.

Are massages recommended for scoliosis?

In fact, massages can not solve the problems associated with scoliosis. 
However, they have the advantage of providing relief by relaxing muscles contracted because of the curvature of the spine and bad postures.

Can you correct scoliosis by doing exercises?

To some extent, yes. Mild scoliosis often responds well to appropriate exercises. For an average scoliosis, often require a combination of exercises wearing a tailored corset. This is a matter to discuss with your doctor. 
For its part, severe scoliosis requires medical approach up to surgery.

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