When it comes to losing fat, have a flat stomach or losing weight in general, it is sometimes really hard to know where to start. How to lose weight quickly, lose 5 kilos or lose 10 kilos in 2 months? These kinds of questions flourish on the Internet.You will find so many different or even contradictory answers that you will be lost: low calorie diet, calorie deficit, eating more protein, less carbohydrates, etc. And Internet users come back saying over and over again "I can't lose weight".

So how can you get a six-pack, lose your belly with abs exercises, lose weight without depriving yourself? What sport at home to lose fat fast? What is the best exercise to lose weight? Is it even possible to lose weight through sport? How do you calculate your caloric needs and what are the best foods to lose your belly?

It is to all these questions and many others that I answer in this category to burn fat. Probably the best question you need to find the answer to is: How to lose weight and muscle up at the same time? Because that's where the key lies...