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I hate you, readers! Well, sometimes… It’s true, I’m doing everything I can to give you good advice. And all of a sudden, you’re forcing me to question myself by telling me about your experiences.

This is what happened to me a few weeks ago with the Insanity program.

I was quietly checking my emails while drinking my coffee when I read that of a reader I will call Sandrine (it’s good, that’s her first name :-D). She tells me that she is super happy to have returned to the sport following my advice and that she follows the Insanity MAX 30 method at a rate of 5 to 6 times a week.

I thought, “But she’s crazy, this program is for people who want to die!” It should already be noted that “Insanity” means foolishness, right? And it’s not for nothing…

Pondering on the Insanity program review

It’s true that I bought the Shaun T’s first program two years ago. And I had a pretty bad memory of it. Oh, I know it’s a super effective program for slimming down. But it does hurt as you approach your 50th anniversary!

So I advised Sandrine to train a little less often (for example 3 times a week), and to reserve the other days for a basic program of bodybuilding to gain volume without breaking the bank. Which I think is more balanced, because the Insanity MAX 30 program draws a lot in your physical reserves and Sandrine is also over 40 years old.

But it made me think. Why?

Because I’ve been back in France for 7 weeks, and I’ve already had built some fat because of the frequent family meals. And as Oldelaf ( a French funny singer) says, “It hurts.” You know, a family meal there, followed by a meal with friends, passing through a restaurant in between. In short, death that kills life.

And of course, sport is no longer enough to eliminate this pig rhythm. So I thought, “Stéphane, you’re not young anymore, but that’s not a reason. Like Sandrine, you’re going to try the Insanity MAX 30 method! »

Thank you!

It will teach me to have regained 6 lbs …

Why the Insanity program is the best for losing weight

It is probably the best program to lose weight quickly, but also to give back to his heart and body the breath of someone 20s.

programme Insanity MAX 30 pour maigrir et se muscler en même temps

It’s amazingly horrible! You spit out everything you have in your gut, lungs and muscles. And Shaun says to you “Come on, one more little effort, you’re almost there!”


While the minute remaining before the 30-second pose seems light years away, because you’re suffering a lot. But this difficulty from the beginning is precisely what will condition the effectiveness of this program.

High-intensity training, commonly known as HIIT, has long been proven. These are the most effective for losing fat and building muscle at the same time. If you haven’t done so yet, read this article where I’m talking about 2 terribly effective techniques for losing weight and gaining muscle.

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Well, the Insanity method goes beyond the intensity of HIIT Tabata sessions.


Because Shaun T won’t even give you the opportunity to rest 10 seconds every 30 seconds. No, he’ll give you a generous 30 seconds every five minutes. While you, you’d already willing to slump on the couch. Dead, exploded, pulverized!

We are no longer talking about high-intensity training, but rather very high-intensity training. You will be almost always above 80 of your heart capacity. This heart rate is called the anaerobic zone. This means that you will no longer be able to speak during your session.

The important thing to remember, if you want to lose fat, is that you burn the maximum calories when your heart rate is between 80 to 90 of your maximum frequency.

That’s why Insanity MAX 30 is so effective at fine-tuning your figure. I do not think there is a faster method to date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not engage in this program if you are not used to playing sports VERY regularly or if you have a medical history. If you have any doubts, please consult your GP first. Read also the article on the 5 rules to follow before returning to sport.

It’s not just cardio

Yes, this crazy method doesn’t just work your heart rate and your breath.

It is also one of its main strengths: your muscles will exercise very hard during your session. First, your thighs, hamstrings and calves will almost always be in demand.

Insanity Max Out Program review for Weight Loss

The same is true for your abdominal strap, and this is a major advantage of this method. You know how important these muscles are to have a flat stomach.

The different sessions distributed by day do not forget the pectorals, triceps, shoulders and back. In my opinion, the only weakness of insanity sessions, whether in the Ultimate Cardio Workout or MAX 30 version, is the lack of biceps solicitation.

Also, shoulder exercises are relatively uncomfortable, especially if yours are a bit fragile (I do). But, it makes perfect sense, because not all body weight exercises without equipment are the most appropriate for these muscles.

I’m pretty sure Shaun T does biceps curls apart to have well-muscled biceps. In fact, I’ll give you a little more tip on that.

That being said, if your first quest is fat loss, don’t change the program. It’s perfect for you.

But now let’s answer an important question…

Why insanity MAX 30 builds muscle

Why the question?

Simply because this method relies primarily on very intense cardio. In general, cardio promotes calorie burning and therefore weight loss.

But if you do a lot of cardio, you also usually lose muscle volume. This explains why marathon runners or cyclists of the Tour de France are rarely voluminous. They can be strong and tough, but not bulky. However, Shaun T’s method also promotes muscle gain.

How is that possible?

This is because muscles have the ability to develop in different ways. The best known is to lift heavier and heavier loads to force the muscle to grow.

But you should know that your muscles do not differentiate weight and speed.

Let me explain…

The more you ask your muscles to lift a load quickly, the more force it will need (an explanation on the site all-musculation.com). And as you’ll see in the Insanity program, movements are usually fast. Or even very fast sometimes. You will therefore force your muscles to grow in volume.

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Of course, you will inevitably reach a limit point in this volume take. Unless you continue your workouts with weighted vests and bracelets to increase your body weight

BodyRip dy-f-002b Gilet lesté pour Fitness/entraînement 20 kg
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  • Poids rĂ©parti uniformĂ©ment.
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  • Bracelets Movit d'excellente qualitĂ© pour les poignets : 2 x 500...
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What Insanity MAX 30 is all about

Shaun T asks you to do 5 to 6 30-minute sessions a week. Here’s what his calendar looks like:

exercise schedule insanity max:30
The Insanity MAX 30 calendar over 2 months

PULSE: The 20-minute session on Saturday (optional) is more like recovery. I recommend it if you can integrate it into your program (and if you are still alive;-) ).
The program consists of 10 25-minute videos (5 per month):





Each video ends with 2 minutes of COOL DOWN. Always do these moves scrupulously before you finish your session.

You’ll get 3 more videos:

  • PULSE: 20 minutes of physical recovery on Saturday.
  • AB ATTACK 10: a crazy 10 minutes abs session .
  • CARDIO CHALLENGE: a 30-minute session to push you to the maximum of your abilities.

Meet your torturer

Shaun T (the sadist in a red T-shirt with a microphone) is a world-renowned health and fitness specialist.

Insanity Program review to Lose Weight Quickly
Don’t trust his head of Mr. Clean. He’s crazy!

He is a champion of motivation, and his method is recognized as the most difficult ever released on DVD. I think I know why:-D

He talks to you for the duration of the videos. Even if you don’t understand English, it’s an additional motivator.


If Shaun T tells you to do something, you have to do it. Otherwise, you will have a pledge…

When Shaun says:

  • “WATER BREAK” it doesn’t mean you have to run to the toilet. Anyway, you won’t have time. Just go for a drink of water.
  • “DON’T STOP,” “KEEP GOING,” “MOVE” or “COME ON” and similar expressions mean that even if you’re dying, you have to keep going. It’s up to you…
  • “COOL DOWN” tells you that you will make some gentle movements to relax your muscles and regain a slower heart rate. Don’t neglect these 2 minutes for recovery.

My opinion on the sports program to lose weight Insanity MAX 30


+ You will do a remarkable job for the heart, energy, legs, abdominal strap, pectorals and triceps.

+ This program has proven its worth to millions of users since 2009.

+ You’ll feel like you’re going through a real makeover if you pass the first week.

+ The pace given by Shaun T in the videos is motivating. It will help you outdo yourself.

+ Take a good look at the athletes around Shaun T. They often show you easier variants of the current exercise. There is an easier version of the program on the videos.

+ Anyone can find a perfect waistline by hanging on.

+ Once you’ve passed the first weeks, you’ll become completely addicted. You will look forward to your session (yes..).

+ This method is extremely affordable, whether it’s the Insanity MAX 30 version or the Ultimate Cardio Workoutversion.

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Only in English, this may put off some people from other languages;-) . But the videos are easy to follow.

Like all body weight exercises, there is too little movement for the biceps. And shoulder exercises are not easy to perform.

Some muscles and joints are stressed a little too quickly. For example, Shaun makes you go directly to the pumps for the triceps without having really warmed them up.

Whatever the drawbacks, I’m really excited about this program. The results are almost immediate. Discover Insanity by clicking on the links below:

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How to develop your biceps, back and shoulders at the same time

The question is important if you want to develop your biceps, shoulders and lats while following the Insanity program. As I’ve said above, this is the only weak point of the Insanity method if you also want to work these muscles.

So I’ll give you my recipe.

I replace the Wednesday session with an intense 30-minute Back/Biceps/Shoulders session.

For this, I mainly use the exercises with elastic bands that you find in the articles:

For each exercise, you will have to choose a resistance strong enough for your last movements to be on the verge of failure.


The back and shoulder exercises follow one another without pause in the order indicated. This means that I make a set of each series, then I start again in the same order at least 3 times (or even 4 times for the first 2 exercises).

For biceps, I move on to the next exercise only after completing the 3 sets of the previous one. To stay in Shaun T’s mind, I do Jumping Jacks between bicep sets:

SESSION FOR THE BACK (10 minutes max):

1. Wide grip pull-ups

Insanity Program and wide grip pull-ups

4 series

Number of reps: 20 / 20 / 20 / 20

2. One arm rowing standing up

Rowing in squat position to muscle the back

4 sets per arm

Number of reps: 12 / 12 / 12 / 12

3. Lats pull down

Lats pull down after insanity session

4 series

Number of reps: 15 / 15 / 15 / 15

BICEPS SESSION (10 minutes max):

1. One arm concentrated Curls

one arm preacher's curl

3 sets per arm

Number of reps: 16 / 14 / 12

2. One arm side Curls

Biceps Curl with elastic band

3 sets per arm

Number of reps: 12 / 10 / 10

3. Preacher’s Curls

preacher curl to complete Insanity program

3 series

Number of reps: 16 / 14 / 12

SHOULDER SESSION (10 minutes max):

1. Shoulders press

shoulder elevations with elastic bands

4 series

Number of reps: 14 / 12 / 10 / 10

2. Front elevations

Insanity program review and front elevations to muscle the shoulders

4 series

Number of reps: 16 / 14 / 12 / 12

3. Side elevations

lateral elevations for insanity program

3 series

Number of reps: 12 / 12 / 12

4. Shoulder shrugs

kyphosis and lumbar hyperlorosis

3 series

Number of repetitions: 20 / 20/ 20

In reality, I add another 3 exercises to my shoulder session (external/internal rotations and reverse fly). But it’s already good if you do these 4.

Conclusion on the benefits of the Insanity program review

If you want to get into sports, but you don’t have the physical condition yet, go your way… For now. Start with a more accessible program.

As soon as you get in better shape, try Shaun T’s program . Love it or hate it, but try it Insanity MAX 30 program review As soon as possible!

I hope you won’t have the idea, like Sandrine, to find an even more difficult program. You would end up having my skin…;-)

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